DISPOSITION OF. SURFACE The right to lease, grant right-of-way, sell or otherwise dispose of the surface of the land embraced within this lease under existing laws or laws hereafter enacted, or in accordance with the Rules of the Board of Land commissioners, insofar as the surface is not necessary for the use of the lessee in the extraction and removal of the coal therein, except where such surface rights have been sold or otherwise disposed of by the State of Wyoming.
DISPOSITION OF. PROCEEDS ON EXERCISE OF WARRANTS; INSPECTION OF WARRANT AGREEMENT. The Warrant Agent shall account to the Company with respect to Warrants exercised two business days thereafter and concurrently pay to the Company all monies received by the Warrant Agent for the purchase of the Warrant Shares through the exercise of such Warrants. The Warrant Agent shall keep copies of this Agreement and any notices given or received hereunder available for inspection by the Holders during normal business hours at its principal office. The Company shall supply the Warrant Agent from time to time with such numbers of copies of this Agreement as the Warrant Agent may request.
DISPOSITION OF. A MATERIAL PORTION OF ITS ASSETS. Sell, lease, transfer or otherwise dispose of any material portion of its assets, unless any such disposition is of property other than the Collateral and is in the ordinary course of business for a full and fair consideration, which in no event shall include a transfer for full or partial satisfaction of a preexisting debt.
DISPOSITION OF. PROJECT FUND MONEYS AFTER PROJECT IS IN SERVICE OR UPON DETERMINATION NOT TO COMPLETE THE PROJECT. Any moneys ("EXCESS FUNDS") (including investment proceeds) remaining in the Project Fund on the earlier of the following dates (the "REMEDIAL ACTION DATE") (i) the date on which the Company determines that the Project will not be completed; or (ii) the date on which the entire Project is placed in service (I.E., the date the Project is operating at substantially the level for which it is designed), shall be used at the direction of the Company Representative in accordance with Treasury Regulation 1.142-2 (the "PLACED IN SERVICE DATE") for one or more of the following purposes:
DISPOSITION OF. ALL OR SUBSTANTIALLY ALL". The disposition by the Corporation of all or substantially all of the assets of the Corporation, as contemplated herein, notwithstanding that the Executive's services were or were not principally performed for such business.
DISPOSITION OF. QRS Deposit after September 30, 2006. In addition to serving as an assurance of QRS performance under the Master Lease prior to the Commencement Date, it is intended that the QRS Deposit be paid to Master Landlord towards the monthly Fixed Rent obligation under the Master Lease for the period commencing on October 1, 2006 and expiring on September 30, 2008. Accordingly, commencing on October 1, 2006 and on the first day of each month thereafter until but including September 1, 2008, Escrow Holder shall pay to Master Landlord the sum of One Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Three Hundred Forty One and 45/100 Dollars ($148,341.45) from the QRS Deposit, and each such monthly payment shall satisfy the Fixed Rent payable by QRS under the Master Lease. If on September 30, 2008 any sums remain in the QRS Escrow Account, the QRS Deposit in the amount then existing in the QRS Escrow Account shall be disbursed to QRS at QRS’ direction.
DISPOSITION OF. LAND AND WATER ACT: NOTICE OF INTENTION Hack away as many xxxxxxx as you can carry, cram them into plastic pails (or doubled garbage bags) and jam the lid on tightly. Then, drill a small hole in the bottom and set the pails over a sour cream tub and wait. In a few short weeks the xxxxxxx will ferment producing a dark brown liquid tea you can collect and dilute 1:10 in a watering can to feed your hanging baskets. They’ll love it. Recipes coming in the next edition! 0 UNITING ISLANDS BIG AND SMALL Did something in this edition: • inform you? • pique your interest? • amuse you? • make a good contact for you? • find you an opportunity? • inspire you to take action? • make a conversation topic? • find you a good buy or service? VOLUNTARY SUBSCRIPTIONS help keep all this great news coming! If you already receive Island Tides in your mailbox, pick it up from a yellow box or rack located from Victoria to Xxxxxxxx River, or read online, you can show your support by mailing a voluntary subscription of $25 + $3 HST = $28 or amount of your choice to: Box 55, Xxxxxx Island, BC V0N 2M0 (Or call us with your VISA/MasterCard number at 250-629-3660) Thank You A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to those of you who have sent voluntary subscriptions and extra donations. Keep those lovely phone calls, cards, letters and emails coming, too. We paste them all in our scrapbooks! TOLL FREE: 1-866-629-3166 xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx Buying, Selling or Renting on the Gulf Islands?
DISPOSITION OF. Common Stock Prior to the Cover Date and Not ----------------------------------------------------------- Governed by Section 5.2(a). If the disposition is of Common Stock prior to the -------------------------- Cover Date and is not otherwise governed by Section 5.2(a), then the proceeds of such disposition shall be distributed to the Class B Members as a group; provided, however, that if such disposition of Common Stock occurs within 90 days of the date of a Preferred Stock Disposition unless all Class A Members are Delinquent, the proceeds of such disposition of Common Stock shall first be distributed to the Class A Members as a group to the extent that any Basic Threshold Return and any of the Class A Members' Capital Contributions as of the date of the Preferred Stock Disposition remains unpaid and unreturned, as the case may be, after the proceeds of the Preferred Stock Disposition have been distributed in accordance with Sections 5.2(b)(i) and (ii). The distribution of proceeds to the Class A Members as a group hereunder shall be made in accordance with the Distribution Hierarchy set forth in Section 5.2(b).
DISPOSITION OF. FRACTIONS In computing a rate based on a percentage of another rate, the following rule shall be observed in the disposition of fractions. (a) Fractions of less than ½ or .50 of a cent, omit. (b) Fractions of ½ or .50 of a cent or greater, increase to the next whole figure. ITEM 36 ø COMPUTATION OF TIME UNDER THE HOURLY RATES NAMED IN ITEMS 320 AND 340 1. In computing charges accruing under the hourly rates contained in Item 320, the time used shall be the total of loading, unloading and double the driving time from point of origin to point of destination, subject to EXCEPTIONS 1 through 3. EXCEPTION 1 – When the mover is required to perform more than one trip between origin and destination, the time used shall be the total of loading and unloading time, to which will be added double driving time for the first trip from origin to destination and actual driving time for all additional trips between origin and destination for each motor vehicle furnished by mover. EXCEPTION 2 – When two or more shipments are transported on a unit of equipment at the same time, the time used shall be the total of loading and unloading time plus 25 minutes total driving time for each shipment.