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Require the. Key Contractor to carry out its scope of work in accordance with the PPA Documents, the Governmental Approvals, applicable Law, and plans, systems and manuals developed and used by Developer pursuant to the PPA Documents;
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Require the. Key Contractor to carry out its scope of work in accordance with the Contract Documents, the Governmental Approvals, applicable Law, and plans, systems and manuals developed and used by Developer pursuant to the Contract Documents;
Require the. Medical Director to make referrals to Hospital, be in a position to make or influence referrals to Hospital, or otherwise generate business for Hospital.

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  • Reportable Uses Require Consent The term "Hazardous Substance" as used in this Lease shall mean any product, substance, chemical, material or waste whose presence, nature, quantity and/or intensity of existence, use, manufacture, disposal, transportation, spill, release or effect, either by itself or in combination with other materials expected to be on the Premises, is either: (i) potentially injurious to the public health, safety or welfare, the environment, or the Premises; (ii) regulated or monitored by any governmental authority; or (iii) a basis for potential liability of Lessor to any governmental agency or third party under any applicable statute or common law theory. Hazardous Substance shall include, but not be limited to, hydrocarbons, petroleum, gasoline, crude oil or any products or by-products thereof. Lessee shall not engage in any activity in or about the Premises which constitutes a Reportable Use (as hereinafter defined) of Hazardous Substances without the express prior written consent of Lessor and compliance in a timely manner (at Lessee's sole cost and expense) with all Applicable Requirements (as defined in Paragraph 6.3). "Reportable Use" shall mean (i) the installation or use of any above or below ground storage tank, (ii) the generation, possession, storage, use, transportation, or disposal of a Hazardous Substance that requires a permit from, or with respect to which a report, notice, registration or business plan is required to be filed with, any governmental authority, and (iii) the presence in, on or about the Premises of a Hazardous Substance with respect to which any Applicable Laws require that a notice be given to persons entering or occupying the Premises or neighboring properties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lessee may, without Lessor's prior consent, but upon notice to Lessor and in compliance with all Applicable Requirements, use any ordinary and customary materials reasonably required to be used by Lessee in the normal course of the Permitted Use, so long as such use is not a Reportable Use and does not expose the Premises or neighboring properties to any meaningful risk of contamination or damage or expose Lessor to any liability therefor. In addition, Lessor may (but without any obligation to do so) condition its consent to any Reportable Use of any Hazardous Substance by Lessee upon Lessee's giving Lessor such additional assurances as Lessor, in its reasonable discretion, deems necessary to protect itself, the public, the Premises and the environment against damage, contamination or injury and/or liability therefor, including but not limited to the installation (and, at Lessor's option, removal on or before Lease expiration or earlier termination) of reasonably necessary protective modifications to the Premises (such as concrete encasements) and/or the deposit of an additional Security Deposit under Paragraph 5 hereof.

  • Amendments in Writing, Integration All amendments to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by Borrower and Bank. This Agreement represents the entire agreement about this subject matter, and supersedes prior negotiations or agreements. All prior agreements, understandings, representations, warranties, and negotiations between the parties about the subject matter of this Agreement merge into this Agreement and the Loan Documents.

  • Servicer Shall Provide Information as Reasonably Required The Servicer shall furnish to the Trustee, during the term of this Agreement, such periodic, special, or other reports or information, whether or not provided for herein, as shall be necessary, reasonable, or appropriate in respect to the Trustee, or otherwise in respect to the purposes of this Agreement, all such reports or information to be as provided by and in accordance with such applicable instructions and directions as the Trustee may reasonably require.

  • Owners Required To Provide Information From the Initial Date and prior to the Restriction Termination Date:

  • Data Reporting 1. Maintain and adhere to data system software and encrypted portable computer device updates, and interface capability requirements for each computer located within the facility, and as specified in the Contract and required by County.

  • By Mutual Consent The Executive’s employment pursuant to this Agreement may be terminated at any time by the mutual written agreement of the Company and the Executive.

  • Amendments in Writing; Waiver; Integration No purported amendment or modification of any Loan Document, or waiver, discharge or termination of any obligation under any Loan Document, shall be enforceable or admissible unless, and only to the extent, expressly set forth in a writing signed by the party against which enforcement or admission is sought. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no oral promise or statement, nor any action, inaction, delay, failure to require performance or course of conduct shall operate as, or evidence, an amendment, supplement or waiver or have any other effect on any Loan Document. Any waiver granted shall be limited to the specific circumstance expressly described in it, and shall not apply to any subsequent or other circumstance, whether similar or dissimilar, or give rise to, or evidence, any obligation or commitment to grant any further waiver. The Loan Documents represent the entire agreement about this subject matter and supersede prior negotiations or agreements. All prior agreements, understandings, representations, warranties, and negotiations between the parties about the subject matter of the Loan Documents merge into the Loan Documents.

  • REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ) A type of Bid Document that can be used when a formal Bid opening is not required (e.g., discretionary, sole source, single source or emergency purchases).

  • Loss, Theft, Etc of Notes. Upon receipt of evidence satisfactory to the Company of the loss, theft, mutilation or destruction of any Note, and in the case of any such loss, theft or destruction upon delivery of a bond of indemnity in such form and amount as shall be reasonably satisfactory to the Company, or in the event of such mutilation upon surrender and cancellation of the Note, the Company will make and deliver without expense to the holder thereof, a new Note, of like tenor, in lieu of such lost, stolen, destroyed or mutilated Note. If the Purchaser or any subsequent Institutional Holder is the owner of any such lost, stolen or destroyed Note, then the affidavit of an authorized officer of such owner, setting forth the fact of loss, theft or destruction and of its ownership of such Note at the time of such loss, theft or destruction shall be accepted as satisfactory evidence thereof and no further indemnity shall be required as a condition to the execution and delivery of a new Note other than the written agreement of such owner to indemnify the Company.

  • New Work Authorization If the Engineer does not complete the services authorized in a work authorization before the specified completion date and has not requested a supplemental work authorization, the work authorization shall terminate on the completion date. At the sole discretion of the State, it may issue a new work authorization to the Engineer for the incomplete work using the unexpended balance of the preceding work authorization for the project. If approved by the State, the Engineer may calculate any additional cost for the incomplete work using the rates set forth in the preceding work authorization and in accordance with Attachment E, Fee Schedule.