Any other person definition

Any other person in this paragraph means a person who:
Any other person in this paragraph means a person who was:
Any other person means those who have reason to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected, for example, neighbor, friend, or relative.

Examples of Any other person in a sentence

  • Any other person may be admitted only on the invitation of the chairman of the meeting or with the consent of the meeting.

  • Any other person of above departments duly authorized by competent authority.

  • Any other person, business, or organization with whom he or any member of his immediate family is negotiating or has an arrangement concerning prospective employment is a party.

  • Any other person may be admitted only on the invitation of the chair of the meeting or by resolution of the members.

  • Any other person receiving services or benefits under this Contract is an incidental beneficiary only and has no rights under this Contract.

More Definitions of Any other person

Any other person means any person other than the Master who at the relevant time is in command or in charge of any ship whether with or without the authority of the Owner or Master;
Any other person means any natural person who:
Any other person means any person or corporation other than you individually and includes your employees, contractors and agents and any person in the carpark (with or without our permission) and each of them.
Any other person as used herein means any person, other than the purchaser or the purchaser's agent, who takes physical delivery of the printed sales messages and who exercises dominion and control over the property.
Any other person means individual, corporation, limit- ed liability company, government or governmental subdivi- sion or agency, business trust, estate, trust, partnership or as- sociation, or any other legal entity except an eligible quali- fied organization, qualified organization, or school.
Any other person. As used herein, "Tax Return" shall mean any return, statement, report or form (including, without limitation,) estimated Tax returns and reports, withholding Tax returns and reports and information reports and returns required to be filed with respect to Taxes. Target is in full compliance with all terms and conditions of any Tax exemptions or other Tax-sparing agreement or order of a foreign government applicable to them and the consummation of the Merger shall not have any adverse effect on the continued validity and effectiveness of any such Tax exemptions or other Tax-sparing agreement or order.
Any other person for whose acts or omissions Sellers are responsible) relating to any alleged past or ongoing violation of any Environmental Laws or Environmental Permits, nor are Sellers subject to any liability for any such past or ongoing violation.