Assets of the Partnership Sample Clauses

Assets of the Partnership. Any indemnification under Section 12.1 shall be satisfied solely out of the assets of the Partnership. No Partner shall be subject to personal liability or required to fund or to cause to be funded any obligation by reason of these indemnification provisions.
Assets of the Partnership. Any indemnification under this Article XI shall be satisfied solely out of the assets of the Partnership. No debt shall be incurred by the Partnership or the any partner in order to provide a source of funds for any indemnity, and the partners shall not have any liability (or any liability to make any additional Capital Contribution) on account thereof.
Assets of the Partnership. During the Duration of the Partnership, the ownership of the capital contributions of all partners, the gains received in the name of the Partnership and other assets obtained according to law shall vest in the Partnership.
Assets of the Partnership. The assets of Partnership include: - target assets such as investment funds or such investments in scope of the Partnership’s investment strategy; - all cash in hand or on deposit, including any outstanding accrued interest; - all bills and promissory notes and accounts receivable, including outstanding proceeds of any sale of securities; - all dividends and distributions payable to the Partnership; - all outstanding accrued interest; - the Partnership's preliminary expenses, to the extent that such expenses have not already been written-off; - the Partnership’s other fixed assets, including office buildings, equipment and fixtures; and - all other assets whatever their nature, including advance payments.

Related to Assets of the Partnership

  • BUSINESS OF THE PARTNERSHIP The purpose and nature of the business to be conducted by the Partnership is (i) to conduct any business that may be lawfully conducted by a limited partnership organized pursuant to the Act, provided, however, that such business shall be limited to and conducted in such a manner as to permit the General Partner at all times to qualify as a REIT, unless the General Partner otherwise ceases to qualify as a REIT, and in a manner such that the General Partner will not be subject to any taxes under Section 857 or 4981 of the Code, (ii) to enter into any partnership, joint venture, co-ownership or other similar arrangement to engage in any of the foregoing or the ownership of interests in any entity engaged in any of the foregoing and (iii) to do anything necessary or incidental to the foregoing. In connection with the foregoing, and without limiting the General Partner’s right in its sole and absolute discretion to qualify or cease qualifying as a REIT, the Partners acknowledge that the General Partner intends to qualify as a REIT for federal income tax purposes and upon such qualification the avoidance of income and excise taxes on the General Partner inures to the benefit of all the Partners and not solely to the General Partner. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Limited Partners agree that the General Partner may terminate its status as a REIT under the Code at any time to the full extent permitted under the Charter. The General Partner on behalf of the Partnership shall also be empowered to do any and all acts and things necessary or prudent to ensure that the Partnership will not be classified as a “publicly traded partnership” for purposes of Section 7704 of the Code.

  • Capital Accounts of the Partners A. The Partnership shall maintain for each Partner a separate Capital Account in accordance with the rules of Regulations Section l.704-l(b)(2)(iv). Such Capital Account shall be increased by (i) the amount of all Capital Contributions and any other deemed contributions made by such Partner to the Partnership pursuant to this Agreement and (ii) all items of Partnership income and gain (including income and gain exempt from tax) computed in accordance with Section 1.B hereof and allocated to such Partner pursuant to Section 6.1 of the Agreement and Exhibit C thereof, and decreased by (x) the amount of cash or Agreed Value of all actual and deemed distributions of cash or property made to such Partner pursuant to this Agreement and (y) all items of Partnership deduction and loss computed in accordance with Section 1.B hereof and allocated to such Partner pursuant to Section 6.1 of the Agreement and Exhibit C thereof.

  • Capitalization of the Partnership Subject to Section 8.2, the Partnership is authorized to issue two classes of Partnership Interests. The Partnership Interests shall be designated as General Partner Interests and Limited Partner Interests, each having such rights, powers, preferences and designations as set forth in this Agreement.

  • Management of the Partnership (a) Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, the General Partner shall have full, complete and exclusive discretion to manage and control the business of the Partnership for the purposes herein stated, and shall make all decisions affecting the business and assets of the Partnership. Subject to the restrictions specifically contained in this Agreement, the powers of the General Partner shall include, without limitation, the authority to take the following actions on behalf of the Partnership:

  • Partnership Funds Pending application or distribution, the funds of the Partnership shall be deposited in such bank account or accounts, or invested in such interest-bearing or non-interest bearing investment, including, without limitation, checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit and time or demand deposits in commercial banks, U.S. government securities and securities guaranteed by U.S. government agencies as shall be designed by the General Partner. Such funds shall not be commingled with funds of any other Person. Withdrawals therefrom shall be made upon such signatures as the General Partner may designate.

  • Loans from the General Partner; Loans or Contributions from the Partnership or Group Members (a) The General Partner or any of its Affiliates may lend to any Group Member, and any Group Member may borrow from the General Partner or any of its Affiliates, funds needed or desired by the Group Member for such periods of time and in such amounts as the General Partner may determine; provided, however, that in any such case the lending party may not charge the borrowing party interest at a rate greater than the rate that would be charged the borrowing party or impose terms less favorable to the borrowing party than would be charged or imposed on the borrowing party by unrelated lenders on comparable loans made on an arm’s-length basis (without reference to the lending party’s financial abilities or guarantees), all as determined by the General Partner. The borrowing party shall reimburse the lending party for any costs (other than any additional interest costs) incurred by the lending party in connection with the borrowing of such funds. For purposes of this Section 7.6(a) and Section 7.6(b), the term “Group Member” shall include any Affiliate of a Group Member that is controlled by the Group Member.

  • Formation of the Partnership The Partnership was formed as a limited partnership pursuant to the provisions of the Act and the Original Agreement and continued upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement. Except as expressly provided herein to the contrary, the rights and obligations of the Partners and administration and termination of the Partnership shall be governed by the Act. The Partnership Interest of each Partner shall be personal property for all purposes.

  • Covenants of the Partnership The Partnership covenants with each Underwriter as follows:

  • Partnership Property All property, real, personal, tangible, intangible, or mixed, acquired by or contributed to the Partnership shall be owned by the Partnership and titled in its name and such property shall not be owned individually by any Partner. Each Partner acknowledges and agrees that the System and all elements thereof, are the exclusive property of the Company and are not Partnership property. Each Partner acknowledges and agrees that the Proprietary Marks are the exclusive property of the Company and are not Partnership property. Each Partner acknowledges and agrees that the Partnership shall not acquire or own any land or buildings. Any land or buildings used in the Partnership business shall be acquired and owned by the Company or an Affiliate of the Company and leased to the Partnership at reasonable rates and terms, and such land and buildings shall not be Partnership property.

  • Additional Partnership Interests If the Partnership issues Partnership Interests in accordance with Section 4.2 or 4.3, the distribution priorities set forth in Section 5.1 shall be amended, as necessary, to reflect the distribution priority of such Partnership Interests and corresponding amendments shall be made to the provisions of Exhibit B.