Definition of Tender Offers

Tender Offers means the tender offers by Oil States to purchase any and all of the Oil States Notes as set forth in the Offer to Purchase dated May 9, 2014.

Examples of Tender Offers in a sentence

The Company (i) shall waive any of the conditions to the Debt Tender Offers (other than the occurrence of the Closing) and make any change to the Debt Tender Offers, in each case, as may be reasonably requested by Parent and (ii) shall not, without the written consent of Parent, waive any condition to the Debt Tender Offers or make any changes to the Debt Tender Offers.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the closing of the Debt Tender Offers shall be conditioned on the occurrence of the Closing, and the parties shall use their respective reasonable best efforts to cause the Debt Tender Offers to close on the Closing Date.
Following the mandatory Tender Offers for the voting shares of TNCP and Amazonia Celular and the voluntary Tender Offers for the preferred shares of TNCP and Amazonia Celular, Telemar intends to undertake a corporate reorganization in order to simplify the corporate structure of TNCP and Amazonia Celular, reducing operating costs and improving the liquidity of Telemar's shares ("Corporate Reorganization").
Tender Offers Tender offers represent a particular concern in the law of insider trading for two reasons: First, tender offer activity often produces extraordinary gyrations in the price of the target company's securities.
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