Other Relationships Sample Clauses

Other Relationships. No relationship created hereunder or under any other Loan Document shall in any way affect the ability of the Administrative Agent and each Lender to enter into or maintain business relationships with the Borrower or any of its Affiliates beyond the relationships specifically contemplated by this Agreement and the other Loan Documents.
Other Relationships. Any Agent and any other person, whether or not acting for itself, may acquire, hold or dispose of any Note, Coupon, Talon or other security (or any interest therein) of the Issuer or any other person, may enter into or be interested in any contract or transaction with any such person, and may act on, or as depositary, trustee or agent for, any committee or body of holders of securities of any such person, in each case with the same rights as it would have had if that Agent were not an Agent and need not account for any profit.
Other Relationships. It is understood that the officers, Trustees, agents, shareholders and other affiliates of the Trust are or may be interested in the Adviser or Investment Manager as officers, directors, agents, shareholders, affiliates or otherwise, and that the officers, directors, shareholders, agents and other affiliates of the Adviser or Investment Manager may be interested in the Trust otherwise than as shareholders.
Other Relationships. Except as set forth in Section 3.7.2 of the Disclosure Schedule, to the Best Knowledge of the Executive Management Team, the shareholders, directors and officers of the Company have no interest (other than as non-controlling holders of securities of a publicly traded company), either directly or indirectly, in any entity, including without limitation, any corporation, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company, proprietorship, firm, person, licensee, business or association (whether as an employee, officer, member, manager, director, shareholder, agent, independent contractor, security holder, creditor, consultant, or otherwise) that presently: (i) engages in any activity which is the same, similar to or competitive with any activity or business in which the Company or any of its Subsidiaries is now engaged; (ii) is a supplier of, customer of, creditor of, or has an existing contractual relationship with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries; or (iii) has any direct or indirect interest in any asset or property used by the Company or any property, real or personal, tangible or intangible, that is necessary or desirable for the conduct of the business of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries. Except as set forth in Section 3.7.2 of the Disclosure Schedule, no current or former shareholder, director, officer or employee of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries nor any Affiliate of any such person, is at present, or since the inception of the Company’s predecessor has been, directly or indirectly through his or her affiliation with any other person or entity, a party to any transaction (other than as an employee or consultant) with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries providing for the furnishing of services by, or rental of real or personal property from, or otherwise requiring cash payments to any such person.
Other Relationships. The Domiciliary Agent and its affiliates, directors, officers and employees may become the owners of, or acquire any interest in, any Global Notes or Definitive Registered Notes, as the case may be, with the same rights as any other owner or holder, and may engage or be interested in any business transaction with the Issuer without being liable to account to the Holders for any resulting profit, and may act on, or as depository, trustee or agent for, any committee or body of Holders or other obligations of the Issuer as freely as if they were not a party, or connected with a party, to this Agreement.
Other Relationships. The Bidder understands and acknowledges that to the extent disclosed pursuant to paragraph 2(c) Advisor and/or its Affiliates serve as general partners or advisors to Partnerships ("LF Partnerships") that own Units and, accordingly, that Advisor and/or its Affiliates have fiduciary or other obligations to the LF Partnerships, limited partners in the LF Partnerships, and, depending on the circumstances, the Partnership and other holders or beneficial owners of the Units. Notwithstanding any provision of this letter agreement to the contrary, the Bidder understands and agrees that, in providing services to the Bidder hereunder, Advisor will not be obligated to render any advice or assistance or provide any information that Advisor believes would be inconsistent with its obligations to these other Persons. Advisor may disclose to the LF Partnerships and their limited partners information concerning this letter agreement and the terms of the transactions contemplated hereby to the extent Advisor believes the disclosure of such information is necessary to satisfy its obligations to the LF Partnerships and their limited partners.
Other Relationships. The Escrow Agent may execute any of its powers and perform any of its duties hereunder directly or through affiliates or agents. The Escrow Agent and its affiliates, and any of their respective directors, officers or employees may become pecuniarily interested in any transaction in which any of the other parties hereto may be interested and may contract and lend money to any such party and otherwise act as fully and freely as though it were not escrow agent under this Escrow Agreement. Nothing herein shall preclude the Escrow Agent or its affiliates from acting in any other capacity for any such party.
Other Relationships. The following paragraph shall replace the first paragraph under the heading “Underwriting—Other Relationships” in the Preliminary Prospectus Supplement: From time to time, certain of the underwriters and/or their respective affiliates have directly and indirectly engaged, and may engage in the future, in investment and/or commercial banking with us for which they have received, or may receive, customary compensation, fees and expense reimbursement. Barclays Capital Inc. and Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC will act as dealer managers for the Tender Offers. To the extent any of the underwriters or their affiliates own notes that are the subject of the Tender Offers they may tender such notes pursuant to the terms of the Tender Offers. A member of our board of directors is an officer of Bank of America Corporation, an affiliate of one of the underwriters. An affiliate of one of the underwriters, BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC, is acting as Trustee, Registrar and Paying Agent in the offering. The Issuer has filed a registration statement (including a prospectus and preliminary prospectus supplement) with the SEC for the offering to which this communication relates. Before you invest, you should read the prospectus and preliminary prospectus supplement in that registration statement, and other documents the Issuer has filed with the SEC for more complete information about the Issuer and this offering. You may get these documents for free by visiting EDGAR on the SEC website at www.sec.gov. Alternatively, you may obtain a copy of the prospectus and the preliminary prospectus supplement from Barclays Capital Inc. by calling toll-free 1-888-603-5847, Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC by calling toll-free 1-866-471-2526 or J.P. Morgan Securities LLC by calling collect 1-212-834-4533. ANY DISCLAIMERS OR OTHER NOTICES THAT MAY APPEAR BELOW ARE NOT APPLICABLE TO THIS COMMUNICATION AND SHOULD BE DISREGARDED. SUCH DISCLAIMERS OR OTHER NOTICES WERE AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED AS A RESULT OF THIS COMMUNICATION BEING SENT VIA BLOOMBERG OR ANOTHER EMAIL SYSTEM. EXHIBIT A SIGNIFICANT SUBSIDIARIES As used in the Underwriting Agreement, the “Significant Subsidiaries” of the Company are as follows: Name Jurisdiction of Organization % Owned Liens/Encumbrances Aetna Inc. Pennsylvania 100% None CVS Pharmacy, Inc. Rhode Island 100% None Caremark, L.L.C. California 100% None CaremarkPCS Health, L.L.C. Delaware 100% None Caremark Rx, L.L.C. Delaware 100% None CVS Caremark Part D Services, L.L.C. Delaware...