Prior Approval definition

Prior Approval means written ap- proval by an authorized official evi- dencing prior consent.
Prior Approval has the same meaning as in 44 Ill. Admin. Code Part 7000.
Prior Approval means written approval by an authorized member of DHS management evidencing prior consent.

Examples of Prior Approval in a sentence

  • Prior approval has been adjusted to show the closing of jobs on this project.

  • Prior approval of a change in protocol, including revision of the consent documents or an increase in the number of subjects over that approved.

  • Prior approval must also be obtained for other materials related to subject recruitment or which will be provided to the subject.

  • Prior approval and registration with the OHRL office is required to remain in housing during these times.

  • Prior approval is necessary to determine whether the activity is within the scope of the award and meets the requirements of the Paperwork Reduction Act (see the Solicitation Companion Guide for more information).

More Definitions of Prior Approval

Prior Approval means written approval by an authorized official evidencing prior consent.
Prior Approval means the approval by the Responsible Commissioner of care or treatment, including diagnostics, to an individual Service User or a group of Service Users prior to referral or following initial assessment;
Prior Approval means written approval by an authorized member of DHS management evidencing prior consent. “Profit” means an entity’s total revenue less its operating expenses, interest paid, depreciation, and taxes. “Profit” is synonymous with “Net Revenue.”
Prior Approval means the prior written approval of the Minister given with the Treasurer’s concurrence.
Prior Approval. Sabbatical leave for study will be limited to teachers centering their study in their areas of major concentration and will not be used for retraining in a new area except at the request of the administration. The Director, Human Resources, must approve the proposed program of study in advance.
Prior Approval means documentation evidencing consent prior to incurring specific costs.
Prior Approval means that approval for the assumption by the Commission of the whole, or partial, financial responsibility for certain treatment must be given by the Commission before that treatment is commenced or undertaken.