Program Management Sample Clauses

Program Management. 1.1.01 Implement and operate an Immunization Program as a Responsible Entity
Program Management. The Contractor shall follow its internal Program Management Plan in the production of VLS UCEU and associated cables, and shall submit Progress, Status and Management Reports in accordance with CDRL A005.
Program Management. Factors associated with processes to manage critical personnel, approved written procedures, and knowledge of rules and regulations regarding federal-aid projects. Following Local Agency’s completion of the Risk Assessment Tool (Exhibit L), CDOT will determine the level of monitoring it will apply to Local Agency’s performance of the Work. This risk assessment may be re-evaluated after CDOT begins performing monitoring activities.
Program Management. As part of administering the Solar*Rewards Community program, the Solar Garden Operator and the Company may provide information related to the Subscriber and/or the Community Solar Garden to: • the MPUC • the Minnesota Department of Commerce • the Minnesota Office of Attorney General • Other governmental or private entities as required by law or regulation Additionally, as part of administering the Solar*Rewards Community program, the Company may share Subscriber’s Account Information and Subscriber’s Energy Usage Data to service providers, agents, or contracted agents who support the program on its behalf. The Company prohibits these service providers from using or disclosing the Subscriber’s information except as necessary to perform these specific services or to comply with legal requirements. More information about the Company’s general privacy practices is explained in its Privacy Policy available on
Program Management. (WBS 1.1) All components of the Project Management Plan as implemented for the Base Contract will be reviewed and amended to reflect specific needs for Option 1 and the outcome of continuous process improvement evaluations.
Program Management. A. The Program under this Agreement will be limited to no fewer than 10 and no more than 20 Students. If fewer than 10 Students participate in this Program, the Parties shall mutually determine whether to cancel or proceed with this Program. Such determination shall not be unreasonably delayed by either Party.
Program Management. All revenues from sales of employee parking permits will be dedicated to, and may be reinvested in:
Program Management. Below are the individuals currently assigned to key roles on the project team. Regeneron reserves the right to make personnel changes which will be communicated accordingly.
Program Management. Management of the activities under the Programs will be under the responsibility of the individual designated in writing within [*****] of the Effective Date for CureVac (“CureVac Project Leader”) and of the individual designated in writing within [*****] of the Effective Date for Genmab (“Genmab Project Leader”, and together with the CureVac Project Leader, the “Project Leaders”). Each Project Leader will be the primary point of contact for the other Party on all matters relating to the Program activities. After IND filing for a particular Product, the Project Leaders shall no longer be required, unless CureVac has exercised its Opt-In with respect to such Product (a Cocktail Product).
Program Management. Lilly and Emisphere shall establish a steering ------------------ committee (the "Steering Committee"). The function of the Steering Committee ------------------ shall be to Confidentiality Requested by Empire Technologies, Inc., XXX Xxxx Xx. 00000 review and approve the Programs, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld after the initial programs have been agreed to by the parties. The Steering Committee is not intended to replace any internal management procedures of either party or continued and close collaboration by the parties with respect to the Programs. Rather, it is intended to be a vehicle to ensure that the Programs proceed in a timely, coordinated, and well-planned fashion. It shall be made up of up to [* * *] members, with an equal number appointed by each of Lilly and Emisphere and with a central contact person appointed by each party. Each party hereto shall name one member to be a co-chairperson of the Steering Committee. Within thirty (30) days of execution of this agreement, the Steering Committee will meet to review and approve the initial HGH Work Plan (Exhibit C). On at least a quarterly basis, the Steering Committee shall meet, to review progress and approve modifications to the PTH Work Plan (Exhibit A), and review progress and changes to the HGH Work Plan (Exhibit C) as appropriate. The Steering Committee shall keep minutes of its meetings, shall act by a majority vote of its members and shall be responsible for the development and implementation of the PTH Work Plan. In the event the Steering Committee is unable to reach resolution on any issue, such issue shall be resolved in a timely manner in accordance with the procedures defined in this agreement. Finally, meetings of the Steering Committee will alternate between Emisphere's designated facility and Lilly's designated facility. Each party will bear all expenses associated with attendance of its own employees at such meetings held at the other party's designated facility. Work on the Steering Committee (including attendance of its meetings) by Emisphere employees shall be included in the Programs' work compensated by Lilly pursuant to Section 1.4 below. It is anticipated that almost all FTE's and subcontractors doing work under the HGH Work Plan will be provided by Emisphere.