The Authority Sample Clauses

The Authority. 3.1 The Parties acknowledge that the legal and official title of the Authority is as set out in 1.1 above.
The Authority. As to the Authority, the following section shall survive discharge: Section 2.3 (right to conduct audit).
The Authority. The rights and duties of the Authority under this Agreement (including any determinations made or actions taken on behalf of the Authority by its agent(s) and representative(s) pursuant to Section 2.6 above) shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon any successor to the Authority without any further action or approval by TeamCo.
The Authority will apply the results of the ongoing job evaluation exercise to your post and implement any grade changes in line with any agreed protocols should these be outstanding on the date your secondment begins.
The Authority will maintain the salary of an employee who is granted leave without pay, in accordance with Article 4.6, upon request by the Union. The Authority will deduct the gross salary for the period of such leave from the monthly dues remission sent to the Union. A statement of account showing the date(s) and name(s) of the employee(s) who were on such leave will accompany the remittance of the Union dues from which this recovery is made. The statement shall also identify if the leave was for “Local” or “National” business.
The Authority. Contracting AUTHORITY reserves the right to terminate this Framework Agreement and any Call-Off Contracts immediately by notice in writing and/or to take such other steps it deems necessary where, in the reasonable opinion of the AUTHORITY/CONTRACTING AUTHORITY, there is or may be an actual conflict, or a potential conflict, between the pecuniary or personal interests of the SERVICE PROVIDER and the duties owed to the AUTHORITY/Contracting AUTHORITY under the provisions of the Framework Agreement and any Call-Off Contracts. The actions of the AUTHORITY/Contracting AUTHORITY pursuant to this clause shall not prejudice or affect any right of action or remedy which shall have accrued or shall thereafter accrue to the AUTHORITY/Contracting AUTHORITY.
The Authority. The Authority reserves and maintains all its inherent rights to manage the business and the Authority shall have the prerogatives which are not abridged by this Agreement to determine and direct the policies, procedures and methods of operating its business. The Authority’s failure to exercise any function or right reserved to it or its exercising any function or right in a particular way shall not be deemed a waiver of its rights to exercise such function or right.
The Authority. Contracting AUTHORITY shall not make any admissions or statements without the written consent of the SERVICE PROVIDER that may prejudicial to the defence or settlement of any claim, demand or action for infringement or alleged infringement of any Intellectual Property Right to which Clause E7.3 may apply or any claim or demand made or action brought against the SERVICE PROVIDER to which Clause E7.4 may apply.
The Authority. Contracting AUTHORITY reserves the right to publish to Customers the results of any audit exercise undertaken pursuant to this Clause E8. The AUTHORITY/Contracting AUTHORITY will invite the SERVICE PROVIDER to comment on the results of the audit exercise and the proposed publicity material and will take account of those comments to the extent that it deems fit in any publication. In this respect, the SERVICE PROVIDER shall provide comments to the AUTHORITY/Contracting AUTHORITY within five (5)
The Authority. Contracting AUTHORITY may consult with the SERVICE PROVIDER to inform its decision regarding any redactions but the AUTHORITY/Contracting AUTHORITY shall have the final decision in its absolute discretion. The SERVICE PROVIDER shall assist and cooperate with the AUTHORITY/Contracting AUTHORITY to enable the AUTHORITY/Contracting AUTHORITY to publish this Framework Agreement and any Call-Off Contract.