The Authority Sample Clauses

The Authority. 3.1 The Parties acknowledge that the legal and official title of the Authority is as set out in 1.1 above.
The Authority. The rights and duties of the Authority under this Agreement (including any determinations made or actions taken on behalf of the Authority by its agent(s) and representative(s) pursuant to Section 2.6 above) shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon any successor to the Authority without any further action or approval by TeamCo.
The Authority will apply the results of the ongoing job evaluation exercise to your post and implement any grade changes in line with any agreed protocols should these be outstanding on the date your secondment begins.
The Authority. THE ALASKA INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AND EXPORT AUTHORITY, a public corporation of the State of Alaska Date By: Its: IGU THE INTERIOR ALASKA NATURAL GAS UTILITY d/b/a INTERIOR GAS UTILITY, a public corporation and an instrumentality of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Date By: Its: EXHIBIT A FORM OF TERM PROMISSORY NOTE $125,000,000 [ ] Fairbanks, Alaska Promise to Pay. The INTERIOR ALASKA NATURAL GAS UTILITY d/b/a INTERIOR GAS UTILITY, a public corporation and instrumentality of the Fairbanks North Star Borough (“IGU”), promises to pay to the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (the “Authority”), or order, the principal sum of One Hundred Twenty-Five Million Dollars ($125,000,000) or so much of that amount as may be advanced under the Financing Agreement, together with interest (if any) on the unpaid principal balance. This note (the “Term Loan Note”) is executed and delivered pursuant to the provisions of the Financing Agreement between the IGU and the Authority of even date herewith. Capitalized terms in this Term Loan Note shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Financing Agreement. In the event of differences between the terms of this Term Loan Note and the Financing Agreement, the Financing Agreement shall control.
The Authority will maintain the salary of an employee who is granted leave without pay, in accordance with Article 4.6, upon request by the Union. The Authority will deduct the gross salary for the period of such leave from the monthly dues remission sent to the Union. A statement of account showing the date(s) and name(s) of the employee(s) who were on such leave will accompany the remittance of the Union dues from which this recovery is made. The statement shall also identify if the leave was for “Local” or “Nationalbusiness.
The Authority. The Authority represents and warrants to the District that as of the Effective Date that:
The Authority. The Authority is the Oklahoma City Public Property Authority, a public trust.
The Authority. Except as specifically provided elsewhere in this Agreement, the Authority shall indemnify and defend the Concessionaire, for itself and as trustee for its officers, directors and employees against (the Concessionaire Indemnified Persons), and hold the Concessionaire Indemnified Persons harmless from, at all times after the Effective Date, any and all Loss incurred, suffered, sustained or required to be paid, directly or indirectly, by, or sought to be imposed upon the Concessionaire Indemnified Persons for personal injury or death to persons or damage to property arising out of any negligent or intentional act or omission by the Authority in connection with this Agreement. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the preceding sentence, nothing in this Section 9.1.2 shall apply to any Loss in respect of and to the extent of which the Concessionaire receives proceeds from insurance policies or indemnification from another party relating to the Project.