A Limited Sample Clauses

A Limited. Term Position is a position, either full-time or part-time, where an ending date is stated at the time of posting and where there is no employment commitment beyond the specified term. The University may, with the agreement of the Association, establish a Limited-Term Position for a period of greater than twenty-four (24) months. Such agreement by the Association will not be unreasonably withheld.‌
A Limited full-time employee who is laid off during the month of December but recalled in the month of January of the next year as part of the University's normal staff contraction during the Christmas and New Years period shall be deemed to qualify for holiday pay for six (6) paid holidays during the period of December and January.

Related to A Limited

  • The Limited Liability Company The Members have created a limited liability company: [NAME OF THE LLC] ("Company") and formed on the date of [FORMATION DATE] in the State of Oregon (“Governing Law”). The operations of the Company shall be governed by the laws located in the State of Governing Law and in accordance with this Agreement as follows:

  • Liability Limited (a) The Lenders, the Agent, the Credit Parties, the Owner Trustee and the Holders each acknowledge and agree that the Owner Trustee is (except as otherwise expressly provided herein or therein) entering into this Agreement and the other Operative Agreements to which it is a party (other than the Trust Agreement and to the extent otherwise provided in Section 6.1 of this Agreement), solely in its capacity as trustee under the Trust Agreement and not in its individual capacity and that the Trust Company shall not be liable or accountable under any circumstances whatsoever in its individual capacity for or on account of any statements, representations, warranties, covenants or obligations stated to be those of the Owner Trustee, except for its own gross negligence or willful misconduct and as otherwise expressly provided herein or in the other Operative Agreements.

  • LTD by its duly appointed Attorneys who state they have no notice of revocation of the Power of Attorney dated 5 February 1990 under which this Agreement is signed. ) ) ) ) ) ) )

  • BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA, S A. as swap counterparty (in such capacity, the “Counterparty”); and

  • Federated Hermes Global Equity Fund Federated Hermes Global Small Cap Fund Federated Hermes SDG Engagement Equity Fund Federated Hermes Unconstrained Credit Fund Federated International Bond Strategy Portfolio Federated International Dividend Strategy Portfolio Federated International Leaders Fund Federated International Small-Mid Company Fund Federated International Strategic Value Dividend Fund Federated MDT Large Cap Value Fund Federated Michigan Intermediate Municipal Trust Federated Muni and Stock Advantage Fund Federated Municipal High Yield Advantage Fund Federated Municipal Ultrashort Fund Federated Municipal Bond Fund, Inc. Federated Ohio Municipal Income Fund Federated Pennsylvania Municipal Income Fund Federated Premier Municipal Income Fund Federated Short-Intermediate Duration Municipal Trust

  • Formation of Limited Liability Company The Board shall execute and file in accordance with the Delaware Act any amendment to the Certificate and shall execute and file with applicable governmental authorities any other instruments, documents and certificates that, in the opinion of the Company’s legal counsel, may from time to time be required by the laws of the United States of America, the State of Delaware or any other jurisdiction in which the Company shall determine to do business, or any political subdivision or agency thereof, or that such legal counsel may deem necessary or appropriate to effectuate, implement and continue the valid existence and business of the Company.

  • Yours sincerely Legislation relating to EOT All references are to the Tax Administration Act 1994 (TAA).

  • Limited Liability of Limited Partners (1) Each Unit of Limited Partnership Interest, when purchased by a Limited Partner, subject to the qualifications set forth below, shall be fully paid and non-assessable.