Criminal proceeding definition

Criminal proceeding means a proceeding instituted by means of the swearing of an information, the laying of a charge or the return of an indictment, before a Court of competent jurisdiction in Canada with jurisdiction to hear and determine the charges referred to therein, alleging or charging that the "Insured" has contravened the provisions of any Provincial or Federal statute, including the Criminal Code, R.S.C. 1985 ch. C-46 as amended, which creates an offence or crime and which provides for conviction thereunder, whether by way of summary conviction or indictment, and as a result of which the "Insured" is liable to be convicted, fined or sentenced to some form of imprisonment or other punishment.
Criminal proceeding means any hearing, argument or other matter that is scheduled by and held before a trial court but does not include any deposition, lineup, grand jury proceeding or other matter that is not held in the presence of the court.
Criminal proceeding means any incarceration on criminal

Examples of Criminal proceeding in a sentence

  • At the time of the hearing the Judge or Commissioner will make the determination as to the requested modification.SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF ORANGEPetition for Modification of Protective Order in Criminal Proceeding Information and Instructions General Information for the defendant requesting modification:The petition should state the reasons that support your request.

  • Complete the form titled Petition for Modification of Protective Order in Criminal Proceeding.

More Definitions of Criminal proceeding

Criminal proceeding means any proceeding which constitutes a part of a criminal action or occurs in court in con- nection with a prospective, pending or com- pleted criminal action.
Criminal proceeding means every stage of a criminal prosecution after arrest and before judgment, including, but not limited to, interrogation, lineup, preliminary hearing, motion dockets, discovery, pretrial hearings and trial;and
Criminal proceeding means an ac- tion at law in which a person is alleged, or has been adjudicated, to have committed a crime for which there is a victim and that is conducted in the trial court before or after sentencing or disposition.
Criminal proceeding. , in relation to an offence, means a trial of a person for the offence or a committal proceeding in respect of offence;
Criminal proceeding. ’ means the adversary judicial process initiated by a formal complaint, information, or indictment charging a person with an offense denominated ‘‘criminal’’ by applicable law and punishable by death, imprisonment, a jail sentence, or a fine.
Criminal proceeding means any governmental action for enforcement of criminal laws, including those offenses for which conviction could result in imprisonment and/or criminal fine.
Criminal proceeding means any criminal proceeding commenced by an investigative agency under s. 895.03 or any other provision of the Florida RICO Act.