Purchase and Sale of Securities Sample Clauses

Purchase and Sale of Securities. The Adviser shall purchase securities from or through and sell securities to or through such persons, brokers or dealers as the Adviser shall deem appropriate in order to carry out the policy with respect to the allocation of portfolio transactions as set forth in the Registration Statement of the Fund, as amended, or as the Board may direct from time to time. The Adviser will use its reasonable efforts to execute all purchases and sales with dealers and banks on a best net price basis. The Adviser will consider the full range and quality of services offered by the executing broker or dealer when making these determinations. Neither the Adviser nor any of its officers, affiliates or employees will act as principal or receive any compensation from the Portfolio in connection with the purchase or sale of investments for the Portfolio other than the fee referred to in Paragraph 4 hereof.
Purchase and Sale of Securities. (a) Promptly after the purchase of Securities, the Fund or its designee shall deliver to the Custodian an Instruction specifying with respect to each such purchase: (1) the name of the Portfolio to which such Securities are to be specifically allocated; (2) the name of the issuer and the title of the Securities; (3) the number of shares or the principal amount purchased and accrued interest, if any; (4) the date of purchase and settlement; (5) the purchase price per unit; (6) the total amount payable upon such purchase; and (7) the name of the person from whom or the broker through whom the purchase was made, if any. The Custodian or specified Sub-Custodian shall receive the Securities purchased by or for a Portfolio and upon receipt thereof (or upon receipt of advice from a Depository or the Book-Entry System that the Securities have been transferred to the Custodian’s account) shall pay to the broker or other person specified by the Fund or its designee out of the moneys held for the account of such Portfolio the total amount payable upon such purchase, provided that the same conforms to the total amount payable as set forth in such Instruction.
Purchase and Sale of Securities. The Adviser shall place all orders for the purchase and sale of portfolio securities for each Fund with brokers or dealers selected by the Adviser, which may include brokers or dealers affiliated with the Adviser to the extent permitted by the 1940 Act and the Trust’s policies and procedures applicable to the Funds. The Adviser shall use its best efforts to seek to execute portfolio transactions at prices which, under the circumstances, result in total costs or proceeds being the most favorable to the Funds. In assessing the best overall terms available for any transaction, the Adviser shall consider all factors it deems relevant, including the breadth of the market in the security, the price of the security, the financial condition and execution capability of the broker or dealer, research services provided to the Adviser, and the reasonableness of the commission, if any, both for the specific transaction and on a continuing basis. In no event shall the Adviser be under any duty to obtain the lowest commission or the best net price for any Fund on any particular transaction, nor shall the Adviser be under any duty to execute any order in a fashion either preferential to any Fund relative to other accounts managed by the Adviser or otherwise materially adverse to such other accounts.
Purchase and Sale of Securities. In performing the services described above, the Local Manager shall use its best efforts to obtain for the Fund the most favorable price and execution available. Subject to prior authorization of appropriate policies and procedures by the Trustees, the Local Manager may, to the extent authorized by the FSA Rules, cause the Fund to pay a broker or dealer who provides brokerage and research services an amount of commission for effecting the Fund's investment transactions in excess of the amount of commission another broker or dealer would have charged for effecting such transactions, in recognition of the brokerage and research services provided by the broker or dealer. To the extent authorized by law, the Local Manager shall not be deemed to have acted unlawfully or to have breached any duty created by this Agreement or otherwise solely by reason of such action.
Purchase and Sale of Securities. The Adviser shall, at its own expense, place orders for the purchase, sale or loan of securities by the Trust either directly with the issuer or with any broker and/or dealer who deals in such securities.
Purchase and Sale of Securities. A. Promptly after each purchase of Securities by the Fund, the Fund shall deliver to the Custodian (i) with respect to each purchase of Securities which are not Money Market Securities, Written Instructions, and (ii) with respect to each purchase of Money Market Securities, Written Instructions or Oral Instructions, specifying with respect to each such purchase the;
Purchase and Sale of Securities. At the Closing, the Company will issue and sell to each Purchaser, and each Purchaser will, severally and not jointly, purchase from the Company the number of shares of Common Stock (the “Shares”) and the number of warrants to purchase shares of Common Stock (the “Warrants”) as set forth opposite such Purchaser’s name on the Schedule of Purchasers set forth on Exhibit A hereto (the Shares and Warrants referred to collectively as the “Securities”). The purchase price for each Security shall be $0.8805 (the “Purchase Price”), which is the sum of (i) $0.8305 (the “Stock Purchase Price”), the consolidated closing bid price of the Common Stock as reported on Nasdaq (symbol “ABIO”) on the date of this Agreement, and (ii) $0.05. For each one Share purchased by a Purchaser, such Purchaser shall receive a Warrant to purchase 0.4 of a share of Common Stock at an exercise price per share equal to $0.8716, which represents 120% of the Stock Purchase Price minus $0.125 (subject to adjustments as provided in the Warrant) pursuant to a warrant substantially in the forms attached as Exhibit B-1 and B-2 hereto.
Purchase and Sale of Securities. (a) On the terms and subject to the conditions of this Agreement, (i) FCG agrees to sell to the Investor, and the Investor agrees to purchase from FCG, for $25 million (the "Purchase Price") (A) 613,165.641 newly issued shares of Preferred Stock (the "Preferred Shares"), the terms of which are contained in the certificate of designations to Holdco's certificate of incorporation (the "Certificate of Designations") in the form attached as Exhibit A hereto, having an initial liquidation preference equal to $25 million and (B) warrants to purchase up to 274,786.154 shares of Voting Common Stock (the "Warrants"), the terms of which are in the form attached as Exhibit B hereto in respect of Warrants to purchase 185,303.590 shares of Common Stock (the "Initial Warrants") and in Exhibit C hereto in respect of Warrants to purchase 89,482.564 shares of Common Stock.
Purchase and Sale of Securities. (a) Subject to the terms and conditions herein set forth, the Company agrees to issue and sell the Securities to the public through the Underwriters, and the Underwriters agree to offer and sell the Securities for the Company on a best efforts basis, at a purchase price equal to the Per Share Price. The Underwriters shall endeavor to sell the Securities on behalf of the Company to both retail and institutional investors (each an “Investor,” collectively, the “Investors”) upon the terms and conditions set forth in the Registration Statement, Disclosure Package and the Prospectus.