The Company group definition

The Company group means the Company and the subsidiaries of the Company.
The Company group means the Company and any entity controlled by the Company (as defined in Accounting Standard "AASB 127: Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements").
The Company group means the Company, the Company's subsidiaries, Europe Israel (MMS) Ltd and companies under the control of Europe Israel (MMS) Ltd;

Examples of The Company group in a sentence

  • The Company group has previously appointed multiple outside directors (two members), invited all Audit & Supervisory Board Members (five members) from outside the company, and has notified all of the above seven outside directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members as “independent directors and/or Audit & Supervisory Board Members” in accordance with the “Principles of Corporate Governance for Listed Companies” of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  • The Company group has strived to establish, operate and continuously improve its internal control system as follows in order to smoothly and effectively achieve the four aims of internal control.

  • The Company group has also assigned seven women as its Directors, Corporate Executive Officers (Shikkoyaku) and Executive Officers (Shikkoyakuin).

  • The Company group and the federation have negotiated terms and conditions for several months.

  • The Company group itself does not necessarily own and has not necessarily registered all of the intellectual property rights necessary to develop and manufacture the Company group’s products.

  • The Company group have to comply with the rules and conditions stated in the agreements.At 31 March 2020, GOLD and GOLD’s subsidiaries for land lease total THB 1,951 million.Office Equipment Lease AgreementAs 31 March 2020, the Company group has various office equipment lease agreement for periods of 1-5 years.

  • There is a catchword, only about this subject which is pretty popular also today and used in daily jokes: ―You are prettier when you‘re ngry.‖ However, still, there is a teen TV drama, Aşk Yeniden (Love Again) in which there is not a relationship as stated here between hero and heroine.

  • The Company group is allocating its management resources for the development and marketing of home video games, which is its core business.

  • The Company group currently does not pay corporation taxes in Japan because it has a substantial tax loss carry-forward amount, and as a result of the loss carry-forward the amount of its loss during each business fiscal year exceeds earnings.

  • The Company group has promoted carrying out various social contribution activities such as the establishment of safe and secure sales system and compliance with laws and ordinances including protection of personal information and preservation of environment so as to discharge actively corporate social responsibilities.

More Definitions of The Company group

The Company group has fully accrued on its books all taxes not yet due. No tax Liens have been filed, and no material claims have been or are being asserted or proposed, against the Company Group with respect to any taxes. Except as set forth on Schedule 4.14 hereto, no deficiencies or claims have been proposed, assessed or claimed (including interest and penalties) against the Company Group which have not been paid or accrued, and the Company Group has not waived or extended any statute of limitations with respect to the assessment of any taxes, which waiver or extension has not yet expired by its terms. There are no suits, actions, proceedings, claims or investigations now pending against the Company Group with respect to any taxes. The Company Group has withheld or collected from each payment made to each of its employees, consultants, contractors and other payees the amount of all taxes (including, but not limited to, federal income taxes, state and local income and wage taxes, payroll taxes, workers' compensation and unemployment taxes) required to be withheld or collected therefrom for all Pre-Closing Tax Periods and the Company Group has timely paid or accrued and reported the same in respect of its employees, consultants, contractors and other payees to the proper tax receiving offices. The Company Group does not have any liability for any taxes of any nature whatsoever other than as shown on the Balance Sheets (except for liabilities for taxes accruing after the date of the Balance Sheets in the ordinary course of business) and there is no basis for any additional liabilities for taxes for any Pre-Closing Tax Period. The reserve for accrued but unpaid taxes for the period ending September 30, 1998 includes adequate provision for all taxes which have been assessed or which will be due and payable by the Company Group for all Pre-Closing Tax Periods. The Company Group is not, and will not on the Closing Date be, liable for any taxes for which it has not made adequate provision.

Related to The Company group

  • Company Group means the Company and its Subsidiaries.

  • Participating Company Group means, at any point in time, all corporations collectively which are then Participating Companies.

  • Company Group Member means each member of the Company Group.

  • The Company means save as otherwise defined at Article 6.9 the company intended to be regulated by these Articles and referred to in Article 2;

  • Related Companies means the companies within the meaning of Article L. 225-197-2 of the French Commercial Code or any provision substituted for same.

  • Related Entities means contractors and subcontractors of a Party at any tier; grantees, investigators, customers, and users of a Party at any tier and their contractors or subcontractor at any tier; or, employees of the Party or any of the foregoing.

  • Company Entities means the Company and the Company Subsidiaries.

  • CBS shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.

  • Affiliated Entities means any legal entity, including any corporation, limited liability company, partnership, not-for-profit corporation, estate planning vehicle or trust, which is directly or indirectly owned or controlled by the Stockholder or his or her descendants or spouse, of which such Stockholder or his or her descendants or spouse are beneficial owners, or which is under joint control or ownership with any other person or entity subject to a lock-up agreement regarding the Common Stock with terms substantially identical to this Agreement.

  • Associated Companies : means any agent with delegated authority under Clause 12 of these Terms and Conditions.

  • Participating Companies means any insurance company (including Insurance Company) that offers variable annuity and/or variable life insurance contracts to the public and that has entered into an agreement with one or more of the Funds.

  • The Company's Liquidation Value" shall mean the Company's book value, as determined by the Company and approved by GGK. In no event, however, will the Company's Liquidation Value be less than the Trust Fund, inclusive of any net interest income thereon. Only holders of IPO Shares shall be entitled to receive liquidating distributions and the Company shall pay no liquidating distributions with respect to any other shares of capital stock of the Company. With respect to the Business Combination Vote, the Company shall cause all of the Initial Stockholders to vote the shares of Common Stock owned by them immediately prior to this Offering in accordance with the vote of the holders of a majority of the IPO Shares present, in person or by proxy, at a meeting of the Company's stockholders called for such purpose. At the time the Company seeks approval of any potential Business Combination, the Company will offer each holder of Common Stock issued in this Offering ("IPO Shares") the right to convert their IPO Shares at a per share price ("Conversion Price") equal to the amount in the Trust Fund (inclusive of any interest income therein) calculated as of two business days prior to the consummation of the proposed Business Combination divided by the total number of IPO Shares. If holders of less than 20% in interest of the Company's IPO Shares elect to convert their IPO Shares, the Company may, but will not be required to, proceed with such Business Combination. If the Company elects to so proceed, it will convert shares, based upon the Conversion Price, from those holders of IPO Shares who affirmatively requested such conversion and who voted against the Business Combination. If holders of 20% or more in interest of the IPO Shares, who vote against approval of any potential Business Combination, elect to convert their IPO Shares, the Company will not proceed with such Business Combination and will not convert such shares.

  • Parent Group has the meaning set forth in Section 8.03(c).

  • Participating Subsidiaries means the Subsidiaries that have been designated as eligible to participate in the Plan, and such other Subsidiaries that may be designated by the Committee from time to time in its sole discretion.

  • EDS means Electronic Data Systems Corporation, a Delaware corporation, all its direct and indirect subsidiaries, all its affiliated entities, and all its successors and assigns, and the employees, agents, attorneys, officers and directors of each of them.

  • Management Company Employee means an individual employed by a Person providing management services to the Company which are required for the ongoing successful operation of the business enterprise of the Company, but excluding a Person engaged in Investor Relations Activities;

  • Acquired Companies means, collectively, the Company and the Company Subsidiaries.

  • Partnership Group Member means any member of the Partnership Group.

  • Restricted companies means companies that boycott Israel.

  • Group Companies means the Company and the Subsidiaries and “Group Company” means any one of them;

  • Company Personnel means the personnel to be provided by the Company. The Representative/Engineer of the Company are also included in the Company's personnel. The Company’s Representative/Engineer means the person or persons appointed and approved from time to time by the Company to act on its behalf for overall co-ordination and project management at site.

  • Company Parties means the collective reference to Holdings and its Restricted Subsidiaries, including the Borrower, and “Company Party” means any one of them.

  • Retained Group means the Seller, its subsidiaries and subsidiary undertakings from time to time, any holding company of the Seller and all other subsidiaries or subsidiary undertakings of any such holding company (except members of the Group);

  • Parent means a “parent corporation,” whether now or hereafter existing, as defined in Section 424(e) of the Code.

  • Client Group means Client, any corporate body of which Client is a subsidiary (as defined by s. 1159 of the Companies Act 2006), any other subsidiary of such corporate body and any subsidiary of Client;

  • Operating Companies means, collectively, the Creekside Operating Company, the Mentone Operating Company and the Yucaipa Operating Company. “Operating Company” means any of the Operating Companies.