Sale of Sample Clauses

Sale of. All Livestock to the Member: The Member, if not in default under this Agreement, shall have the right to purchase the Association’s interest in all of the Livestock referred to in Livestock Supply Forms for the same Supply Period on the following terms:
Sale of. Non-Core" Assets Net proceeds from the sale by the Borrower of "Non-Core" Assets, defined as land in Orlando, Florida.
Sale of a New ePlant™ Upon signing a binding contract to sell a new ePlant™ to any third party, EWSI shall pay Consultant 1% of the ePlant™ contracted selling price, payable in shares of EWSI restricted common stock.
Sale of. STOCK Subject to the terms and provisions of this Agreement, Buyer agrees to purchase on the Closing Date (as hereinafter defined) from the Company and the Company agrees to sell, transfer, deliver and convey to Buyer 4,000,000 shares of common stock par value $.001 per share (the "Shares"), of the Company for a consideration of One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,500,000).
Sale of. Snapple Business: During the first forty two (42) months of his employment, Quaker sells Snapple to an acquiror and any of the following applies: (i) he is not offered a position by the acquiror; (ii) he is involuntarily terminated by the acquiror during the first six (6) months after Quaker's sale of Snapple; or (iii) during the first six (6) months following the sale he terminates his employment with the acquiror, or declines to accept a position with the acquiror, based on his good faith belief that the position available to him is unacceptable -- but if the facts clearly and convincingly establish that he resigned or declined a job he found acceptable merely to take a better opportunity offered to him by another company, he does not qualify.
Sale of. Chronoflex RC ------------------------ [ * ]

Related to Sale of

  • Sale For value received, Seller hereby conveys to Purchaser, and without limiting Section 4(a) of the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement without recourse, all right, title and interest, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, in and to the Mortgage Loans identified on Exhibit A (the “Mortgage Loan Schedule”) to the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement, dated and effective November 25, 2014 (the “Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement”), between Seller and Purchaser and all of the following property:

  • Sale of Shares by the Fund Unless you are otherwise notified by the Fund, any right granted to you to accept orders for Shares or to make sales on behalf of the Fund or to purchase Shares for resale will not apply to (i) Shares issued in connection with the merger or consolidation of any other investment company with the Fund or its acquisition, by purchase or otherwise, of all or substantially all of the assets of any investment company or substantially all the outstanding shares of any such company, and (ii) to Shares that may be offered by the Fund to shareholders of the Fund by virtue of their being such shareholders.

  • Transfer or Re-sale The Buyer understands that (i) the sale or re-sale of the Securities has not been and is not being registered under the 1933 Act or any applicable state securities laws, and the Securities may not be transferred unless (a) the Securities are sold pursuant to an effective registration statement under the 1933 Act, (b) the Buyer shall have delivered to the Company, at the cost of the Buyer, an opinion of counsel that shall be in form, substance and scope customary for opinions of counsel in comparable transactions to the effect that the Securities to be sold or transferred may be sold or transferred pursuant to an exemption from such registration, which opinion shall be accepted by the Company, (c) the Securities are sold or transferred to an “affiliate” (as defined in Rule 144 promulgated under the 1933 Act (or a successor rule) (“Rule 144”)) of the Buyer who agrees to sell or otherwise transfer the Securities only in accordance with this Section 2(f) and who is an Accredited Investor, (d) the Securities are sold pursuant to Rule 144, or (e) the Securities are sold pursuant to Regulation S under the 1933 Act (or a successor rule) (“Regulation S”), and the Buyer shall have delivered to the Company, at the cost of the Buyer, an opinion of counsel that shall be in form, substance and scope customary for opinions of counsel in corporate transactions, which opinion shall be accepted by the Company; (ii) any sale of such Securities made in reliance on Rule 144 may be made only in accordance with the terms of said Rule and further, if said Rule is not applicable, any re-sale of such Securities under circumstances in which the seller (or the person through whom the sale is made) may be deemed to be an underwriter (as that term is defined in the 1933 Act) may require compliance with some other exemption under the 1933 Act or the rules and regulations of the SEC thereunder; and (iii) neither the Company nor any other person is under any obligation to register such Securities under the 1933 Act or any state securities laws or to comply with the terms and conditions of any exemption thereunder (in each case). Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything else contained herein to the contrary, the Securities may be pledged as collateral in connection with a bona fide margin account or other lending arrangement.

  • Sale and Purchase of Equity Interest 1.1 Option Granted Party B hereby irrevocably grants Party A an irrevocable and exclusive right to purchase, or designate one or more persons (each, a “Designee”) to purchase the equity interests in Party C then held by Party B once or at multiple times at any time in part or in whole at Party A’s sole and absolute discretion to the extent permitted by Chinese laws and at the price described in Section 1.3 herein (such right being the “Equity Interest Purchase Option”). Except for Party A and the Designee(s), no other person shall be entitled to the Equity Interest Purchase Option or other rights with respect to the equity interests of Party B. Party C hereby agrees to the grant by Party B of the Equity Interest Purchase Option to Party A. The term “person” as used herein shall refer to individuals, corporations, partnerships, partners, enterprises, trusts or non-corporate organizations.

  • Sale of Products Each product that has been sold by Seller in connection with the Acquired Business to any Person conformed and complied in all material respects with the terms and requirements of any applicable warranty or other Contract. No product manufactured or sold by Seller in connection with the Acquired Business has been the subject of any recall or other similar action; and no event has occurred, and no condition or circumstance exists, that, to Seller’s knowledge, might (with or without notice or lapse of time) give rise to or serve as a basis for any such recall or other similar action relating to any such product.

  • Purchase and Sale of Equity Interest 1.1 Grant Rights Approved by Party C, Party B (the “Transferor”) hereby exclusively and irrevocably grants to Party A or any designated person (“Designated Persons”) an option to purchase, at any time according to steps determined by Party A, and at the price specified in Section 1.3 of this Agreement, from the Transferor a portion or all of the equity interests held by Party B in Party C (the “Option”). No Option shall be granted to any third party other than Party A and/or the Designated Persons. The “person” set forth in this Agreement means any individual person, corporation, joint venture, partnership, enterprise, trust or non-corporation organization.

  • Sale and Purchase of Assets (a) The Manager shall, in accordance with instructions from the Board, supervise the sale and purchase of assets on the Company’s behalf including the completion of such transactions.

  • Sale of Shares The Issuer grants to Distributors the right to sell shares on behalf of the Issuer during the term of this Agreement and subject to the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended ("1933 Act"), and of the laws governing the sale of securities in the various states ("Blue Sky Laws") under the following terms and conditions: Distributors (i) shall have the right to sell, as agent on behalf of the Issuer, shares authorized for issue and registered under the 1933 Act, and (ii) may sell shares under offers of exchange, if available, between and among the funds advised by Fidelity Management & Research Company ("FMR") or any of its affiliates.

  • Sale or License of Custom Products Involving Tax Exempt Financing (i.e., Certificates of Participation - COPS) The Authorized User’s sale or other transfer of Custom Products which were acquired by the Authorized User using third party, tax-exempt financing may not occur until such Custom Products are, or become, useable. In the event that the Contractor wishes to obtain ownership rights to Custom Product(s), the sale or other transfer shall be at fair market value determined at the time of such sale or other transfer, and must be pursuant to a separate written agreement in a form acceptable to the Authorized User which complies with the terms of this paragraph.

  • The Sale Upon the terms and subject to the satisfaction of the conditions contained in this Agreement, at the Closing, the Seller will sell, assign, convey, transfer and deliver to the Buyer, and the Buyer will purchase and acquire from Seller, free and clear of all Encumbrances (except for Permitted Encumbrances) all of the Seller's right, title and interest in, to and under the Assets.