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In this clause. (a) business includes all and any part of the employer’s business; and
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In this clause. (a) Intellectual Property Rights means all intellectual property rights created or generated by the Employee (whether alone or with any other persons) in the course of or in connection with the Employee's employment with SMC (whether before or after this Agreement is signed) including:
In this clause. 45.3.2(a) business includes all and any part of the employer’s business; and 45.3.2(b) transmission includes transfer, conveyance, assignment or succession whether by agreement or by operation of law; and
In this clause. (a) relevant Employees means the Employees who may be affected by a change referred to in clause 9.1.
In this clause. (a) Buyer shall mean the buyer of the Shares;
In this clause i. GST has the meaning given in the GST Act; and
In this clause 
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  • In this Agreement 7.1.6 Any external loan, security, compensation, covenant or other compensation liabilities of the Pledgor’s (1) is required to be repaid or performed prior to the due date due to default; or (2) is due but cannot be repaid or performed as scheduled and thereby cause the Pledgee to deem that the Pledgor’s capacity to perform the obligations herein is affected.

  • NOW, THEREFORE, THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH For and in consideration of the premises and the purchase of the Securities by the Holders thereof, it is mutually agreed, for the equal and proportionate benefit of all Holders of the Securities or of series thereof, as follows:

  • NOW THIS DEED WITNESSETH as follows The Transferor hereby transfers unto the Transferee with full title guarantee all right, title, interest, benefit and obligation (both present and future) of the mortgagee in and under the Mortgages which do not relate to registered land including for the avoidance of doubt:

  • Hold Harmless Clause CSEA shall indemnify, defend, and hold the District harmless from any and all claims, demands, suits, or any other action arising out of the check-off and organizational security provisions contained herein. It is the expressed intent of the parties that any dispute or claim by a Unit Member arising under the provisions of this Article shall be specifically excluded from the grievance procedures in Article 22 of this Agreement.


  • NOW THEREFORE THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH that, in consideration of the mutual covenants and provisos herein contained, THE PARTIES HERETO AGREE AS FOLLOWS:

  • NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH AS FOLLOWS 1. In this Agreement words and expressions shall have the same meanings as are respectively assigned to them in the Conditions of Contract referred to.

  • NOW THIS DEED WITNESSES as follows 1. If at any time the bearer of the Global Note ceases to have rights under it in accordance with its terms, the Issuer covenants with each Relevant Account Holder (other than any Relevant Clearing System which is an account holder of any other Relevant Clearing System) that each Relevant Account Holder shall automatically acquire at the Relevant Time, without the need for any further action on behalf of any person, against the Issuer all those rights which the Relevant Account Holder would have had if at the Relevant Time it held and beneficially owned executed and authenticated Definitive Notes in respect of each Underlying Note represented by the Global Note which the Relevant Account Holder has credited to its securities account with the Relevant Clearing System at the Relevant Time. The Issuer's obligation under this clause shall be a separate and independent obligation by reference to each Underlying Note which a Relevant Account Holder has credited to its securities account with the Relevant Clearing System and the Issuer agrees that a Relevant Account Holder may assign its rights under this Deed in whole or in part.

  • NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH 1. Subject to the context the words and expressions used in this Agreement have the same meanings respectively as they have in and for the purpose of the Principal Agreement.

  • Terms Defined Elsewhere in this Agreement For purposes of this Agreement, the following terms have meanings set forth in the sections indicated: Term Section AAA Accounts Receivable 12.5 2.1(i) Agreement Preamble Arbitrator 12.5 Assumed Liabilities 2.3 Belgian Activities 1.1 (in Business definition) Closing 5.1(a) Closing Date 5.1(a) Confidentiality Agreement 12.7 Covenant Survival Period 10.1(b) Decision Disputes Elop 12.5 12.5 6.8(ii) Escrow Agent 10.5 Escrow Agreement 10.5 Escrow Fund 10.5 Exchange Act 1.1 (in Affiliate definition) Excluded Assets 2.2 Excluded Liabilities 2.4 Extraordinary Damages Financial Statements 1.1 (in Damages definition) 6.4(a) Foreign Tax Withholding Certificate 8.11 IAS 6.4(v) Indemnification Claim 10.4(b) IRI Project 6.8(ii) ISA 6.4(iii) MediVision ESE Report 6.4(i) MediVision Product 6.17 MediVision Product Certifications 6.18 MediVision Recommendation 6.2(ii) OCS Funded Technology 6.15(i) Post-Closing Covenants 10.1(b) Pre-Closing Covenants 10.1(b) Pre-Closing Tax Period 11.3(a) Purchased Assets 2.1 Purchased Shares 3.1 Purchased Trade Secrets 6.8(iii) Purchaser Preamble Purchaser Documents 7.2(i) Purchaser Indemnified Parties 10.2(a) Seller Preamble Seller Disclosure Letter 6 Seller Documents 6.2(i) Seller Indemnified Parties 10.3(a) Seller Material Adverse Effect 6.1 Seller Material Agreements 6.9(iii) Software Products 6.8(vi) Subsidiary 6.1 Survival Period 10.1(b) Tax 6.16 Tax Claim 11.4(b) Tax Return 6.16 Termination Date 5.2(a) Total Consideration 4.1 Transaction Documents 7.2(i) Transfer Taxes 11.1 Warranty Survival Period 10.1(a)

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