Supervision of Sample Clauses

Supervision of. The Stage Manager may be required to supervise set-ups, strikes, take-ins and take-outs as required by the Engager. If, on the final day of the engagement, the Stage Manager is required to supervise the strike and take-out, the Stage Manager shall receive payment of the regular overtime rate as specified in Clause 38:01(D), beyond midnight. If the Stage Manager is required to supervise set-ups, and strikes, the Stage Manager must be present for same.
Supervision of workers who are not authorised The ASP/1 will ensure that every person who works in a non-electrical capacity and is not authorised (such as under boring contractors and crane drivers) are supervised by an authorised person at all times when they work on or near Ausgrid’s distribution system. The use of such workers who are not authorised shall be limited to non-routine or specialist tasks.
Supervision of. No supervision of staff in this position.

Related to Supervision of

  • Supervision The Recipient shall provide and maintain competent and adequate project management covering the supervision and inspection of the development and construction of the Project and bear the responsibility of ensuring that construction conforms to the approved surveys, plans, profiles, cross sections and specifications.

  • Supervision of Students Teachers assigned to supervise students during their preparation periods shall be provided with an equal amount of time for preparation periods at another time agreed to between the teachers and the principal.

  • Supervision of Contractor Personnel The Contractor must supply all necessary and sufficient supervision over the work that is being performed and will be held solely responsible for the conduct and performance of his employees or agents involved in work under the Agreement.

  • SITE SUPERVISION 1.9.1 Contractor shall provide adequate supervision of his employees to ensure complete and satisfactory performance of all work in accordance with the terms of the contract. Contractor shall have a responsible supervisor on the job at all times when the work of the contract is being carried out.

  • Supervision and Direction Contractor shall supervise and direct the Work using diligent skill and attention. Contractor shall be responsible for and shall coordinate all construction means, methods, techniques, sequences, and procedures. (See Article 3.1.1

  • Supervision by Contractor The Contractor shall give efficient supervision to the work, using his best skill and attention. He shall carefully study and compare all drawings, specifications, and instructions and shall at once report to the Design Professional any error, inconsistency, or omission that he may discover, but he shall not be held responsible for their existence or discovery.

  • Student Supervision 2. Central Issues as they affect Occasional Teacher Workload

  • Board Supervision All of the functions undertaken by the Investment Manager hereunder shall at all times be subject to the direction of the Board of Directors, its executive committee, or any committee or officers of the Company acting under the authority of the Board of Directors.

  • Oversight Lake County Behavioral Health Services shall conduct oversight and impose sanctions on the Contractor for violations of the terms of this Agreement, and applicable federal and state law and regulations, in accordance with Welfare & Institutions Code 14712(3) and CCR, Title 9, Section 1810.380 and 1810.385.

  • CONTRACTOR SUPERVISION Contractor shall provide competent supervision of personnel employed on the job Site, use of equipment, and quality of workmanship.