Notice Requirements Sample Clauses

Notice Requirements. All notices required or permitted by this Lease shall be in writing and may be delivered in person (by hand or by messenger or courier service) or may be sent by regular, certified or registered mail or U.S. Postal Service Express Mail, with postage prepaid, or by facsimile transmission during normal business hours, and shall be deemed sufficiently given if served in a manner specified in this Paragraph 23. The addresses noted adjacent to a Party's signature on this Lease shall be that Party's address for delivery or mailing of notice purposes. Either Party may by written notice to the other specify a different address for notice purposes, except that upon Lessee's taking possession of the Premises, the Premises shall constitute Lessee's address for the purpose of mailing or delivering notices to Lessee. A copy of all notices required or permitted to be given to Lessor hereunder shall be concurrently transmitted to such party or parties at such addresses as Lessor may from time to time hereafter designate by written notice to Lessee.
Notice Requirements. Any notice, request, demand, waiver, consent, approval or other communication permitted or required under this Agreement shall be in writing, shall refer specifically to this Agreement and shall be deemed given only if delivered by hand or sent by facsimile transmission (with transmission confirmed) or by internationally recognized overnight delivery service that maintains records of delivery, addressed to the Parties at their respective addresses specified in Section 13.7.2 or to such other address as the Party to whom notice is to be given may have provided to the other Party in accordance with this Section 13.7.1. Such notice shall be deemed to have been given as of the date delivered by hand or transmitted by facsimile (with transmission confirmed) or on the second Business Day (at the place of delivery) after deposit with an internationally recognized overnight delivery service. Any notice delivered by facsimile shall be confirmed by a hard copy delivered as soon as practicable thereafter. This Section 13.7.1 is not intended to govern the day-to-day business communications necessary between the Parties in performing their obligations under the terms of this Agreement.
Notice Requirements. The Servicer shall send the Borrower a letter, not less than 30 days before the commencement of foreclosure proceedings, setting out (i) the nature of the default, (ii) the steps that must be taken by the Borrower to cure the default and (iii) the date when foreclosure proceedings will begin. If the Servicer has reason to believe that the related Mortgaged Property has been abandoned or if the Borrower has displayed an obvious disregard for his obligations under such Mortgage Loan, the foregoing notice shall be forwarded at the earliest possible date following the Borrower's default.
Notice Requirements. Notice of intended deposit must be received by the Custodian from the Trustee no later than 3:00 p.m. (London time) one London Business Day prior to the Availability Date and specify the weight (in fine troy ounces of gold) to be credited to the Trust Unallocated Account, the Availability Date, the account from which such deposit will be transferred, and any other information which the Custodian may, with the agreement of the Trustee, from time to time require. When, by reference to the Trustee’s notifications and instructions to the Custodian, the Custodian reasonably believes an amount of Gold has been credited to the Trust Unallocated Account in error, the Custodian will notify the Trustee promptly and, pending a joint resolution of the error, will treat such amount as not being subject to the standing instruction in clause 5.2 below.
Notice Requirements. Any Demand Request, Piggyback Request or Shelf Takedown Request shall (i) specify the maximum number or class or series of Registrable Securities intended to be offered and sold by the Holder making the request, (ii) express such Holder’s bona fide intent to offer up to such maximum number of Registrable Securities for distribution, (iii) describe the nature or method of the proposed offer and sale of Registrable Securities (to the extent applicable), and (iv) contain the undertaking of such Holder to provide all such information and materials and take all action as may reasonably be required in order to permit the Company to comply with all applicable requirements in connection with the registration of such Registrable Securities.
Notice Requirements. A confirmation from the Trustee to the Custodian, given through eBTS (or such other authenticated method as may be agreed by the parties) or in writing, that a valid Redemption Form has been lodged for Shares shall be deemed an instruction given under clause 4.1 unless otherwise notified in writing by the Trustee. Any other notice relating to a withdrawal of Bullion must be in writing.
Notice Requirements. All notices required or permitted under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed sufficiently served if delivered by Registered or Certified Mail, with return receipt requested; or delivered personally; or delivered via fax or e-mail (if provided below) and followed with delivery of hard copy; and in any case addressed as follows:
Notice Requirements. When the leave is foreseeable, employees are required to give at least 30 days' advance notice to their leader and the leave administrator. If 30 days' notice cannot be provided, as much notice as is practical should be provided. Failure to give reasonable notice may delay the approval of the leave.
Notice Requirements. ‌ 16 Whenever this Contract provides for notice to be provided by one (1) party to another, such 17 notice shall be in writing and directed to the chief executive office of the Provider and the 18 project representative of the County department specified on page one (1) of this Contract.