Distributions to Sample Clauses

Distributions to certificate holders On each distribution day, distributions to a class will be distributed to the holders of the certificates of the class in proportion to the principal or notional balances of their certificates.
Distributions to. Key Employees” — Investment. In order to comply with Internal Revenue Code Section 409A, distributions to “key employees” (see subsection 9.3 of the Plan Document for definition) of publicly traded companies made due to employment termination cannot be made within 6 months of the employment termination date. If distribution to a key employee must be delayed to comply with this 6-month rule, indicate below how Account balances of such a Participant will be invested during the period of delay [select one]: ¨ Valued as of most recent Valuation Date and held at the Employer without allocation of additional gains or losses after such Valuation Date until payment can be made. x Remain invested as if termination date had not occurred, then valued as of most recent Valuation Date and distributed.
Distributions to. LIMITED PARTNERS ---------------------------------
Distributions to a Participant and his Beneficiaries shall only be made in accordance with the incidental death benefit requirements of Code Section 401(a)(9)(G) and the Regulations thereunder.
Distributions to. SHAREHOLDERS Declare or pay any dividends or otherwise declare or make any distribution to Borrower's shareholders (including any purchase or redemption of stock) if a Default or Event of Default exists or would occur as a result of the dividend or distribution. 8.10
Distributions to a Participant and the Participant's Beneficiaries shall only be made in accordance with the incidental death benefit requirements of Code Section 401(a)(9)(G) and the Regulations thereunder. With respect to distributions under the Plan made for calendar years beginning on or after January 1, 2001, the Plan will apply the minimum distribution requirements of Code Section 401(a)(9) in accordance with the Regulations under Code Section 401(a)(9) that were proposed on January 17, 2001, notwithstanding any provision of the Plan to the contrary. This amendment shall continue in effect until the end of the last calendar year beginning before the effective date of final Regulations under Code Section 401(a)(9) or such other date specified in guidance published by the Internal Revenue Service.
Distributions to certificate holders. On each distribution day, the Paying Agent will distribute from the distribution account (or, to the extent provided in the Series Terms, any pooling, lower-tier, or upper-tier REMIC account) to each certificate holder of record on the preceding record date (other than as provided in section (c) below for final distributions) the certificate holder’s share (based on the denomination of certificates of the applicable class held by the holder) of the amounts distributable to such class in accordance with the priorities set forth in the Series Terms, as set forth in the applicable distribution day statement. All reductions in principal balance of a certificate (or one or more Predecessor Certificates) effected by distributions made on any distribution day or reductions thereof without distributions in accordance with this agreement (including final distributions under section (c) below or section 9.1) will be binding upon all holders of such certificate and of any certificate issued upon the registration of transfer thereof or in exchange therefor or in lieu thereof, whether or not the distributions are noted on the certificate.
Distributions to the Members after the Payment of Loans. At any time after all loans made by Members have been repaid, any positive Net Cash Flow (after the establishment of such reserves as the Committee shall deem necessary for anticipated Company needs, taking into account existing and potential liabilities, obligations and other cash requirements) shall be distributed to the Members on a quarterly basis or at such other times as the Committee shall determine. All such distributions shall be made to the Members in proportion to and in accordance with their respective Percentage Interests in the Company.

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  • Distributions Distributions shall be made to the Member at the times and in the aggregate amounts determined by the Member. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary contained in this Agreement, the Company shall not make a distribution to the Member on account of its interest in the Company if such distribution would violate Section 18-607 of the Act or other applicable law.