Relate to definition

Relate to means consist of, refer to, reflect or be in any way logically connected with the matter discussed.
Relate to or "relating to" means concern, consist of, refer to, pertain to, reflect, evidence, or to be in any way logically or factually connected with the matter discussed.
Relate to means refer to, concern, regard, reflect, discuss, constitute, mention, pertain to, allude to or associate with. “Relating to” means referring to, concerning, regarding, reflecting, discussing, constituting, mentioning, pertaining to, alluding to or associated with.

Examples of Relate to in a sentence

  • Relate to matters such as dues, badges, telecommunication services, booth space, real time quotations, historical information, publications, software licenses or other matters that are administrative in nature.

  • Relate to those matters which fairly test the capacity and fitness of the persons examined to perform in an efficient mannerthe duties of the class in which employment is sought.

  • Gee, Jason Jones, and Moira Burke, “Social Networks and Labor Markets: How Strong Ties Relate to Job Finding on Facebook’s Social Network,” Journal of Labor Economics 35, no.

  • Factor 2: Ability to Personally Relate to Patients – items t, b, v, u, j, h, r, n .Factor 3: Characteristics of the Professional Position – items e, d, I, k, o, p, c.

  • Experiential Marketing: How to Get Customers to Sense Feel, Think, Act and Relate to Your Company and Brands.

More Definitions of Relate to

Relate to means constitute, relate to, or refer to.
Relate to and “relating to” shall mean concerning, consisting of, commenting upon, referring to, pertaining to, evidencing, describing, or in any way logically or factually connected with the matter discussed.
Relate to or “concern” shall mean relate to, concern, refer to, pertain to, reflect upon, discuss, mention, analyze, document, or evidence, in whole or in part, the subject matter of the particular request.
Relate to means to make a statement about, refer to, discuss, describe, reflect, identify, deal with, consist of, or in any way pertain, in whole or in part, to the subject.
Relate to. RELATED TO” or “RELATING TO” shall mean and refer to relating
Relate to means constituting, consisting of, pertaining to, evidencing, supporting, contradicting, reflecting, referring to, refuting, or resulting from the matter specified, including, in each instance, documents now or previously attached or appended to or used in the preparation of any document called for by each request.
Relate to means discuss, refer to,reflect, evidence, concern, or pertain to, in whole or in part;