All Agreements Sample Clauses

All Agreements. In addition, with the approval of not less than eighty percent (80%) of the residents of the living units in the Community and us, any designated residency agreements, which may include this Agreement, may be amended in any respect upon receipt of evidence of any required regulatory approval; provided, however, that no such amendment shall:
All Agreements. The parties acknowledge and agree that this Agreement constitutes the agreement between the Parties. In the event that the parties want to change, add, or otherwise modify any terms, they must do so in writing to be signed by both parties. The parties agree to the requirements and conditions set forth above as demonstrated by the signatures as follows:INDEMNITEESiyen: Date By: INDEMNIFIERTe Sign: By: Date:_
All Agreements. In ad- dition, with the approval of (i) at least 67% of the residences with one vote per residence who have this type of residency agreement in StoneRidge, and (ii) us, all residency agreements of this type, may be amended in any respect; provided, however, that no such amendment shall:
All Agreements. The Contract consists of and composes of the technical acquisitions and usage and service on all agreements between the principal Parties of the Contract, if the Parties to this contract have before declaration of will which was different from this contract, this contract shall apply.
All Agreements. All contracts and agreements of the Company relating to the business are valid and enforceable. Complete and accurate copies of these contracts and agreements are annexed to the Disclosure Letter together with any variations thereto and complete and accurate summaries of any oral contracts and agreements with customers.
All Agreements. All parties hereby confirm that this Agreement is a fair and reasonable agreement entered into by all parties on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. This Agreement constitutes all the subjects concerning the agreement of all parties. In the event that the previous discussion, negotiation and agreement are not in conformity to this Agreement, this Agreement shall prevail. This Agreement shall be modified by the relevant parties of the agreement in writing. The appendixes of this Agreement are a part of this Agreement, which have equal effectiveness as this Agreement.
All Agreements. To the extent of any conflict between the terms of this letter agreement and the terms of the divineAgreement, the terms of this letter agreement shall govern and control and as so amended hereby the divineAgreement shall is in full force and effect.

Related to All Agreements

  • Special Agreements 38.1 Special agreements and/or job agreements may be negotiated by the parties hereto by mutual consent. If the Union negotiates special agreements for any work covered by this Agreement with any other Employer or Employer Association, all provisions of such agreements shall be made available and apply to any Employer signatory to this Agreement for the specific work and specific area covered by such special Agreement only. A Memorandum of Understanding dated June 1, 2000, is incorporated as a supplement to this Agreement.

  • Local Agreements Each of UTC, Carrier and Otis recognize and agree that it may be necessary or desirable to separately document certain matters relating to the Services provided hereunder in various jurisdictions from time to time or to otherwise modify the scope or nature of such Services, in each case to the extent necessary to comply with applicable Law. If such an agreement or modification of any of the Services is required by applicable Law, or if the applicable Parties mutually determine entry into such an agreement or modification of Services would be desirable, in each case in order for Service Provider or its Subsidiaries to provide any of the Services in a particular jurisdiction, Service Provider and Service Recipient shall, or shall cause their applicable Subsidiaries to, to enter into local implementing agreements (as each may be amended and in effect from time to time, each a “Local Agreement”) in form and content reasonably acceptable to the applicable Parties; provided that the execution or performance of any such Local Agreement shall in no way alter or modify any term or condition of this Agreement or the effect of any such term or condition, except to the extent expressly specified in such Local Agreement. Except as used in this Section 2.08, any references herein to this Agreement and the Services to be provided hereunder, shall include any Local Agreement and any local services to be provided thereunder. Except as expressly set forth in any Local Agreement, in the event of a conflict between the terms contained in a Local Agreement and the terms contained in this Agreement (including the applicable Schedules), the terms in this Agreement shall take precedence.

  • Commercial Agreements All of the container leases, lease addenda, container management agreements and other agreements of the Company and its subsidiaries, considered as one enterprise (collectively, the “Commercial Agreements”), are in full force and effect, except where the failure of a Commercial Agreement to not be in full force and effect would not, singly or in the aggregate, reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect; and neither the Company nor any of its subsidiaries has any notice of any claim of any sort that has been asserted by anyone adverse to the rights of the Company or any of its subsidiaries under any Commercial Agreement, or affecting or questioning the rights of the Company or any of its subsidiaries with respect to any such Commercial Agreement, except with respect to any claims which would not, singly or in the aggregate, reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Existing Agreements The Executive represents to the Company that he is not subject or a party to any employment or consulting agreement, non-competition covenant or other agreement, covenant or understanding which might prohibit him from executing this Agreement or limit his ability to fulfill his responsibilities hereunder.

  • Full Agreement The Contract Documents supersede all prior negotiations, discussion, statements, and agreements between Owner and Contractor and constitute the full, complete, and entire agreement between Owner and Contractor. There can be no changes to this Contract by oral means, nor by course of conduct of the parties, nor by custom of the trade. No changes to this Contract will be binding on either party hereto unless such change is properly authorized, in writing, in accordance with Section 3, Part 2 of the General Conditions.

  • Retention Agreements The parties agree and acknowledge that the obligations due to each of Mike Remsen, Ron Hall, Mike James, Deb Kouba and Norman J. Farrington pursuant to the Retention Agreements shall not be due and payable until such amounts are due under such Retention Agreements and that, notwithstanding the foregoing, such amounts shall be deducted from the Aggregate Merger Consideration at the Closing as Company Transaction Expenses and paid by the Surviving Corporation when due under the Retention Agreements. Parent agrees to cause the Surviving Corporation to transmit any amounts deducted from the Effective Date Aggregate Merger Consideration with respect to the Retention Agreements that, after the Closing, no longer will become due or payable in accordance with the terms of the Retention Agreements as determined in good faith by the Surviving Corporation, plus an amount equal to three and 15/100 percent (3.15%) interest compounding annually on the obligations due pursuant to the Retention Agreements (collectively, the “Unused Retention Amount”) to the Stockholders’ Representative for distribution to the Stockholders.

  • Letter Agreements The Company shall not take any action or omit to take any action which would cause a breach of any of the Letter Agreements executed and will not allow any amendments to, or waivers of, such Letter Agreements without the prior written consent of the Representative.

  • Acquisition Agreements Acquisitions may, from time to time, enter into a letter of intent or other acquisition agreement with respect to a subject Real Estate Asset in its own name to facilitate, among other things, the offer to, and possible purchase by, the Company of the subject Real Estate Asset. In any such case, if the Company exercises its right of first refusal with respect to, and elects to pursue the acquisition of, the subject Real Estate Asset, and the Company is willing to enter into an agreement to acquire the subject Real Estate Asset, then upon the Company’s request Acquisitions shall assign the letter of intent or other acquisition agreement to the Company or its designee.

  • Other Agreements If there is a default in any agreement to which Borrower is a party with a third party or parties resulting in a right by such third party or parties, whether or not exercised, to accelerate the maturity of any Indebtedness in an amount in excess of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) or that could have a Material Adverse Effect;

  • General Agreements The parties agree that: