The liability of the Sample Clauses

The liability of the. Vendors under the Tax Warranties shall cease six (6) years after the first anniversary of the Accounting Date, except in respect of matters which have been the subject of a written claim made before such date by the Purchaser or the Purchaser's Solicitors to any of the Vendors or the Vendors' Solicitors.
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The liability of the enterprise to pay redundancy payments to an employee under this clause will be met by the making of the contributions on behalf of each employee required as a member of the appropriate Incolink Fund, or another ATO approved fund nominated by Incolink pursuant to its Trust Deed.
The liability of the. Trustees comprising the Tenant shall be limited to the assets of the [ ] Club. This document has been executed as a deed and is delivered and takes effect stated at the beginning of it SCHEDULE 1 The Rights Granted 27865-1 lease to squash club v2 5.7.1627865-1 lease to squash club v2 5 7 16.doc01257021.doc.27865-1 29 lease to Kirkbymoorside Squash Club v1 27.2.15v2 5.7.16.doc 1 Except as mentioned in paragraph 2 neither the grant of this Lease nor anything in it confers any right over neighbouring property or adjoining property of the Landlord nor is to be taken to show that the Tenant may have any right over neighbouring property, section 62 of the Law of Property Act 1925 does not apply to this Lease.
The liability of the. Seller in respect of Losses, excluding all Losses the Seller is not liable for pursuant to Clause 10.4.3, resulting from any breach or claim, as the case may be, under the Tax Indemnity and/or the Seller's Warranties set forth in Paragraphs 11 and 21 of Schedule 8 shall be, in aggregate with any liability pursuant to Clause 10.4.1, limited to:
The liability of the. Seller Shareholders under this Clause 15 shall not be released or diminished by any variation of the Guaranteed Obligations or any forbearance, neglect or delay in seeking performance of the Guaranteed Obligations or any granting of time for such performance.
The liability of the. Tenant for damage to the rented units for which the Tenant is responsible shall remain unaffected by the above provisions pursuant to
The liability of the. PEI Buyer and the Seller Guarantor respectively hereunder shall not be affected, impaired or discharged by reason of any act, omission, matter or thing which but for this provision might operate to release or otherwise exonerate them from their obligations under this Agreement including without limitation any time or other indulgence granted by the Buyers to the Sellers or vice versa.
The liability of the. Company in respect of breaches of this Agreement or of any other duty to the Customer or for negligence in connection with the subject matter of this Agreement shall be limited to the value of charges for the minimum period referred to herein.
The liability of the. Concessionaire in relation to Clause 25.1 (Performance Criteria - Performance Contractual Penalties) for each Concession Year shall be limited to the Maximum Cap.
The liability of the. Service Provider and a Commonwealth Entity under a Contract will be determined on the terms of that Contract.