ADVICE AND OTHER SERVICES. The Manager will have no responsibility as to other matters pertaining to the Company and its business operations. The Manager will perform such other related services as may be reasonably necessary for the proper conduct of the Company's business operations and which are within the scope of this Agreement.


Utilities and Other Services 4.4.1 The Tenant shall arrange, at its own cost and expense, for the installation, connection and supply of all utilities and any other services required by it at or in relation to the Premises.
Administrative and Other Services (a) Subadviser will, at its expense, furnish (i) all necessary investment and management facilities, including salaries of personnel required for it to execute its duties faithfully, and (ii) administrative facilities, including bookkeeping, clerical personnel and equipment necessary for the efficient conduct of the investment affairs of the Fund (excluding determination of net asset values and shareholder accounting services).
INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT AND OTHER SERVICES (1) The Fund hereby retains the Investment Manager, and the Investment Manager hereby agrees, for the period of this Agreement and under the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, to furnish the Fund continuously with investment advice; to determine, consistent with the Fund's investment objectives and policies, which securities in the Investment Manager's discretion shall be purchased, held or sold, and to execute or cause the execution of purchase or sell orders; to prepare and make available to the Fund all necessary research and statistical data in connection therewith; to furnish all other services of whatever nature required in connection with the management of the Fund as provided under this Agreement; and to pay such expenses as may be provided for in Part Three; subject always to the direction and control of the Board of Directors (the "Board") and the authorized officers of the Fund. The Investment Manager agrees to maintain an adequate organization of competent persons to provide the services and to perform the functions herein mentioned and to maintain adequate oversight over any service providers including subadvisers hired to provide services and to perform the functions herein mentioned. The Investment Manager agrees to meet with any persons at such times as the Board deems appropriate for the purpose of reviewing the Investment Manager's performance under this Agreement. The Fund agrees that the Investment Manager may subcontract for certain of the services described under this Agreement with the understanding that there shall be no diminution in the quality or level of services and also with the understanding, that the Investment Manager shall obtain such approval from the Fund's Board and/or its shareholders as is required by law, rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, terms of the Agreement, resolutions of the Board and commitments of the Investment Manager.
Pricing and Other Data The Fund acknowledges that if providing the Fund with Market Data related to the Account, the Custodian may use Data Providers. The Custodian may follow Authorized Instructions in providing pricing or other Market Data, even if such instructions direct the Custodian to override its usual procedures and Market Data sources. The Custodian shall not be liable for any Losses incurred as a result of errors or omissions with respect to any Market Data utilized by the Custodian or the Fund hereunder. Market Data may be the intellectual property of the Data Providers, which may impose additional terms and conditions upon the Fund’s use of the Market Data. The additional terms and conditions can be found on the Data Terms Website. Should the Fund choose to use the Market Data, the Fund shall agree to the applicable terms as they are posted in the Data Terms Website from time to time.
Office and Other Facilities The Adviser shall furnish to the Trust office space in the offices of the Adviser or in such other place as may be agreed upon by the parties hereto from time to time, and all necessary office facilities and equipment;
Administrative and Other Fees The Borrower agrees to pay the administrative and other fees of the Administrative Agent as provided in the Fee Letter and as may be otherwise agreed to in writing from time to time by the Borrower and the Administrative Agent.
Stamp and other duties The Borrowers must pay all stamp, documentary, registration or other like duties or taxes (including any duties or taxes payable by any of the Banks) imposed on or in connection with any of the Underlying Documents, the Security Documents or the Loan or any Advance and agree to indemnify the Banks or any of them against any liability arising by reason of any delay or omission by the Borrowers to pay such duties or taxes.
Regulatory and Other Notices Promptly after Borrower’s receipt thereof, copies of any notices or other communications received from any Governmental Authority with respect to any matter or proceeding the effect of which could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.
Broker's and Other Fees Neither HUBCO nor any of its directors or officers has employed any broker or finder or incurred any liability for any broker's or finder's fees or commissions in connection with any of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.
Legal Fees and Other Expenses a. If the Executive incurs legal, accounting and other fees or other expenses in a good faith effort to obtain benefits under this Agreement (including, without limitation, the fees and other expenses of the Executive's legal counsel and the accounting and other fees and expenses in connection with the delivery of the Opinion referred to in Article VII), regardless of whether the Executive ultimately prevails, the Employer shall reimburse the Executive on a monthly basis upon the written request for such fees and expenses to the extent not reimbursed under the Company's and Services' officers and directors liability insurance policy, if any. The existence of any controlling case or controlling regulatory law which is directly inconsistent with the position taken by the Executive shall be evidence that the Executive did not act in good faith.