Employees of the Sample Clauses

Employees of the. Judicial Branch may not take personal leave time until after the conclusion of six (6) months continuous service as full-time employees of the State of Connecticut, during which pe1iod they have not been on leave of absence without pay for more than ten
Employees of the. Company who are veterans shall, upon application to the Company, be granted leave of absence up to twelve (12) months for the purpose of taking schooling or training under the provisions of the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 and such leave of absence may be extended by mutual agreement between the Company and the employee. Employees of the Company having at least three (3) years seniority shall, upon sixty (60) days advance application to the Company, be granted an educational leave of absence up to twenty-four (24) months for the purpose of enrolling in and attending, as a full time student, a high school which meets accreditation standards of the Indiana Board of Education or an equivalent accreditation agency for full attendance in another state or for the purpose of enrolling in and attending, as a full time student, a college or university accredited to offer an Associate degree, a Bachelor's degree or a degree higher than a Bachelor's degree by the North Central Association of Colleges or its equivalent accreditation organization in another area of the country. No more than two (2) employees (selected by seniority order of applicants) from any one
Employees of the. Target Companies shall be given credit under each Employee Benefit Plan, program, policy or arrangement of Buyer or any of its Affiliates in which such employees are eligible to participate for all service with the Target Companies or any predecessor employer for purposes of eligibility, vesting, severance and vacation entitlement to the extent permitted by the employee benefits plans of the Target Companies in effect after the Closing Date; provided, however, that no provision of this Agreement shall be deemed to require the duplication of benefits.
Employees of the. SD Techcenter in Odense shall not be affected by the execution of this Agreement.
Employees of the. Municipal Court who are required to carry a beeper for the purpose of responding to Police Agency requests for warrants shall be entitled to seven (7) hours of overtime pa; at straight pay per week or compensatory time in that amount as they choose. Such employees shall, also, be entitled to thirty (30) minutes pay for each call they receive. thirt) (_10) minutes pay for each time a Police Officer visits their home_ and two (2) hours pay if required to report back to the office. This time shall be doubled for any call received alter 12:00 midnight up to l):OO am, on Holidays or on \veekencls between-1-:30pm
Employees of the. University who transfer from outside the bargaining unit into positions in the bargaining unit shall not retain previously earned seniority for the purpose of determining lay-offs under Article 11.03 unless such seniority had been earned as a member of the bargaining unit or in a position excluded from the bargaining unit because of the confidential nature of the work and which is classified in accordance with Article 26.00, or in a position which is included in the bargaining unit as a result of the Union seeking inclusion of their position in the bargaining unit.
Employees of the. School District who are called to active duty in the military service qualify under the Soldiers' Preference Law to be reinstated with accrued benefits.