Reports to definition

Reports to. The Board.
Reports to. Principal/Assistant Principal JOB GOAL: To provide leadership, coordination, and innovation in the operation of the media center. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:

Examples of Reports to in a sentence

  • The Contractor shall submit complete Quarterly Sales Reports to the Department’s Contract Manager within 30 calendar days after the close of each State fiscal quarter (the State’s fiscal quarters close on September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30).

  • The Contractor shall submit complete monthly MFMP Transaction Fee Reports to the Department.

  • This SPCMS also facilitates electronic submission of State Authority Reports to the relevant state authority.

  • The Contractor shall submit monthly MFMP Transaction Fee Reports to the Department.

  • The Contractor shall submit Quarterly Sales Reports to the Department’s Contract Manager within 30 calendar days after the close of each State fiscal quarter.

More Definitions of Reports to

Reports to. The Chief Executive Officer of Aqua Bounty Technologies (ABT). Subordinates: All accounting and administrative personnel of ABT.
Reports to. Team Leader Family Violence Team Coordinates: none Internal Liaisons: Nexus Primary Health staff External Liaisons: Local and state-wide service agencies, Funding bodies and other regional, State wide, national and peak bodies as negotiated. ACCOUNTABILITY AND EXTENT OF AUTHORITY Meets performance indicators and outcomes as set by the Manager including funding requirements.
Reports to. Tree Assessment Technical Officer Supervises: A small team of operational staff DELEGATIONS As described in the Delegations Register. Key Accountabilities 1 Responsible for the efficient, effective and timely delivery of arboricultural services under remote supervision in accordance with Council's Service Level Agreements and relevant Australian Standards. This includes emergency response in natural disasters and day to day operations within arboricultural services. 30% 2 Effectively lead a small team of arboricultural services staff, based on the principles of team work, cooperation, and equity to create a harmonious and productive workplace. 25% 3 Responsible, at the team level, for implementing and complying with Council's Workplace Health and Safety and Environmental Protection requirements and to pro-actively identify, report and address any safety and environmental issues in the work environment. 15% 4 Ensure that members of the team communicate with both internal and external customers in a polite and responsive manner to achieve positive outcomes for the unit and Council and a whole. 10% 5 Provide accurate arboricultural technical advice and knowledge both within the team and to internal and external customers. To develop and implement innovative work practices to enhance workplace productivity. 10% 6 To undertake various administrative functions, including developing and maintaining effective annual maintenance plans/schedules and keeping accurate records of labour, plant and materials for job costing. 10%
Reports to. Executive General Manager, English and Foundation Skills (EGM EFS)
Reports to. Director of Special Education and Building Principals, and works under the supervision of a certified teacher. Job Goal: To provide instructional, technical and supervisory support to staff and students in the building. Responsibilities and Duties:
Reports to. Senior Clinician Physiotherapists Physiotherapy Clinical Leaders Associate Director Allied Health, Physiotherapy Date Prepared/Updated: August 2022
Reports to. Mxxx Xxxx – CEO and President.