Management of Sample Clauses

Management of. SUBCONTRACTORS The Contractor shall be responsible for the management of the Subcontractors in the performance of their work.
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Management of. REDEPLOYMENT In accordance with this Agreement appropriate consultation will occur prior to the introduction of change. 4.1 When an employee occupies a position which is declared surplus to requirements the appropriate supervisor shall:
Management of. 11.1 The evaluation of the Employee’s performance will form the basis for Evaluation rewarding outstanding performance or correcting unacceptable Outcomes performance. 11.2 A performance bonus of between 5% to 14% of the all-inclusive annual remuneration package may be paid to the Employee in recognition of outstanding performance to be constituted as follows: % Rating Over % Bonus Performance 130 - 133.8 5% 133.9 – 137.6 6% 137.7 – 141.4 7% 141.5 - 145.2 8% 145.3 – 149 9% 150 – 153.4 10% 153.5 – 156.8 11% 156.9 – 160.2 12% 160.2 – 163.6 13% 163.7 – 167 14% 11.3 In the case of unacceptable performance, the Employer shall: 11.3.1 Provide systematic remedial or developmental support to assist the Employee to improve his or her performance. 11.3.2 After appropriate performance counselling and having provided the necessary guidance and/ or support as well as reasonable time for improvement in performance, the Employer may consider steps to terminate the contract of employment of the Employee on grounds of unfitness or incapacity to carry out his or her duties.
Management of the School Direct Partnership The management structure is outlined below: University of Chichester Institute of Education Management Group Alliance Management Group School Direct Management Group Programme Co-ordinators, Head of School Partnership, representatives of alliance leads, subject tutors, link tutors, trainees Programme Co-ordinators Alliance Lead for School Direct Subject tutors, link tutors Partnership schools (Professional Tutors, mentors) 4 Troubleshooting From time to time it will be necessary to deal with specific problem situations. The key to resolving such problems normally lies in close communication across the partnership. The flow diagram below shows the usual line of communication in such cases, although it will depend on the nature and source of the problem [note that the chart begins at the bottom, not the top]: School Issue Mentor [and/or Professional Tutor] Alliance Lead Alliance Lead Link Tutor Link tutor Programme Co-ordinator Programme Coordinator W h a t i f t h e r e i s a p r o b l e m ? Head of School Partnership Head of School Partnership School issue relating to trainee conduct in school School procedures as for all employees  Issue raised by trainee teacher  School issue relating to programme requirements Trainee in school It is important that all staff concerned with the training process are aware of the support systems that are available should any problems arise and what may be done to resolve unsatisfactory situations. An unsatisfactory situation is one that is adversely affecting either the trainee, the pupils they are teaching and/or the staff they are working with while in school and should be raised in the first instance with the mentor and/or professional tutor of the school concerned. Normally, the standard procedures outlined in specific course documentation will be followed in relation to trainee teachers causing concern (Notification of Concern) or deemed to be in danger of failing. However, in exceptional cases, the headteacher/teacher responsible for trainees may decide to terminate the school experience immediately, resulting in an automatic “fail” grade for the trainee concerned. Termination of the experience is the ultimate sanction available in relation to a trainee teacher and should only be used if serious damage is being done to the learning of pupils and / or the professional conduct of the trainee teacher is having a serious negative impact on staff and / or pupils. Where a school is considerin...
Management of. Applications (apps) used to Record Learner’s Progress The college (for example) uses APPs and TAPs to track students’ progress and share appropriate information with parents and carers. The Headteacher/Principal is ultimately responsible for the security of any data or images held of Learners. In order to safeguard Xxxxxxx’s data:  Only Company issued devices will be used for apps that record and store Learner’s personal details, attainment or photographs.  Company devices will be appropriately encrypted if taken off site, to reduce the risk of a data security breach, in the event of loss or theft.  All users will be advised regarding safety measures, such as using strong passwords and logging out of systems.  Parents and carers will be informed of the expectations regarding safe and appropriate use, prior to being given access; for example, not sharing passwords or images.
Management of a Bid Until the bid submission deadline is reached, a provider has the right to remove an already submitted bid by selecting the bid and clicking the “Remove” button (Figure 55). If a submitted bid is removed, up until the bid submission deadline, the provider retains the right to upload a new bid, by following the steps described above.
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Management of. SunValley LLC. Each of the Partners acknowledges that the Partnership is the sole member of SunValley LLC and recognizes that, pursuant to the provisions of the Operating Agreement of SunValley LLC, the Partnership has the right and power to manage the operations and activities of SunValley LLC in its sole discretion, except with respect to certain actions and decisions requiring the affirmative consent of both of SunValley LLC's Independent Managers. The Partners agree that the Partnership shall manage the operations and activities of SunValley LLC in a manner consistent with the management and governance provisions contained in this Agreement, including, by way of example and not of limitation, that the Managing Partner shall only cause the Partnership to take those actions with respect to SunValley LLC which the Managing Partner would be permitted to take without further authorization under this Agreement with respect to the Partnership. All other actions with respect to SunValley LLC shall be taken by the Managing Partner on behalf of the Partnership only upon the consent of the Non-Managing Partners.
Management of. [collaboration]
Management of processing residual The facility must store, reload and transfer all processing residual on an impervious surface, for example, asphalt or concrete, within a covered building or alternatively, inside covered containers or within covered transport trailers. 2.0
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