The Assumption Sample Clauses

The Assumption. Subject to and upon the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, at the Closing, Purchaser shall assume and shall timely pay, perform, fulfill and discharge when due, the Assumed Liabilities. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, Seller and the Seller Subsidiaries shall retain, and Purchaser shall not assume, the Retained Liabilities.
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The Assumption. Prior to the date of the Assumption Date, only Xxxxx Two and Ashland, but none of Ashland’s other Subsidiaries, will have any Obligations under this Indenture and the Notes, and such other Subsidiaries will not be subject to the covenants set forth in this Indenture and the Notes. Subject to satisfaction of the following conditions, upon consummation of the Assumption (a) Xxxxx Two will merge with and into Valvoline, with Valvoline as the surviving corporation, and Valvoline shall assume the obligations of Xxxxx Two under this Indenture and the Notes by executing a supplemental indenture in the form of Exhibit E hereto and (b) the Ashland Guarantee shall be automatically and unconditionally released:
The Assumption. (b) Buyer shall deliver to Seller the payments specified in Section 2.3 of this Agreement.
The Assumption. Purchaser, as the surviving entity in the Merger, expressly assumes the due and punctual payment of the principal of (and premium, if any) and interest (including any Special Interest) on the Securities and the performance of every covenant of the Indenture on the part of Western Wireless to be performed or observed.
The Assumption. Definition 11.2.1 Let p, q be random k-bit primes. Let N be a Xxxx Integer, r ∈ Z , s ∈ J . R ∗ R N N The QR Problem (for Xxxx Integers) is distinguishing N, r2 from (N, s).
The Assumption. Assignee assumes and accepts all duties, obligations, and liabilities under the Assumed Liabilities and all other matters first accruing from and after the Effective Date.
The Assumption. Assignee hereby assumes full obligation for the $362,000 in Assignor’s Debts and current Liabilities; and agrees to pay, perform, fulfill, and discharge said debts to the best of its ability and within a reasonable business manner. As such Assignee hereby agrees to be bound by all of the provisions of those accumulated Debts and “Steps into the Shoes” of Assignor as the sole and ultimate Obligor of said Debts. Assignee understands that this binding Agreement allows the payees of the Assignor to enforce their monetary claims against it directly; consents and shall contact said payees to Assume said Debts in direct privity.
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The Assumption. If the Assumption shall not occur as contemplated by the Escrow Agreement, or if it occurs without waiver of the Tender Condition, then in such events, this First Supplemental Indenture shall terminate and shall be without force and effect.
The Assumption 

Related to The Assumption

  • Project Assumptions The following assumptions are specific to this project:

  • Loan Assumption Provided no Event of Default is then continuing, Mortgage Borrower shall have the one time right to sell, assign, convey or transfer (but not mortgage, hypothecate or otherwise encumber or grant a security interest in) legal or equitable title to all (but not fewer than all) of the Properties only if after giving effect to the proposed transaction (i) the Properties will be owned by one or more Single Purpose Entities wholly owned by a Permitted Transferee or a Pre-approved Transferee which shall have executed and delivered to Mezzanine Lender an assumption agreement in form and substance acceptable to Mezzanine Lender. Any such assumption of the Loan shall be conditioned upon, among other things, (i) the delivery of financial information, including, without limitation, audited financial statements, for such purchaser and the direct and indirect owners such purchaser, (ii) the delivery of evidence that the purchaser is a Single Purpose Entity and is not a Disqualified Transferee, (iii) the execution and delivery of all documentation reasonably requested by Mezzanine Lender, (iv) the delivery of Opinions of Counsel requested by Mezzanine Lender, including, without limitation, a Non-Consolidation Opinion with respect to the purchaser and other entities identified by Mezzanine Lender or requested by the Rating Agencies and opinions with respect to the valid formation, due authority and good standing of the purchaser and any additional pledgors and the continued enforceability of the Loan Documents (Mezzanine) and any other matters requested by Mezzanine Lender, (v) the delivery of a mezzanine endorsement to the Title Policy in form and substance acceptable to Mezzanine Lender, insuring the lien of the Security Instrument, as assumed, subject only to the Permitted Encumbrances and (vi) the payment of all of Mezzanine Lender’s reasonable out-of-pocket fees, costs and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, actually incurred by Mezzanine Lender in connection with such assumption.

  • Acceptance and Assumption Assignee hereby accepts the foregoing assignment and further hereby assumes and agrees to perform, from and after January 1, 2002, all duties, obligations and responsibilities of the property manager arising under the Agreement.

  • Assignment and Assumption of Lease The Assignment and Assumption ---------------------------------- of Lease;

  • Assignment and Assumption of Leases Two (2) counterparts of the Assignment and Assumption of Leases, executed, acknowledged and sealed by Purchaser;

  • Assumption of Assumed Liabilities Buyer hereby assumes, accepts and agrees to fully pay, perform, satisfy and discharge all of the Assumed Liabilities, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Asset Purchase Agreement.

  • Conveyancing and Assumption Instruments In connection with, and in furtherance of, the Transfers of Assets and the Assumptions of Liabilities contemplated by this Agreement, the Parties shall execute or cause to be executed, on or after the date hereof by the appropriate entities to the extent not executed prior to the date hereof, any Conveyancing and Assumption Instruments necessary to evidence the valid Transfer to the applicable Party or member of such Party’s Group of all right, title and interest in and to its accepted Assets and the valid and effective Assumption by the applicable Party of its Assumed Liabilities for Transfers and Assumptions to be effected pursuant to Delaware Law or the Laws of one of the other states of the United States or, if not appropriate for a given Transfer or Assumption, and for Transfers or Assumptions to be effected pursuant to non-U.S. Laws, in such form as the Parties shall reasonably agree, including the Transfer of real property by mutually acceptable conveyance deeds as may be appropriate and in form and substance as may be required by the jurisdiction in which the real property is located. The Transfer of capital stock shall be effected by means of executed stock powers and notation on the stock record books of the corporation or other legal entities involved, or by such other means as may be required in any non-U.S. jurisdiction to Transfer title to stock and, only to the extent required by applicable Law, by notation on public registries.

  • Assignment and Assumption The parties to each assignment shall execute and deliver to the Administrative Agent an Assignment and Assumption, together with a processing and recordation fee in the amount of $3,500; provided, however, that the Administrative Agent may, in its sole discretion, elect to waive such processing and recordation fee in the case of any assignment. The assignee, if it is not a Lender, shall deliver to the Administrative Agent an Administrative Questionnaire.

  • Assignment and Assumption of Contracts Two (2) counterpart originals of the Assignment and Assumption of Contracts, duly executed by Seller.

  • Assignment and Assumption Agreement The parties to each assignment shall execute and deliver to the Administrative Agent an Assignment and Assumption Agreement, together with a processing and recordation fee of $3,500, and the assignee, if it is not a Lender, shall deliver to the Administrative Agent an administrative questionnaire provided by the Administrative Agent.

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