Failure to Comply Sample Clauses

Failure to Comply. If the Developer fails to observe or perform any condition of this Agreement after the Municipality has given the Developer thirty (30) days written notice of the failure or default, then in each such case:
Failure to Comply. In the event that the Respondents fail to comply with items specified in Section C(5)(a), C(5)(b), C(5)(c) and C(5)(d) of the Agreement, the Respondents shall pay a stipulated penalty of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) per month for each and every month during which the noncompliance continues, except that the RIDEM may, for good cause shown, defer or reduce such penalty. The payment of a penalty in accordance with this section shall not preclude the RIDEM from seeking any other appropriate remedy (e.g., injunctive relief in Superior Court).
Failure to Comply. Failure by CONTRACTOR to meet the conditions necessary for an evaluation will be sufficient grounds for COUNTY to withhold and/or delay reimbursement or to terminate this CONTRACT.
Failure to Comply. If Subrecipient fails to comply with the requirements of any Sections of this Paragraph 58, Administrator may withhold payment to Subrecipient and/or terminate this Contract in accordance with Paragraph K.
Failure to Comply. The Executive acknowledges that the covenants included in Section 9 of this Agreement are crucial to the success of the Company and that violation of the covenants would immeasurably damage the Company and/or its affiliates. In the event that the Executive shall fail to comply with any provision of this Section 9, and the failure shall continue for ten (10) days following delivery of notice by the Company to the Executive, all rights of the Executive and any person claiming under or through him to the payments or benefits described in this Agreement shall thereupon terminate, and no person shall be entitled thereafter to receive any payments or benefits hereunder. In addition to the foregoing, in the event of a breach by the Executive of the provisions of this Section 9, the Company shall have and may exercise any and all other rights and remedies available to the Company at law or otherwise, including but not limited to obtaining an injunction from a court of competent jurisdiction enjoining and restraining the Executive from committing a violation, and the Executive hereby consents to the issuance of an injunction. The provisions of this Section 9(f) shall control in the event that the Executive fails to comply with any covenant or term contained in Section 9 herein, notwithstanding the terms of Section 17 herein.
Failure to Comply. If Seller fails to comply with a Buyer Curtailment Order, Buyer Bid Curtailment or Curtailment Order provided in compliance with Section 3.1(p)(i), then, for each MWh of Delivered Energy that the Project generated in contradiction to the Buyer Curtailment Order, Buyer Bid Curtailment or Curtailment Order, Seller shall pay Buyer for each such MWh at an amount equal to the sum of (A) + (B) + (C), where: (A) is the amount, if any, paid to Seller by Buyer for delivery of such MWh (for example, the Contract Price adjusted by XXX Factors) and, (B) is the absolute value of the Real-Time Price for the applicable PNode, if such price is negative, for the Buyer Curtailment Period or Curtailment Period and, (C) is any penalties or other charges resulting from Seller’s failure to comply with the Buyer Curtailment Order, Buyer Bid Curtailment or Curtailment Order.
Failure to Comply. If SUBRECIPIENT fails to comply with the requirements of any Sub- Paragraphs of this Paragraph 29, Administrator may withhold payment to SUBRECIPIENT and/or terminate this CONTRACT in accordance with Paragraph K.
Failure to Comply. Upon failure to comply with any of these insurance requirements, this Agreement may be forthwith declared suspended or terminated. Failure to obtain and/or maintain any required insurance shall not relieve any liability under this Agreement, nor shall the insurance requirements be construed to conflict with or otherwise limit the indemnification obligations.
Failure to Comply. If Seller fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Section 14.07, Seller, among other things and without restricting SCE’s remedies under the law or otherwise, shall, at its own cost and expense, act as an insurer and provide insurance in accordance with the terms and conditions above. With respect to the required Commercial General Liability, Umbrella/Excess Liability, Pollution Liability and Commercial Automobile Liability insurance, Seller shall provide a current, full and complete defense to SCE, its subsidiaries and Affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, assigns, and successors in interest, in response to a third party claim in the same manner that an insurer would have, had the insurance been maintained in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth above. In addition, an alleged violation of the provisions of this Section 14.07 means that Seller has the initial burden of proof regarding any legal justification for refusing or withholding coverage and Seller shall face the same liability and damages as an insurer for wrongfully refusing or withholding coverage in accordance with the laws of California.
Failure to Comply. The Contractor must maintain the installed equipment at a level equal to the terms and conditions as specified in the documentation established by the Contractor for the maintenance option. If the Contractor fails to do so, the Authorized User reserves the right to terminate the maintenance contract without any penalty whatsoever after a thirty day written notice to said Contractor.