Compensation Sample Clauses

Compensation. The Advisor shall compensate the Sub-Advisor on the following basis for the services to be furnished hereunder.
Compensation. USBFS shall be compensated for providing the services set forth in this Agreement in accordance with the fee schedule set forth on Exhibit B hereto (as amended from time to time). USBFS shall also be compensated for such out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., telecommunication charges, postage and delivery charges, and reproduction charges) as are reasonably incurred by USBFS in performing its duties hereunder. The Trust shall pay all such fees and reimbursable expenses within 30 calendar days following receipt of the billing notice, except for any fee or expense subject to a good faith dispute. The Trust shall notify USBFS in writing within 30 calendar days following receipt of each invoice if the Trust is disputing any amounts in good faith. The Trust shall pay such disputed amounts within 10 calendar days of the day on which the parties agree to the amount to be paid. With the exception of any fee or expense the Trust is disputing in good faith as set forth above, unpaid invoices shall accrue a finance charge of 1½% per month after the due date. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, amounts owed by the Trust to USBFS shall only be paid out of the assets and property of the particular Fund involved.
Compensation. The Escrow Agent shall be entitled to reasonable compensation from the Company for all services rendered by it hereunder. The Escrow Agent shall also be entitled to reimbursement from the Company for all expenses paid or incurred by it in the administration of its duties hereunder including, but not limited to, all counsel, advisors’ and agents’ fees and disbursements and all taxes or other governmental charges.
Compensation. The Trustees as such shall be entitled to reasonable compensation from the Trust, and they may fix the amount of such compensation. Nothing herein shall in any way prevent the employment of any Trustee for advisory, management, legal, accounting, investment banking or other services and payment for the same by the Trust.
Compensation. As full compensation for all services rendered and obligations assumed by the Sub-Advisor hereunder with respect to the Fund, the Manager shall pay the compensation specified in Appendix A to this Agreement.
Compensation. For the services provided to each Series, the Manager will pay the Sub-Adviser an annual fee equal to the amount specified for such Series in Schedule A hereto, payable monthly in arrears. The fee will be appropriately prorated to reflect any portion of a calendar month that this Agreement is not in effect among the parties. In accordance with the provisions of the Management Agreement, the Manager is solely responsible for the payment of fees to the Sub-Adviser, and the Sub-Adviser agrees to seek payment of its fees solely from the Manager; provided, however, that if the Fund fails to pay the Manager all or a portion of the management fee under said Management Agreement when due, and the amount that was paid is insufficient to cover the Sub-Adviser’s fee under this Agreement for the period in question, then the Sub-Adviser may enforce against the Fund any rights it may have as a third-party beneficiary under the Management Agreement and the Manager will take all steps appropriate under the circumstances to collect the amount due from the Fund.
Compensation. For the services provided pursuant to this Agreement, the Subadviser is entitled to the fee listed for the Fund on Exhibit A hereto. Such fees will be computed daily and paid no later than the seventh (7th) business day following the end of each month, from the Adviser, calculated at an annual rate based on the Subadviser Assets’ average daily net assets. The method of determining the net asset value of the Subadviser Assets for purposes hereof shall be the same as the method of determining net asset value for purposes of establishing the offering and redemption price of the shares of the Trust as described in the Fund’s Prospectus. If this Agreement shall be effective for only a portion of a month with respect to the Fund, the aforesaid fee shall be prorated for the portion of such month during which this Agreement is in effect for the Fund.
Compensation. The Borrower agrees to compensate each Lender, upon its written request (which request shall set forth in reasonable detail the basis for requesting such compensation), for all losses, expenses and liabilities (including, without limitation, any loss, expense or liability incurred by reason of the liquidation or reemployment of deposits or other funds required by such Lender to fund its Eurodollar Loans but excluding loss of anticipated profits) which such Lender may sustain: (i) if for any reason (other than a default by such Lender or the Administrative Agent) a Borrowing of, or conversion from or into, Eurodollar Loans does not occur on a date specified therefor in a Notice of Borrowing or Notice of Conversion/Continuation (whether or not withdrawn by the Borrower or deemed withdrawn pursuant to Section 2.10(a)); (ii) if any prepayment or repayment (including any prepayment or repayment made pursuant to Section 5.01, Section 5.02 or as a result of an acceleration of the Loans pursuant to Section 11) or conversion of any of its Eurodollar Loans occurs on a date which is not the last day of an Interest Period with respect thereto; (iii) if any prepayment of any of its Eurodollar Loans is not made on any date specified in a notice of prepayment given by the Borrower; or (iv) as a consequence of (x) any other default by the Borrower to repay Eurodollar Loans when required by the terms of this Agreement or any Note held by such Lender or (y) any election made pursuant to Section 2.10(b). Each Lender’s calculation of the amount of compensation owing pursuant to this Section 2.11 shall be made in good faith. A Lender’s basis for requesting compensation pursuant to this Section 2.11 and a Lender’s calculation of the amount thereof, shall, absent manifest error, be final and conclusive and binding on all parties hereto.
Compensation. (i) Base Salary. During the Employment Period, the Executive shall receive an annual base salary (“Annual Base Salary”) at the rate of $400,000. The Executive’s Annual Base Salary shall be reviewed at least annually by the Compensation Committee of the Board (the “Committee”) pursuant to its normal performance review policies for senior executives. The Committee may, but shall not be required to, increase the Annual Base Salary at any time for any reason and the term “Annual Base Salary” as utilized in this Agreement shall refer to the Annual Base Salary as increased from time to time. The Annual Base Salary shall not be reduced after any such increase, and any increase in Annual Base Salary shall not serve to limit or reduce any other obligation to the Executive under this Agreement. (ii) Annual Bonus. (A) In addition to the Annual Base Salary, the Executive shall be eligible to be awarded, for each fiscal year of the Company or portion of a fiscal year beginning on or after the Effective Date, an annual bonus (the “Annual Bonus”) pursuant to the terms of the Company’s annual incentive plan, as in effect from time to time, which shall not be inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement. The target Annual Bonus shall be 100% of the rate of the Annual Base Salary (the “Target Bonus”); however, the actual Annual Bonus may vary and range from 0% to 150% of the Target Bonus, depending on actual performance of the Company and Executive. Each Annual Bonus shall be paid on the date on which annual bonuses are paid to senior executives of the Company generally, but not later than two and a half months after the end of the fiscal year for which the Annual Bonus is awarded, unless the Executive shall elect to defer the receipt of such Annual Bonus pursuant to an arrangement that meets the requirements of Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”). (iii) Long-Term Awards. (A) Commencing on the next annual grant of long-term awards to senior executives of the Company following the Effective Date, the Executive shall participate in all long-term cash and equity incentive plans, practices, policies, and programs applicable generally to other senior executives of the Company. In connection with this Agreement, the Executive shall be granted an award of Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) stock options (the “Retention Options”) under the Company’s 2008 Omnibus Incentive Plan (or another shareholder approved plan to purchase Company common stoc...
Compensation. The Sub-Adviser shall be compensated for the services rendered pursuant to this Agreement in accordance with the terms set forth on Schedule A attached hereto.