Other Assets Sample Clauses

Other Assets i. Shares of other investment companies (open- or closed-end funds and ETFs) the assets of which consist entirely of Eligible Assets based on the Investment Adviser’s assessment of the assets of each such investment company taking into account the investment company’s most recent publicly available schedule of investments and publicly disclosed investment policies.
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Other Assets. The Depositor’s obligations under this Section 7.2 are obligations solely of the Depositor and are not a claim against the Depositor if the Depositor does not have funds sufficient to make payment of those obligations. The Owner Trustee, by entering into or accepting this Agreement, acknowledges and agrees that it has no right, title or interest in or to the Other Assets of the Depositor. If the Owner Trustee either (i) asserts an interest or claim to, or benefit from, the Other Assets or (ii) is considered to have an interest, claim to, or benefit in or from the Other Assets, whether by operation of law, legal process, under insolvency laws or otherwise (including under Section 1111(b) of the Bankruptcy Code), then the Owner Trustee further acknowledges and agrees that the interest, claim or benefit in or from the Other Assets is subordinated to the indefeasible payment in full of the other obligations and liabilities, which, under the documents relating to the securitization or conveyance of those Other Assets, are entitled to be paid from or to the benefits of, or are secured by, those Other Assets (whether or not the entitlement or security interest is legally perfected or entitled to a priority of distributions or application under applicable law, including insolvency laws, and whether or not asserted against the Depositor), including the payment of post-petition interest on those other obligations and liabilities. This subordination agreement is a subordination agreement within the meaning of Section 510(a) of the Bankruptcy Code. The Owner Trustee further acknowledges and agrees that no adequate remedy at law exists for a breach of this Section 7.2(e) and this Section 7.2(e) may be enforced by an action for specific performance. This Section 7.2(e) is for the third party benefit of the holders of the other obligations and liabilities and will survive the termination of this Agreement.
Other Assets. A Loan Party owns the following kinds of assets: Aircraft: Yes No Vessels, boats or ships: Yes No Railroad rolling stock: Yes No Motor Vehicles or similar titled collateral. Yes No If the answer is yes to any of these other types of assets, please describe on Schedule 15.
Other Assets i. Securities issued by other investment companies (open- or closed-end funds and ETFs) that invest exclusively in Eligible Assets.
Other Assets. All other assets of Seller which are not used or held for use in connection with the Business or otherwise necessary to the operation of the Business now or after the Closing Date and which are set forth on Schedule 1.2(a) attached hereto;
Other Assets. The determination of the fair market value of all other assets of the Company shall be based upon all relevant factors, including, without limitation, such of the following factors as may be deemed relevant by the Board: current financial position and current and historical operating results of the issuer; sales prices of recent public or private transactions in the same or similar securities, including transactions on any securities exchange on which such securities are listed or in the over-the-counter market; general level of interest rates; recent trading volume of the security; restrictions on transfer, including the Company’s right, if any, to require registration of its securities by the issuer under the securities laws; any liquidation preference or other special feature or term of the security; significant recent events affecting the Portfolio Company, including any pending private placement, public offering, merger or acquisition; the price paid by the Company to acquire the asset; the percentage of the issuer’s outstanding securities that is owned by the Company; and all other factors affecting value.
Other Assets. All other assets will be assigned a value determined in good faith by the General Partner. The General Partner may determine, in its sole discretion, to cause the Fund to engage an independent person to value any other assets that are not subject to valuation pursuant to Sections 3.1.1 through 3.1.3 above, and may, but will not be required to, establish procedures for some or all Limited Partners to approve or be afforded the opportunity to terminate the services of or replace any such person. Any such valuations will be at the Fund’s expense.
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Other Assets. All other assets of Seller used in or useful to its operation of the Business (unless included in the Excluded Assets).
Other Assets. Except as provided in Section 5.1 and Section 5.2, all procedures, methods, systems, strategies, tools, equipment, facilities and other resources used by a Party, an Affiliate or any relevant Third Party shall remain the property of such party and, except as otherwise provided herein, shall at all times be under the sole direction and control of such Party, Affiliate or Third Party.
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