The Series Sample Clauses

The Series. A Person shall be deemed admitted as a Series Member at the time the Person (A) executes a subscription agreement evidencing the purchase of Series Shares and such Person’s agreement to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, (B) pays the full purchase price for the Series Shares such Person is acquiring, and (C) is listed as a Series Member in the records of the Company. The Manager may, but need not be, a Series Member. The Manager shall have the right to accept or reject the admission of any Person as a Series Member, acting in its sole discretion. Since the offering of Series Shares may remain open until the Issuance Limit of such Series Shares are sold, and there may be multiple closings as set forth in Section 3.1(c)(ii), additional Series Members may be added from time to time, including Series Members that purchase Series Shares in a secondary trading market operated by a registered broker-dealer engaged by the Manager. The Manager must consent to the addition of new Series Members and such Series Members may only be admitted in accordance with this Section 4.1(a)(ii). The name and address of each Series Member admitted to a Series shall be set forth in the records of the Company.
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The Series. 4 Class C Sixth Issuer Notes (after converting the relevant portion of the Sixth Issuer Principal Receipts into Dollars at the Dollar Currency Swap Rate applicable to the Series 4 Class C Sixth Issuer Notes); and
The Series. 3.1 The Fund and Xxxxxxx shall make available shares of the Series as the underlying investment media for Hartford Contract Owners.
The Series. 5 Class A Definitive Seventh Issuer Notes issued on the Seventh Issuer Closing Date may be exchanged for a Series 5 Class A Global Seventh Issuer Note in the circumstances and in the manner set forth in the Conditions, the Seventh Issuer Paying Agent and Agent Bank Agreement and Clause 5 of the Seventh Issuer Trust Deed.
The Series. 1997-1 Notes shall be ----------- designated generally as the Note Issuer's Notes, Series 1997-1 and further denominated as Classes A-1 through A-7.
The Series. Simultaneously with the execution of this Agreement, there shall be created a Series for each Member State with the name set forth on Schedule I. If and when any additional Member State is hereafter added through amendment of this Agreement pursuant to Section 10.1, a Series shall be created for such Member State and Schedule I shall be updated accordingly. All assets received by the Administrator or the Trust relating to a Member State, together with all assets in which such assets may be invested or reinvested, all income, earnings, profits, and proceeds thereof (including any proceeds derived from the sale, exchange or liquidation of such assets, and any funds or payments derived from any reinvestment of such proceeds in whatever form the same may be), shall be held and accounted for in the records of the related Series separately from the other assets of the Trust and every other Series and are referred to as "assets belonging to" that Series. The assets belonging to a particular Series shall belong only to that Series for all purposes, and to no other Series or the Trust, subject only to the rights of creditors of that particular Series. The assets belonging to a Series shall be so recorded upon the books of such Series, and shall be held by the Administrator for the benefit of the related Member Plan. The assets belonging to a Series shall be charged with the liabilities of that Series and all expenses, costs, charges and reserves attributable to that Series. If any assets, income, earnings, profits, and proceeds thereof, funds, payments, or general liabilities, expenses, costs, charges or reserves of the Trust are not identifiable, after due diligence, as belonging to any particular Series, they shall be allocated, or charged as determined by the unanimous decision of the Member States. In the event the Member States do not reach a unanimous decision, the allocation or charge shall be determined proportionately, using the proportion of the assets in each Series to the total assets of the Trust on a date that is mutually agreed upon by the Member States. The Administrator shall implement such allocation or charge based on either the decision of the Member States or such proportional method. Without limiting the foregoing, the debts, liabilities, obligations and expenses incurred, contracted for or otherwise existing with respect to a particular Series shall be enforceable against the assets of such Series only, and not against the assets of the Trust...
The Series. 1 FON Stock and Series 1 PCS Stock issuable upon conversion of the Class A Stock to be issued pursuant to this Agreement shall have been approved for listing on the New York Stock Exchange, or if not so approved, shall have been approved for listing on the American Stock Exchange or approved for quotation on the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations National Market System subject to official notice of issuance.
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The Series. 2.1 Producer shall pay all costs incurred in connection with the production of the Pilot and the Series. Producer acknowledges and agrees that delivery of the Pilot and the Series and all Series Materials to IPG by the applicable Delivery Date or upon the applicable Delivery Schedule is of the essence of this agreement.
The Series. A Notes shall be unsecured and unsubordinated obligations of the Company ranking pari passu with all other unsecured and unsubordinated indebtedness of the Company.
The Series. The Series shall pay its organizational and ongoing offering costs (collectively, “Offering Costs”) as incurred, subject to an annual cap of 0.50% of the Series’, and in turn, each Class of Units’, average month-end net assets. Such Offering Costs include all fees and expenses in connection with the distribution of the units, including legal, accounting, printing, mailing, filing fees, escrow fees, salaries and bonuses of employees while engaged in sales activities, and marketing expenses of Xxxxxxxx & Company and the selling agents which are paid by the Series. Any Offering Costs incurred in excess of the aforementioned annual cap shall be initially paid by the Trading Advisor; provided, however, that the Series shall reimburse the Offering Costs paid by the Trading Advisor at such time, if any, as the Series is able to do so within the limit of the aforementioned cap. In its discretion, the Trading Advisor may require the Series to reimburse the Trading Advisor in any subsequent calendar year for amounts that exceeded these limits in any calendar year, provided that the maximum amount reimbursed by the Series in any calendar year not exceed the overall limits set forth above. In no event will the reimbursement exceed 2.5% of the total subscriptions accepted by the Series. Each Class of Units (excluding Class E (USD) Units) is specifically allocated its pro rata share of all such costs.
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