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Continue its rights and past practice of assignment and direction of work of all of its personnel, determine the number of shifts and hours of work, starting and ending times, length of the work year, and scheduling of all the foregoing, but not in conflict with the specific provisions of this Agreement, and the right to establish, modify or change any work or business hours or days.
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Continue. Landlord may keep this Lease in effect and enforce by an action at law or in equity all of its rights and remedies under this Lease, including (i) the right to recover the rent and other sums as they become due by appropriate legal action, (ii) the right to make payments required of Tenant or perform Tenant’s obligations and be reimbursed by Tenant for the cost thereof with interest at the Agreed Interest Rate from the date the sum is paid by Landlord until Landlord is reimbursed by Tenant, and (iii) the remedies of injunctive relief and specific performance to compel Tenant to perform its obligations under this Lease. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Lease, in the event of a breach of an obligation by Tenant which results in a condition which poses an imminent danger to safety of persons or damage to property, an unsightly condition visible from the exterior of the Building, or a threat to insurance coverage, then if Tenant does not cure such breach within 3 days after delivery to it of written notice from Landlord identifying the breach, Landlord may cure the breach of Tenant and be reimbursed by Tenant for the cost thereof with interest at the Agreed Interest Rate from the date the sum is paid by Landlord until Landlord is reimbursed by Tenant. Should Landlord not terminate this Lease by giving Tenant written notice, Landlord may enforce all its rights and remedies under this Lease, including the right to recover the rent as it becomes due under the Lease as provided in California Civil Code Section 1951.4.
Continue. Even though Xxxxxx has breached this Lease and abandoned the Premises, this Lease shall continue in effect for so long as Landlord does not terminate Tenant’s right to possession, and Landlord may enforce all its rights and remedies under this Lease, including the right to recover Rent as it becomes due under this Lease. Acts of maintenance or preservation, efforts to relet the Premises, or the appointment of a receiver upon initiative of Landlord to protect Landlord’s interest under this Lease, shall not constitute a termination of Tenant’s right to possession.
Continue. If termination is initiated because of a breach of contract by eMONĒco, then payment will continue for all eMONĒco REFERRED SPONSOR monthly active accounts and for the full term of use of mobile monē services by the associated Accountholders.
Continue. If termination is initiated because of a breach of contract by eMONĒco REFERRED SPONSOR, then payment will continue for all up to the point of termination active accounts and for the full term of individual Accountholder’s current Agreement (Accountholder Agreements typically carry a three year term).
Continue. Continue from the jurisdiction which presently exercises primary corporate governance over the affairs of the Debtor;
Continue. The designation of intellectual property rights While specific requirements for concessions of intellectual property rights vary from situation to country and vary from country to country, in most jurisdictions the actual concession of IP should at least include the following: the identification of Parties - defines the treaty as an intellectual property concession agreement and defines the designated and appointed. The party transfer (destination) of the property interests are called designated while the party receiving it is known as appointed. Concerts - defines the context of the assignment and provides relevant background information about the parties, including a statement of intent to transfer intellectual property rights. Definitions - clarifies the relevant general and technical terms used throughout the contract to ensure that these terms will have the same impact on the parties to the agreement. The purpose of intellectual property - contains a full and concise description of the transferred property; Details of intellectual property, including any relevant applications or registrations to protect intellectual property and goodwill (business reputation) sold with the property; Goodwill is an intangible asset that reflects the commercial value of this asset (e.g., brand reputation and customer identity). In the case of complex concession agreements, this provision may also refer to the description of the proposed transferred assets to be annexed to the agreement. Commitments from the Parties - it is important to clearly define the obligations of the parties in order to avoid any subsequent conflict over the scope of these commitments; The exact definition and extent of the parties' liabilities depend on the type of intellectual property transferred; however, the primary responsibility of the designated is to transfer ownership of intellectual property assets, and the principal obligation of the designated is to pay the lump sum (royalties) agreed upon; other obligations related to the rights of the designated person to the intellectual property transferred- a guarantee that he owned IP. Provisions on liability and guarantees relating to the right and authority of the appointe to such an agreement; for example, the guarantee that he was the exclusive owner of all IP rights, rights and interests and that IP was valid and subarmized; that the devolved IP did not infringe on the rights of third parties. Reimbursement is a description of the future ob...
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Continue. 121200 - Lett er of Publi c Works De art ment dat ed Oct xxxx 4, 2000 042. DIRECTED Pub c Works t o ret urn t o t he Board on or bef ore December 12. 2000 wi t h an engi neeri ng cont ract agreement and t ent at i ve publi c meet i ng s chedul e f or t he Xxxxxx Xxxx Road Improvement as recommended by t he Di rect or of Pu Works XXXXXX X. DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS County of Santa DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS 000 XXXXX XXXXXX, XXXX 000, XXXXX XXXX, XX 00000-0000 (000) 000-0000 FAX (000) 000-0000 TDD (000) 000-0000 0237 BOARD AND SUPERVJSORS AGENDA: OCTOBER BOARD October SANTA CRUZ COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx Santa Cruz, California 95060 SUBJECT: XXXXXX XXXX ROAD IMPROVEMENT PROJECT, ROARING CAMP ROAD TO 0.64 SOUTH, DESIGN SERVICES BY CONSULTANT Members of the Board: On June Public Works requested your Board’s authorization to initiate the Statement of Qualifications process to hire a civil design firm for the subject property and services. This request was made so we could employ firms who could provide both the final engineering of the Board-approved plan line for the Xxxxxx Xxxx Road Improvement Project and have the skills necessary to develop a consensus for the project during the community meeting process. Our department interviewed three firms on August 25 and and the selection committee determined that Xxxxxx Xxxxx of Salinas and their subconsultants have the qualifications for the engineering design and the extensive public relations experience that will be necessary for the project. As your Board is aware, the Xxxxxx Xxxx Road Improvement Project is proposed to greatly improve the operation of the roadway and enhance motorists’ safety along the corridor. It will, however, be critical that the consultant work with the community, your Board, and the Public Works Department in a constructive manner to establish appropriate engineering design parameters as well as meeting critical goals for the project, including building a community consensus for the project. At this time final negotiations with Xxxxxx Xxxxx are underway by the County, and a pre-award audit is being conducted by the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS). We expect that both the negotiations and the audit process will be completed by the end of this calender year, so that we can then return to your Board on or before December 12, 2000, with a contract with Xxxxxx Xxxxx. This would then allow us to proceed with the next phase of the design process in January of...
Continue. This is a legal agreement between you (customer) and Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx (BHC Images). This agreement applies when the Customer buys or licenses any photo services or related images (Licensed Content) from BHC Images. By purchasing, downloading or using licensed content provided by BHC Images, the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions described in this licensing agreement. License Types This standard Commercial Photography License Agreement (Standard Commercial License) allows a customer to use licensed content in accordance with pre-defined guidelines, as stated in the Use of Licensed Content section below. Depending on the intended use of licensed content or additional project costs, in some cases BHC Images may require compliance with an extended commercial photography agreement (extended commercial license). Licensed Content Use This standard license allows the Customer to use free licensed content without expiration in any geographic region an unlimited number of times. Customers may use licensed content for personal or commercial reasons, in any environment or format, except as outlined in the limited use section of this agreement. The customer understands that licensed content is provided for exclusive use within one year of the date of ratification of the agreement, after which it can be used by other licensed parties at the discretion of BHC Images. Ratification of an agreement is defined as the date when the Customer authorizes photography services in writing, including by email. Customer employees or subcontractors can access and use the licensed content at the direction of the Client, and only for the Client's own projects. Limited Use Customer understands and agrees to the following restrictions on the use of licensed content: Illegal use - The Customer will not use licensed content in any defamatory manner, or in violation of any applicable laws. File Storage - The customer will only store 2 copies of any licensed content file, and will not store such copies in a way that allows the file to be downloaded or distributed in its original format. Pornographic Use - The customer will not use licensed content in relation to any pornographic subject. Confidential Use of Disclaimer - If a customer uses licensed content in connection with an item that may be construed as controversial, the customer agrees to indicate that licensed content is, for example, a purpose. False view - The customer will not to represent that they are the original c...
Continue. Job descriptions and policy documents analysis to reveal how gender is implicated in constructions of excellence (7.2.2) Continue: Evaluate effects of action plans. Modify action plans, disseminate on central level (4.3) Return: Evaluate effects of results stemming from WPs (8.2) - Months 25-30 Continue: Reporting on quantitative data; statistical indicators and qualitative interviews (4.3.2)
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