In this Lease Sample Clauses

In this Lease. 2.3.1 an obligation of the Tenant not to do something includes an obligation not to cause or allow that thing to be done;
In this Lease. 2.1.1 the contents page, headings and sub-headings are for ease of reference only and do not affect its meaning;
In this Lease. 1.1 the following expressions shall have the following meanings:
In this Lease. 1.2.1 the expressions Landlord and Tenant shall include their respective successors in title, Tenant shall include the personal representatives of the Tenant and any person in whom this Lease may from time to time be vested by whatever means and Guarantor shall include the personal representatives of the Guarantor.
In this Lease. 2.1 The details and descriptions appearing in the Particulars shall be included and form part of the Lease
In this Lease. 2.1.1 the table of contents, particulars and clause headings are for reference only and do not affect its construction;
In this Lease. (1) All reference to statute (whether to a particular statute or generally) include reference to any re-enactment or modification thereof for the time being in force and to any bye-laws rules regulations and statutory instruments made thereunder
In this Lease. 2.1 Any obligation in this lease not to do an act or thing shall be deemed to include an obligation not to permit or suffer that act or thing to be done
In this Lease. 2.1 The Landlord and the Tenant include the persons deriving title under them respectively
In this Lease. 1.4.1 except in relation to the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, references to any statute or other legislation include references to any subsequent statute or legislation directly or indirectly amending, consolidating, extending, replacing or re-enacting that statute or legislation and to all orders, by-laws, directions and notices made or served under them;