Designated Person definition

Designated Person means a person or entity:
Designated Person means any Person listed on a Sanctions List.
Designated Person means a person designated by the tenant under RCW 59.18.590.

Examples of Designated Person in a sentence

  • All coverages shall be provided on a primary basis with the County endorsed as an Additional Insured with a CG 2026 additional Insured- Designated Person or Organization Endorsement, or its equivalent, as follows: “Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, a Political Subdivision of the State of Florida, it’s Officers, Employees and Agents.

More Definitions of Designated Person

Designated Person means a person:
Designated Person has the meaning set forth in Section 10.13.
Designated Person means Directors, Key Managerial Personnel and designated employees of the Company.
Designated Person has the meaning specified in Section 13.16(a).
Designated Person means a person or entity named as a “Specially Designated National and Blocked Person” on the most current list published by OFAC at its official website, or any replacement website or a person or entity similarly named on any Sanctions-related list officially published by the Australian Federal Government, the United Nations Security Council, the European Union, the Federal Republic of Germany or Her Majesty’s Treasury of the United Kingdom, or in each case on any replacement official publication of such list.
Designated Person has the meaning specified in Section 5.12.
Designated Person means a person other than a police officer, designated under the Police Reform Act 2002, Part 4 who has specified powers and duties of police officers conferred or imposed on them;