The Building Sample Clauses

The Building. The “Building” means the real property located at 3795 Pilot Knob Road, Eagan, Dakota County, Minnesota, owned and operated by Art Works, as well as all out-buildings, structures, and parking lots located on the property.
The Building. The Building is depicted on the attached Exhibit A. The address and description of the Building are specified in Items A and B of the Basic Lease Provisions (which are set forth in Section 1.02 of this Lease).
The Building s and the common portions shall be constructed and completed as per the specifications (including any revisions thereto) mentioned as described, explained, and provided in the FOURTH SCHEDULE hereto.
The Building. ALL THAT AND THOSE the building known as Block 21 Park West Business Park, Gallanstown, Co. Dublin and including:
The Building. (a) Name: Century Square Building
The Building. Landlord shall not obtain a higher deductible without first discussing it with Tenant (e.g., Tenant may choose to pay for a smaller deductible).
The Building. (a) Name: Mercer Yale Building
The Building. 1.1. Details of all equipment and items to be suspended from or affixed to the roof, walls or other structural parts of the Space must be submitted to NSE for approval no less than eight weeks before the start of the Hire Period.
The Building. The number of leasable square feet in the Building is specified in Section 1.01B. Any reference in this Lease to the term “Building” shall include the office building, the Common Areas (as hereinafter defined) and the land as described in the Legal Description attached as EXHIBIT A unless the context requires otherwise.