The Building Sample Clauses

The Building. The “Building” means the real property located at 3795 Pilot Knob Road, Xxxxx, Dakota County, Minnesota, owned and operated by Art Works, as well as all out-buildings, structures, and parking lots located on the property.
The Building s and the common portions shall be constructed and completed as per the specifications (including any revisions thereto) mentioned as described, explained, and provided in the FOURTH SCHEDULE hereto.
The Building. The Building is depicted on the attached Exhibit A. The address and description of the Building are specified in Items A and B of the Basic Lease Provisions (which are set forth in Section 1.02 of this Lease).
The Building. ALL THAT AND THOSE the building blown as Block 00 Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xx. Xxxxxx and including:
The Building. (a) Name: Century Square Building
The Building. Landlord and Tenant acknowledge that the gross leasable area in the Building is specified in Section 1(a)(4) ("Gross Leasable Area" or "GLA"). The GLA shall be used hereinafter for purposes of computing Tenant's proportionate share of certain expenses payable to Landlord as Additional Rent. Landlord reserves the right to modify the GLA of the Building from time to time during the Lease Term as a result of construction of new improvements or the demolition of existing improvements.
The Building. Landlord shall not obtain a higher deductible without first discussing it with Tenant (e.g., Tenant may choose to pay for a smaller deductible).
The Building. The ART ASSOCIATION shall cause to be constructed on the PROPERTY a VISUAL ARTS CENTER (the BUILDING, landscaping and exterior improvements, including aperture art), and shall be responsible for all costs associated with the construction of the VISUAL ARTS CENTER.
The Building. (a) Name: Xxxxxx Yale Building
The Building. Lessor covenants and agrees to ------------- ------------ erect, make and complete the following described improvements on the Land in accordance with the provisions hereinafter set forth: