The Building Sample Clauses

The Building. The “Building” means the real property located at 3795 Pilot Knob Road, Eagan, Dakota County, Minnesota, owned and operated by Art Works, as well as all out-buildings, structures, and parking lots located on the property.
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The Building. All that land, together with the building or buildings from time to time on it or on any part of it, known as 124-130 Southwark Street London SE1, shown for the purpose of identification only edged blue on Plan B and registered at H.M. Land Registry under Title Numbers 326644, SGL91499 and 340625. Page 25 SCHEDULE 2 - RIGHTS AND EASEMENTS GRANTED The following rights and easements are granted to the Tenant for the benefit of the Premises and the Tenant's Personnel (in common with the Landlord and others having the right), but any person exercising such rights shall cause as little damage and disturbance as possible to any Adjoining Property and its owners and occupiers and shall at its own expense and as quickly as possible make good all damage caused in the exercise of such rights.
The Building. The multi-storeyed commercial/office building erected as part of the Development erected on Section S and The Remaining Portion of Quarry Bay Marine Lot No. 1 and known as: HONGKONG TELECOM TOWER. Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. -62- : All Those 27th Floor of the Building which for the purposes of identification only are shown and coloured Pink on the 27th Floor Plan hereto annexed.
The Building. ALL THAT AND THOSE the building blown as Block 21 Park West Business Park, Gallanstown, Co. Dublin and including:
The Building. Landlord and Tenant acknowledge that the gross leasable area in the Building is specified in Section 1(a)(4) ("Gross Leasable Area" or "GLA"). The GLA shall be used hereinafter for purposes of computing Tenant's proportionate share of certain expenses payable to Landlord as Additional Rent. Landlord reserves the right to modify the GLA of the Building from time to time during the Lease Term as a result of construction of new improvements or the demolition of existing improvements.
The Building is Boundary Lodge, Boundary Lane, Hulme, Manchester, M15 6NU.
The Building or “The Structure” – a structure of the area of about 9,000 m2 gross being built on the Plot pursuant to the Building Permit as defined below and including office space, a basement, parking spaces, public areas and possibly also commercial areas.
The Building. The term "BUILDING" means the six story office building to be located at the Project (excluding, however, the Retail Area). Any reference in this Lease to the term Building shall include such office building (other than the Retail Area), the land on which it is located and the Common Areas (as hereinafter defined in Section 3.D), unless the context requires otherwise.
The Building. 2424 North Clark Street Chicago, Illinois 60614
The Building. 4.1The right at any time to raise the height of, build on, rebuild, alter, demolish, develop, repair, clean, decorate or carry out any other works to any part of the Building and any adjoining or nearby property and the right to erect new buildings of any height on any part of the Building and any adjoining or nearby property, in each case in such manner as the Landlord thinks fit. 4.2In exercising the rights in paragraph 4.1 of Part 3 of this First Schedule, the Landlord shall be entitled to build on or into any external wall of the Premises and to oversell cranes and their loads over the Premises and erect scaffolding against any external wall of the Premises for the duration of the works being carried out. 4.3The Tenant shall not be entitled to claim against the Landlord for any interference in the right and passage of light and air to the Premises arising from the exercise of the rights in this paragraph 4. The Second ScheduleThe Services1Maintaining Retained Parts Inspecting, repairing, maintaining, treating, cleaning, decorating, servicing, and, when in the reasonable opinion of the Landlord necessary, altering, replacing and rebuilding the Retained Parts, (excluding the external glazing serving the Premises) and all plant, machinery, equipment and Conduits,2Toilets Maintaining a supply of hot and cold water to the lavatories in the Common Parts at such times as the Landlord reasonably considers necessary or desirable.3Heating and air. Conditioning Providing central heating and air-conditioning to the Common Parts at such temperatures as the Landlord reasonably considers to be adequate for such hours and at such times of the year as the Landlord reasonably considers necessary or desirable.