Cost of the Audit Sample Clauses

Cost of the Audit. The cost of the annual audit shall be shared equally between StadCo and the Authority.
Cost of the Audit. EISB will absorb the cost of the audit; however, the cost of Any Employer who refuses audit entry shall pay all the reasonable legal fees and costs associated with the audit of such Employer, including, but not limited to, the costs associated with obtaining compliance with the audit. If an individual Employer fails or refuses to submit to an audit or confirm an audit appointment, EISB may file an action to compel audit entry.
Cost of the Audit. Talcott’s costs of any audit conducted in accordance with the Agreement will be borne by Talcott; provided, however, that if such audit reveals an overcharge by Cognizant of more than 10% of the aggregate audited Charges, Cognizant will return the overcharged amounts to Talcott and shall reimburse Talcott’s for its reasonable costs of the portion of such audit relating to the overcharge. Compensation for the audit may not be based upon, tied to, contingent upon, connected with or otherwise dependent upon the results or outcome of such audit, including the number or severity of the findings (a “Contingent Audit Arrangement”). Any audit findings or other reports resulting from a Contingent Audit Arrangement will be invalid. In addition, if a Contingent Audit Arrangement has been employed; (i) Cognizant will be reimbursed for any time dedicated by Cognizant, its personnel or its agents in supporting the audit, and (ii) any costs, fees or reimbursements that would have or that had been borne by Cognizant will be borne and/or reimbursed by Talcott.
Cost of the Audit. The costs of the audit, including the costs that ShareCRF has to incur to cooperate with the audit, will be borne by the Client, unless otherwise stated in the Agreement or the Service Features. After defining the scope of the audit, ShareCRF can provide an estimate of the associated costs.

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Cost of the Work Contractor is entitled to receive payment for the actual cost of the allowable Cost of the Work items incurred after receipt of Owner’s written authorization to commence the Construction Phase Work through Final Completion of the Project. Contractor is not entitled to reimbursement for Cost of the Work costs incurred before receipt of Owner’s written authorization. Cost of the Work includes the following:
Cost of Services District will pay Consultant for Consultant’s services as specified in Exhibit B. Interest will not begin to accrue on Consultant’s invoices until after the due date for payment set forth herein. If there is a dispute concerning the amount due under any invoice, District may withhold the disputed amount without incurring interest or other charges pending the outcome of the dispute. District has the right to examine Consultant’s business records to verify the accuracy of Consultant’s billing statements. The right of inspection extends to all documents necessary to permit adequate evaluation of the billing data submitted.
Cost of Audits Customer shall bear the costs of any audit unless such audit reveals a material breach by SAP of this DPA, then SAP shall bear its own expenses of an audit. If an audit determines that SAP has breached its obligations under the DPA, SAP will promptly remedy the breach at its own cost.
Inability to Determine Eurodollar Rate In the event, prior to the commencement of any Interest Period relating to any Eurodollar Rate Loan, the Agent shall determine or be notified by the Majority Banks that adequate and reasonable methods do not exist for ascertaining the Eurodollar Rate that would otherwise determine the rate of interest to be applicable to any Eurodollar Rate Loan during any Interest Period, the Agent shall forthwith give notice of such determination (which shall be conclusive and binding on the Borrower and the Banks) to the Borrower and the Banks. In such event (a) any Loan Request or Conversion Request with respect to Eurodollar Rate Loans shall be automatically withdrawn and shall be deemed a request for Base Rate Loans, (b) each Eurodollar Rate Loan will automatically, on the last day of the then current Interest Period relating thereto, become a Base Rate Loan, and (c) the obligations of the Banks to make Eurodollar Rate Loans shall be suspended until the Agent or the Majority Banks determines that the circumstances giving rise to such suspension no longer exist, whereupon the Agent or, as the case may be, the Agent upon the instruction of the Majority Banks, shall so notify the Borrower and the Banks.
Intent to Limit Charges to Maximum Lawful Rate In no event shall the interest rate or rates payable under this Agreement, plus any other amounts paid in connection herewith, exceed the highest rate permissible under any law that a court of competent jurisdiction shall, in a final determination, deem applicable. Borrower and the Lender Group, in executing and delivering this Agreement, intend legally to agree upon the rate or rates of interest and manner of payment stated within it; provided, however, that, anything contained herein to the contrary notwithstanding, if said rate or rates of interest or manner of payment exceeds the maximum allowable under applicable law, then, ipso facto, as of the date of this Agreement, Borrower is and shall be liable only for the payment of such maximum as allowed by law, and payment received from Borrower in excess of such legal maximum, whenever received, shall be applied to reduce the principal balance of the Obligations to the extent of such excess.
ELIGIBLE COSTS II.19.1 Conditions for the eligibility of costs
Frequency of Evaluation 1. Teachers will be evaluated each year of service as a teacher as per Public Education Department regulations.
Inability to Determine LIBOR Rate In the event that at any time Agent shall determine in the exercise of its good faith business judgment that adequate and reasonable methods do not exist for ascertaining the LIBOR Rate, Agent shall forthwith give notice of such determination (which shall be conclusive and binding on Borrower and Lenders) to Borrower and Lenders. In such event (a) any Loan Request with respect to LIBOR Rate Loans shall be automatically withdrawn and shall be deemed a request for Base Rate Loans and (b) each LIBOR Rate Loan will automatically become a Base Rate Loan at the end of the current Interest Period, and the obligations of Lenders to make LIBOR Rate Loans shall be suspended until Agent determines that the circumstances giving rise to such suspension no longer exist, whereupon Agent shall so notify Borrower and Lenders.
Inability to Determine Interest Rate If prior to the first day of any Interest Period:
Cost of Living All seniority Employees who have completed their appropriate wage progression schedule shall be covered by the provisions of a cost-of-living allowance, as set forth in this Agreement. Employees who have not completed their appropriate wage progression on the effective date of a COLA increase, shall receive the adjustment on a prospective basis on the date they complete their wage progression schedules. The amount of the cost-of-living allowance shall be determined as provided below on the basis of the “Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers, CPI-W (Revised Series using 1982-1984 Expenditure Patterns). All Items (1982-84=100), published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor” and referred to herein as the “Index”. Effective August 1, 2014, and every August 1 thereafter during the life of the Agreement, a cost- of-living allowance will be calculated on the basis of the difference between the Index for May 2014 (published June 2014) and every May thereafter, and the base Index for May 2013 (published June 2013) and every May thereafter, as follows: For every 0.2 point increase in the Index, over and above the base (prior year’s) Index plus 3.0% there will be a 1 cent increase in the hourly wage rates payable on August 1, 2009, and every August 1 thereafter. These increases shall only be payable if they equal five ($.05) cents in a year. All cost-of-living allowances paid under this Agreement will become and remain a fixed part of the base wage rate for all job classification. A decline in the Index shall not result in the reduction of classification base wage rates. Mileage paid Employees will receive cost-of-living allowances on the basis of .25 mills per mile for each 1 ($.01) cent increase in hourly wages, subject to the threshold set forth above. In the event the appropriate Index figure is not issued before the effective date of the cost-of- living adjustment, the cost-of-living adjustment that is required will be made at the beginning of the first (1st) pay period after the receipt of the Index. In the event that the Index shall be revised or discontinued and in the event the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, does not issue information which would enable the Employer and the Union to know what Index would have been had it not been revised or discontinued, then the Employer and the Union will meet, negotiate, and agree upon an appropriate substitute for the Index. Upon the failure of the parties to agree within sixty (60) days, thereafter, the issue of an appropriate substitute shall be submitted to an arbitrator for determination. The arbitrator’s decision shall be final and binding.