Cost of the Audit Sample Clauses

Cost of the Audit. The cost of the annual audit shall be shared equally between StadCo and the Authority.
Cost of the Audit. EISB will absorb the cost of the audit; however, the cost of the audit may be borne by the Employer if a shortage is caused by fraud or misrepresentation. Any Employer who refuses audit entry shall pay all the reasonable legal fees and costs associated with the audit of such Employer, including, but not limited to, the costs associated with obtaining compliance with the audit. If an individual Employer fails or refuses to submit to an audit or confirm an audit appointment, EISB may file an action to compel audit entry.
Cost of the Audit. Xxxxxxx’x costs of any audit conducted in accordance with the Agreement will be borne by Xxxxxxx; provided, however, that if such audit reveals an overcharge by Cognizant of more than 10% of the aggregate audited Charges, Cognizant will return the overcharged amounts to Xxxxxxx and shall reimburse Xxxxxxx’x for its reasonable costs of the portion of such audit relating to the overcharge. Compensation for the audit may not be based upon, tied to, contingent upon, connected with or otherwise dependent upon the results or outcome of such audit, including the number or severity of the findings (a “Contingent Audit Arrangement”). Any audit findings or other reports resulting from a Contingent Audit Arrangement will be invalid. In addition, if a Contingent Audit Arrangement has been employed; (i) Cognizant will be reimbursed for any time dedicated by Cognizant, its personnel or its agents in supporting the audit, and (ii) any costs, fees or reimbursements that would have or that had been borne by Cognizant will be borne and/or reimbursed by Xxxxxxx.
Cost of the Audit. The costs of the audit, including the costs that ShareCRF has to incur to cooperate with the audit, will be borne by the Client, unless otherwise stated in the Agreement or the Service Features. After defining the scope of the audit, ShareCRF can provide an estimate of the associated costs.