Not Employees Sample Clauses

Not Employees. The Provider’s performance under this Contract is as an independent contractor, and neither the Provider nor its employees, assignees or subcontractors shall be deemed employees of the Buyer while performing under this Contract.
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Not Employees. At all times, students and instructors of the Educator will remain the students and instructors of the Educator and, by virtue of their placement with the Health Care Provider or participation hereunder, are not being employed or engaged by the Health Care Provider nor should they be regarded by the Health Care Provider as replacements for the Health Care Provider’s staff.
Not Employees. CybSafe acknowledges that its personnel involved in provision of Professional Services are not eligible for or entitled to any benefits of employment made available by the Customer to its own employees. As between the Customer and CybSafe, CybSafe is responsible for all statutory obligations arising out of CybSafe’s relationship with such personnel.
Not Employees. Under any such contract, a person employed by a home rule charter or statutory city, town or sheriff of a county may be empowered to exercise some or all of the police powers and duties of a police officer of the other contracting unit, but that person shall not by reason thereof be classified as an employee of the other unit for any purpose other than the discharge of such powers and duties.‌
Not Employees. CCC Board Members shall not be deemed employees of the Cities of Clay County Cooperative Authority. The Parties acknowledge that it is their sole responsibility to provide all compensation and fringe benefits to their respective employees or elected or appointed officials. CCC Board Members shall not be allowed to be a party to any contract with the Cities of Clay County Cooperative Authority.‌
Not Employees. SOCCCD agrees to notify Students that they are not employees of the Agency and are not entitled to any benefits to which Agency employees are entitled.
Not Employees. Both parties to this Agreement acknowledge that while UTA faculty and Trainees are participating in this Agreement, such faculty and Trainees are not employees or agents of [health facility abbreviation]. Accordingly, such individuals are not entitled to any of the benefits for [health facility abbreviation] employees, faculty or agents.
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Not Employees. Persons retained by a party hereto as employees or agents shall not be deemed to be employees or agents of the other party because of the relationship established herein. OhGolly, its agents or employees, shall not be entitled to participate in, or otherwise receive, any benefit or right as any employee under any GTC benefit or welfare plan, including but not limited to, employee insurance, pension, or security plans, as a result of entering into this agreement.
Not Employees. Individuals providing Advisory Services under this Agreement will in no event be considered employees of Corel. The costs and expenses of all of those individuals, whether employees of Vector or consultants to or agents or representatives of Vector, will be Vector's responsibility including all compensation, statutory deductions and remittances.
Not Employees. 1Life and One Medical Group are independent contractors and their Personnel are not Google employees. For their respective Personnel, 1Life and One Medical Group are responsible for, as applicable:
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