This Contract definition

This Contract means Articles of Agreement, the special conditions, the general conditions of contract, the appendix, the schedule of quantities and specifications, attached hereto and duly signed.
This Contract means the Articles of Agreement, Instructions & conditions, Special conditions, The Appendix, The Schedule of Quantities, drawings/ sketches and specifications etc attached hereto and duly signed.
This Contract means the Article of Agreement, the special

Examples of This Contract in a sentence

  • This Contract shall include all such items, although not specifically mentioned, that can be reasonably inferred as being required for its completion as if such items were expressly mentioned herein.

  • Governing Law and Language4.1. This Contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

  • This Contract is governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with Michigan law, excluding choice-of-law principles, and all claims relating to or arising out of this Contract are governed by Michigan law, excluding choice-of-law principles.

  • This Contract may be subject to the provisions of Section 4-61dd of the Connecticut General Statutes.

  • This Contract is subject to the provisions of Executive Order No. Three of Governor Thomas J.

More Definitions of This Contract

This Contract means the contract between Purchaser and Supplier consisting of the Purchase Order, these General Terms and Conditions (as defined below) and any other relevant documents (or parts thereof) (“Other Relevant Contracts”) executed by the Parties in writing.
This Contract means the Articles of Agreement, these conditions, the Priced schedule of Quantities, the specifications, the Appendix and the Drawings, additional instructions issued till the receipts of the tender and subsequent correspondence if any till the date of acceptance of tender, and the letter of acceptance of contract."
This Contract as used herein shall mean this Agreement, the Invitation for Bids (IFB) including all documents referenced therein and the Contractor's bid response (bid) thereto incorporated by reference herein and made a part hereof. The CONTRACTOR agrees to provide the goods and/or services all in accordance with the IFB and CONTRACTOR’S Bid. In the event there is a conflict between this Agreement and the bid documents, the bid documents shall supersede this Agreement.
This Contract means the terms and conditions contained herein.
This Contract means "the prime contract." The following is added at the beginning of the clause: "Communications between Seller and the Government shall be made through Lockheed Xxxxxx. Any equitable adjustment provided for this clause shall be implemented in this contract to the extent such adjustment is implemented in the prime contract." Subparagraphs (d)(2)(ii), (d)(3)(ii) and the last sentence of subparagraph (j)(2) are deleted. The provision of this clause relating to assumption of risk by the Government are not applicable to Seller unless this contract includes language stating the Government has agreed to assume such risk of loss) DFARS 252.229-7006 Dec 2011 Value Added Tax Exclusion (United Kingdom) (applicable if Seller is a United Kingdom firm. "This contract" means "the prime contract") DFARS 252.234-7004 Nov 2014 Cost and Software Data Reporting System. (applicable to subcontracts that exceed $50,000,000. In paragraph (b), "Government" means "Lockheed Xxxxxx")
This Contract means the contract of sale and all Annexures thereto;
This Contract means the Articles of Agreement, the Special Conditions, the Conditions of Contract, the Appendices, the Bill of Quantities, the Specification, and the Drawings attached hereto and duly signed, and the written instructions issued from time to time by the Engineer/Engineer. All these documents taken together shall be deemed to form one Contract and shall be complimentary to one another.