The Rent Sample Clauses

The Rent. Rent: £0.00 (zero pounds) per calendar month subject to any further provisions within this Tenancy Agreement Payable: each month in advance First Payment: Payment of £0.00 shall be made to the Landlord’s Agent in cleared funds by the 29th day of January 2022 which is 72 hours prior to the commencement of the Tenancy* Subsequent payments: Payable monthly in advance on the 31st day of each month, by one standing order, to be received on or before the 31st day or each month, payable to Choose an item. Please see Tenancy Terms and Conditions for bank account details.
The Rent. The Tenant shall pay «D0000_11280_0#Company_Name» £«D18_5_0#Agreement_Rent» [«D0000_10472_0#RENT_IN_WORDS»] per calendar month, payable in advance. The first payment shall be made to «D0000_11280_0#Company_Name» in cleared funds by the «D0000_10813_0#Contract_Original_Start_Da» which is 72 hours prior to the commencement of the Tenancy. Thereafter, payments shall be made on the «D0000_10464_0#Contract_Start_Day» day of each month.
The Rent. Minimum Fixed - TENANT covenants and agrees to pay rent to LANDLORD at the original address of LANDLORD or such other place as LANDLORD may by notice in writing to TENANT from time to time direct, at the following rates and times.
The Rent. 1.1.2 The estimated services package charge (if applicable);
The Rent. 1.1.2 The amounts we incur meeting our obligations in section 3 (Insurance) and any other amounts to be paid by you under section 3.
The Rent. 2.1 The Tenant shall pay during the period to the 1st February 2015 the yearly Rent of €45,468 (calculated as follows 5371 sq ft @ €8 = €42,968 plus 5 car park spaces @ €500 per annum = €2,500) without any deduction, set off or counterclaim and after that during the successive period of five years from the lst day of March 2015 a revised Rent as reviewed in accordance with Part 4 of this Schedule
The Rent. The Tenant shall pay to the Landlord or the Agent £ per month, ("the Rent") payable in advance. The first payment shall be made on 15th August for the month commencing . Thereafter, payments shall be made on the day of each month
The Rent. 2.5.1. The Agent will collect the rent as per the tenancy agreement. Note that rent is payable either monthly or at other intervals by special agreement. Rent is generally payable individually on a per-tenant basis.
The Rent. A year ago she was in a very positive mood, and decided to rent a flat with ocean views to cheer herself up. The flat is in a very sought-after area, and the rent is $600 per week. The agent suggested she sign a three-year lease, to give herself security of tenure and peace of mind. As she is one year into the lease, she has two years to go before she can leave. She has calculated that she will need to pay $62,400 over the remainder of the lease. At one point when she was low in confidence she made inquiries about getting out of the lease, but the agent said the owner never lets anyone out of a lease, no matter what happens. THE CAR For some years Xxxxx had pictures of luxury European cars in scenic surroundings on her walls to inspire her to greater things. Two years ago she went into a show-room just to have a look, and sat in one. She told a salesman that she was just looking, because she could not possibly afford one. The salesman told her he could get her into the car for less than $200 per week. This sounded very appealing. She left the show-room in her new car, with the contract on the seat beside her. It requires her to pay $800 per month for four years, with a balloon payment of $28,000 at the end of the contract. She is halfway though the contract now. She has calculated that $800 per month for the next two years will cost her $19,200, and with the balloon payment she is committed to pay a total of $47,200. She has checked a number car sales websites, and the car is currently worth $25,000. Checking on four year old models of the same car, she thinks it will be worth $18,000 when the contract is finished. The car is security for the credit contract. THE CARDS Xxxxx has a credit card which has reached its maximum credit limit of $20,000. Xxxxx says she has been a little bit naughty in getting her credit limit up to $20,000. She really needed the higher credit limit to manager her expenses. She got the higher limit by filling out forms, telling the bank her income was $80,000 per annum. She says this was sort of true, because the gym was a bit behind in paying her and her best friend Xxx who also works as an instructor and salesperson, and she and Xxx threatened the gym that if they were not paid what they were owed they would both walk, and take with them the customers they had signed up. The manager was a bit panicked by this, and gave both of them $5,000. Xxxxx calculated that if she and Xxx pressured the manager like that every couple of months...