The Rent Sample Clauses

The Rent. (1) The annual rent payable for the Leased Object (the “Rent”) shall be NOK […] (exclusive of Value Added Tax). In addition shall be paid Value Added Tax to the extent that the conditions for adding Value Added Tax to the Rent have been met, cf. Clause 9.
The Rent. 2.1 The Tenant shall pay during the period to the 1st February 2015 the yearly Rent of €45,468 (calculated as follows 5371 sq ft @ €8 = €42,968 plus 5 car park spaces @ €500 per annum = €2,500) without any deduction, set off or counterclaim and after that during the successive period of five years from the lst day of March 2015 a revised Rent as reviewed in accordance with Part 4 of this Schedule
The Rent. From and including each Review Date the Rent shall be equal to the Open Market Rent at the Relevant Review Date as ascertained in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 below or as determined under the provisions of paragraph 4 below(as the case may be)
The Rent. Tenant shall pay the Monthly Rent to Lessor or Lessor’s agent on the first day of each month as set forth herein. The rent is considered received on the day it is received in Lessor’s office. Rent may be mailed or hand delivered to: A & G Property Management, 800 Custer Avenue, Suite 2, Evanston, IL 60202. Payment method must be by personal check, money order, cashier’s check or on-line using the tenant portal (no cash will be accepted). Rent must be paid in full. No partial payments will be accepted. If rent is paid with more than a single check, then all checks must be sent in one envelope. An administrative fee of $50 will be added for each instance that checks are sent in separate envelopes. A & G Property Management takes no responsibility for rent lost in the mail and late fee’s may apply. X
The Rent. The Tenant shall pay to the Landlord or the Agent £<<insert monthly rent>> per month, ("the Rent") payable in advance exclusive of council tax, utilities and water charges. The first payment shall be made on the <<insert date of first rental payment>>. Thereafter, payments shall be made on the <<insert day of monthly rental payments>> day of each month. 5.
The Rent. The Rent is payable in advance on the day of each month specified in this Agreement save that the first payment (or proportionate part of it) is to be made on the signing of this Agreement for the period to the day on which Rent should next be paid.
The Rent. 2.01 In consideration for the Lease, the Lessee shall pay the Lessor monthly rent in the amount of US11,570 (hereinafter the "Rent"). The monthly Rent during the Term and during the extended term as in section 1.03, should the Term be extended, shall be linked to US CPI . The base Index for such calculation should be the CPI known on the date of this Agreement.
The Rent. 3.1. The rent for the rented property shall be paid according to the following key and calculations:
The Rent. 11.1 In consideration for the lease of the Leasehold during the Term of the Lease, the Tenant undertakes to pay the Company, for the Leasehold, annual rent in a sum equal to 9.7% of the Final Cost (as defined in Section 8.5, above), per year, a sum equal to NIS _______ per year with respect to the entire Leasehold [will be completed after determination of the Final Cost by the Company as specified in Section 8.5, above] (hereinafter: the "Annual Rent"). The monthly rent will be in a sum equal to 1/12 of the Annual Rent, meaning a sum of NIS _____ per month [to be completed after determination of the Final Cost] (hereinafter: the "Rent").