Sick Leave Sample Clauses

Sick Leave. The employee is eligible for long term disability benefits if provided for in the Collective Agreement. An employee will not receive pay for the first two (2) weeks of any period of absence due to a legitimate illness. The employee may utilize the paid holiday bank as income replacement for absences due to illness, as described in Article (c) above. An employee who is eligible may apply for Employment Insurance for weeks three (3) through seventeen (17) for any absence due to a legitimate illness. The Home will provide the employee with Disability Income Protection as per Article 14.01 (c) for weeks eighteen (18) through thirty (30) for any absence due to a legitimate illness. Employees may be required to provide medical proof of illness for any absence of a scheduled shift, which is neither vacation nor an approved leave of absence.
Sick Leave. All full-time teaching members shall accrue sick leave with pay at the rate of ten (10) working days for each work year of continuous full-time service. All ten (10) month librarian and counseling faculty members shall accrue sick leave with pay at the rate of twelve and one-half (12.5) days; twelve (12) month librarians shall accrue fifteen (15) days. Each full-time member shall be credited at the commencement of the work year with a full year’s anticipated sick leave accrual. Members who have been credited with a full year’s sick leave days and whose services with Connecticut State University are terminated prior to the end of the contract year for whatever reasons (termination, resignation, or retirement) shall have deducted from their terminal salary the value of sick leave used beyond that which would have been received on a prorated basis, unless in cases of catastrophic or extended illness this provision is waived by the President. All prorated members in the bargaining unit accrue sick leave with pay for continuous service from the date of initial employment at the rate of one and one-fourth (1 1/4) days per calendar month multiplied by the following fraction: the number of hours worked per week divided by thirty-five (35). Earned sick leave is granted for the following reasons: (A) temporary incapacitation for duty; (B) dental, medical or eye examination or treatment for which arrangements cannot be made outside of working hours; (C) when presence at work will expose others to contagious disease; (D) in the event of death in the immediate family when as much as five (5) working days’ leave with pay shall be granted (immediate family means husband, wife, father, mother, sister, brother, or child, or any other person who is domiciled in the member’s household); (E) if critical illness or severe illness or severe injury in the immediate family creates an emergency which requires the attendance or aid of the member, up to three (3) working days’ with pay in a calendar year shall be granted; (F) disabilities caused or contributed to by pregnancy, including recovery therefrom; (G) the President may also authorize the use of sick leave not to exceed in the aggregate a total of ten (10) working days’ leave per calendar year, to fulfill the obligations of traveling to, attending, and returning from funerals. An acceptable medical certificate is required to substantiate a request for sick leave in the following situations: any period of absence of more than...
Sick Leave. A part-time employee shall earn sick leave credits at the rate of one-quarter (1/4) of the number of hours in an employee’s normal workweek for each calendar month in which the employee has received pay for at least twice the number of hours in the employee’s normal workweek.
Sick Leave. 1. Sick leave credit shall be earned at the rate of seven (7) hours per calendar month of service. Sick leave shall be earned from the employee's first date of work. Sick leave credit shall be earned for any month in which the employee has been in pay status for ten (10) or more workdays. A part-time employee shall earn sick leave in the same proportion as his/her part-time service bears to full-time service. For new hires only, they shall receive two (2) days of sick credit leave upon hire. These days are to be considered “front-loaded” or issued in advance. Upon reaching their third month of employment and having been in pay status for ten (10) or more workdays in that third month they shall again be eligible to earn sick leave credit. An employee may accumulate unused sick leave up to a maximum of one thousand forty (1040) hours. However, the amount of unused sick leave accruals which can be credited towards School service for retirement purposes shall be seven hundred twenty (720) hours. When the maximum limitation has been accumulated, hours that would normally thereafter be earned shall lapse but shall be recorded by the Human Resources Office. Any employee who has such lapsed sick leave to his/her credit may apply to the Executive Director to have up to one hundred forty (140) hours of the sick leave restored in the event of an extended illness. The Executive Director at his/her discretion may authorize restoration of such lapsed sick leave after thorough investigation, including complete medical reports of the illness requiring the continued absence of the employee. The Executive Director’s decision regarding the use of lapsed sick leave shall be final.
Sick Leave. C12.1 Sick Leave/Short Term Leave and Disability Plan