Responsibility of the Sample Clauses

Responsibility of the. Organization The Organization shall:
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Responsibility of the parties 12.1. The parties shall be responsible in compliance with the Russian law. 12.2. Authorised dealer shall comply with all applicable laws, including, but not limited to, laws prohibiting public corruption or commercial bribery. Authorised dealer shall not, in connection with any business involving Supplier, make or promise to make any payment or transfer anything of value, directly or indirectly: (i) to any officer or employee of any government department or agency, any political party, any political party official or candidate for any such government or political party office, as well as any immediate family member or nominee of such official or candidate (a «Government Official»); (ii) to any person, while knowing or having reason to know that such payment or item of value will be offered or given to a Government Official; (iii) To any officer, director, employee, or representative of any actual or potential customer of Supplier; or (iv) To any officer, director or employee of Supplier or any of its affiliates (or to an intermediary for payment to any of the foregoing). It is the intent of the parties that no payments or transfers of value shall be made which have the purpose or effect of public or commercial bribery, acceptance of or acquiescence in extortion, kickbacks or other unlawful or improper means of obtaining or retaining business. This Section shall not prohibit normal and customary business entertainment or the giving of business mementos of nominal value. Authorised dealer affirms that no Government Official has any direct or indirect ownership interest in, or is a director or employee of, Authorised dealer. Authorised dealer agrees to notify Supplier immediately in the event that this changes during the term of this Agreement. Authorised dealer affirms that it will not utilize any third party in connection with the distribution of the Products without the written consent of Supplier, which consent shall be conditioned on Supplier receiving written assurance from such third party that it will comply with the provisions of this Section. Authorised dealer represents and warrants that it shall, and that any party retained or paid by Authorised dealer shall, comply with all applicable export controls, economic 11.11. Дилер обязан не позднее 10 календарных дней с даты прекращения действия настоящего Договора за свой счет возвратить Поставщику все материалы и данные, предоставленные Поставщиком Дилеру. 11.12. Поставка Дилеру Продукции после...
Responsibility of the bargaining unit member: If a bargaining unit member believes that he or she has been seriously assaulted or battered by a student, the bargaining unit member shall complete an Incident Report Form and provide a copy to the Principal/Building Leader immediately, if able to do so, or as soon as possible. If the employee is unable to perform his/her duties, the office shall take appropriate steps to cover the employee’s instructional responsibilities for the rest of the day and the employee is entitled to the rest of the day on assault leave.
Responsibility of the parties towards exchange students
Responsibility of the. An Employer shall attempt to keep an Apprentice active in relative training until completion of the Should the Employer find it necessary to lay off an Apprentice, that or an Apprentice with the same years of experience shall be recalled or hired when work requiring that same level of experience becomes available. the Apprentice or Apprentices with the same years of experience or greater are not available at the time or recall, this provision shall not apply. The Union has the right to not issue a referral slip for a new Apprentice if the Employer intends to assign the same or similar work to a lower level Apprentice. Before hiring a member of Local an Employer must present a written copy of the Employer's Company Policy. A copy MUST be deposited on file at the Local Administration Office and the employee shall sign an appropriate form as proof that has received a copy of the Employer's Company The Company shall include such items as working hours, the wearing of uniforms, and use of vehicles, etc. The Company Policy shall not contravene this Collective Agreement or any other applicable Revision of Company Policy must be deposited on file at the Local Administration Office and each and every employee affected by the change must be advised. The Employer shall: Assign exclusively to members of the Union or other workers referred to the Employer by the Union all of the work described in Appendix attached hereto and forming part of this Collective Agreement. Employers will not sublet refrigeration or air conditioning work to non-union contractors. The Employer will maintain Company vehicles in proper mechanical and safe condition. If a dispute arises, the governing body will be "The Ministry of Transportation Vehicle Inspection Section". All Employer's vans will be with metal safety xxxxxxx or bulkheads of equivalent strength between the driver and the load. The Employer's vehicles will be with First Aid Kits, Extinguisher and Safety Flares. is the responsibility of the employee to notify the Employer of any deficiencies in either or The Employer shall provide proof of Insurance Coverage (minimum Public Liability and Property Damage] of vehicle and employee during working hours, and after working hours while using vehicle according to Company Policy. Written proof and permission must be issued to employee involved. The Employer shall comply with the regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act as amended from time to time, on all jobs where Union m...
Responsibility of the. Commissioner To facilitate the delivery of this programme Public Health Hull City Council will:  Update the Pharmacy on any changes to the pathway and protocols for the Health Checks programme;  Supply the Pharmacy with information on local initiatives and services to support lifestyle change;  Develop local publicity materials and run targeted marketing campaigns to promote the service;  Organise annual update training on the NHS Health Checks pathway;  Provide regular training opportunities for Pharmacy staff to meet the Health Check competency standards;  Provide the performance dashboard via PharmOutcomes;  Conduct quarterly monitoring and evaluation of service;  Support the sharing of best practice amongst providers including the implementation of the NHS Health Checks QA standards 4. Applicable Service Standards 4.1 Applicable national standards The Pharmacy should refer to the following guidelines for the delivery of the Service:  Encouraging people to have NHS Health Checks and supporting them to reduce risk factors (NICE advice LGB15) Pharmacies must ensure the Service reflects updates in guidance and recommendations as and when produced. It is the responsibility of the Pharmacy to ensure they are compliant with all national and local information governance requirements (see section 6). 4.2 Applicable local standards The Pharmacy shall have adequate mechanisms and facilities, including premises and equipment, in place as are necessary to enable the proper provision of the programme. 4.2.1 Equipment and consumables The following equipment will be required: o Scales; o Height measurers o Electronic blood pressure monitoring machine or sphygmomanometer; o Point of care testing (POCT) devices for measuring cholesterol Pharmacies should ensure all equipment used in the Health Check (blood pressure monitor, height and weight measures) is fully functional, CE marked, validated, maintained and regularly calibrated. It is the responsibility of the Pharmacy to ensure all sharps and clinical waste is correctly disposed of. The Provider will comply with Best Practice Guidelines and NHS Health Check programme standards regarding POCT. There will be a robust quality assurance programme for any point of care device used by the Pharmacy including:  Up-to-date register of trained/competent operators  Name of POCT coordinator  Records of results of quality control performed  Evidence of registration in an accredited EQA scheme The Pharmacy shall be req...
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Related to Responsibility of the

  • Responsibility of PFPC (a) PFPC shall be under no duty to take any action hereunder on behalf of the Fund except as specifically set forth herein or as may be specifically agreed to by PFPC and the Fund in a written amendment hereto. PFPC shall be obligated to exercise commercially reasonable care and diligence in the performance of its duties hereunder and to act in good faith in performing services provided for under this Agreement. PFPC shall be liable only for any damages arising out of PFPC's failure to perform its duties under this Agreement to the extent such damages arise out of PFPC's willful misfeasance, bad faith, negligence or reckless disregard of such duties.

  • Responsibility of the Parties 9.1. In the event of non-performance or improper performance of their obligations under this contract, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

  • Responsibility of Contractor a. Contractor shall be held strictly responsible for the proper performance of all work covered by the Contract Documents, including all work performed by Subcontractors. All work performed under this Contract shall comply in every respect to the rules and regulations of all agencies having jurisdiction over the Project or any part thereof.

  • RESPONSIBILITY OF THE FUND With respect to each Loan held by the Custodian hereunder in accordance with the provisions hereof, the Fund shall (a) cause the Financing Documents evidencing such Loan to be delivered to the Custodian; (b) include with such Financing Documents an amortization schedule of payments (the “Payment Schedule”) identifying the amount and due dates of scheduled principal payments, the Interest Payable Date(s) and related payment amount information, and such other information with respect to the related Loan and Financing Documents as the Custodian reasonably may require in order to perform its services hereunder (collectively, “Loan Information”), in such form and format as the Custodian reasonably may require; (c) take, or cause the investment manager to take, all actions necessary to acquire good title to such Loan (or the participation in such Loan, as the case may be), as and to the extent intended to be acquired; and (d) cause the Custodian to be named as its nominee for payment purposes under the Financing Documents or otherwise provide for the direct payment of the Payments to the Custodian. The Custodian shall be entitled to rely upon the Loan Information provided to it by the Fund (or the investment manager acting on its behalf) without any obligation on the part of the Custodian independently to verify, investigate, recalculate, update or otherwise confirm the accuracy or completeness thereof; and the Custodian shall have no liability for any delay or failure on the part of the Fund in providing necessary Loan Information to the Custodian, or for any inaccuracy therein or incompleteness thereof. With respect to each such Loan, the Custodian shall be entitled to rely on any information and notices it may receive from time to time from the related bank agent, Obligor or similar party with respect to the related Loan, and shall be entitled to update its records on the basis of such information or notices received, without any obligation on its part independently to verify, investigate or recalculate such information.

  • Responsibility of student to attend school on every school day for the educational program in which they are enrolled, on time, ready to learn and take part in school activities • act at all times with respect and show tolerance towards other students and staff • work hard and comply with requests or directions from the teacher and principal • abide by school rules as outlined in the school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students, including not bringing items to school which could be considered as weapons (e.g. dangerous items such as knives) • meet homework requirements and wear school’s uniform • respect the school property.

  • RESPONSIBILITY OF PFPC TRUST (a) PFPC Trust shall be under no duty to take any action hereunder on behalf of the Fund or any Portfolio except as specifically set forth herein or as may be specifically agreed to by PFPC Trust and the Fund in a written amendment hereto. PFPC Trust shall be obligated to exercise care and diligence in the performance of its duties hereunder and to act in good faith in performing services provided for under this Agreement. PFPC Trust shall be liable only for any damages arising out of PFPC Trust's failure to perform its duties under this Agreement to the extent such damages arise out of PFPC Trust's willful misfeasance, bad faith, gross negligence or reckless disregard of its duties under this Agreement.

  • Responsibility of Custodian So long as and to the extent that it is in the exercise of reasonable care, the Custodian shall not be responsible for the title, validity or genuineness of any property or evidence of title thereto received by it or delivered by it pursuant to this Contract and shall be held harmless in acting upon any notice, request, consent, certificate or other instrument reasonably believed by it to be genuine and to be signed by the proper party or parties, including any futures commission merchant acting pursuant to the terms of a three-party futures or options agreement. The Custodian shall be held to the exercise of reasonable care in carrying out the provisions of this Contract, but shall be kept indemnified by and shall be without liability to the Fund for any action taken or omitted by it in good faith without negligence. It shall be entitled to rely on and may act upon written advice of counsel (who may be counsel for the Fund) on all matters, and shall be without liability for any action reasonably taken or omitted pursuant to such advice. Except as may arise from the Custodian’s own negligence or willful misconduct or the negligence or willful misconduct of a sub-custodian or agent, the Custodian shall be without liability to the Fund for any loss, liability, claim or expense resulting from or caused by; (i) events or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Custodian or any sub-custodian or U.S. or Foreign Securities System or any agent or nominee of any of the foregoing, including, without limitation, nationalization or expropriation, imposition of currency controls or restrictions, the interruption, suspension or restriction of trading on or the closure of any securities market, power or other mechanical or technological failures or interruptions, computer viruses or communications disruptions, acts of war or terrorism, riots, revolutions, work stoppages, natural disasters or other similar events or acts; (ii) errors by the Fund or the Investment Adviser in their instructions to the Custodian provided such instructions have been in accordance with this Contract; (iii) the insolvency of or acts or omissions by a U.S. or Foreign Securities System; (iv) any delay or failure of any broker, agent or intermediary, central bank or other commercially prevalent payment or clearing system to deliver to the Custodian’s sub-custodian or agent securities purchased or in the remittance or payment made in connection with securities sold; (v) any delay or failure of any company, corporation, or other body in charge of registering or transferring securities in the name of the Custodian, the Fund, the Custodian’s sub-custodians, nominees or agents or any consequential losses arising out of such delay or failure to transfer such securities including non-receipt of bonus, dividends and rights and other accretions or benefits; (vi) delays or inability to perform its duties due to any disorder in market infrastructure with respect to any particular security or U.S. or Foreign Securities System; and (vii) any provision of any present or future law or regulation or order of the United States, or any state thereof, or any other country, or political subdivision thereof or of any court of competent jurisdiction. The Custodian shall be liable for the acts or omissions of a foreign banking institution to the same extent as set forth with respect to sub-custodians generally in this Contract. If the Fund requires the Custodian to take any action with respect to securities, which action involves the payment of money or which action may, in the opinion of the Custodian, result in the Custodian or its nominee assigned to the Fund being liable for the payment of money or incurring liability of some other form, the Fund, as a prerequisite to requiring the Custodian to take such action, shall provide indemnity to the Custodian in an amount and form satisfactory to it. If the Fund requires the Custodian, its affiliates, subsidiaries or agents, to advance cash or securities for any purpose (including but not limited to securities settlements, foreign exchange contracts and assumed settlement) or in the event that the Custodian or its nominee shall incur or be assessed any taxes, charges, expenses, assessments, claims or liabilities in connection with the performance of this Contract, except such as may arise from its or its nominee’s own negligent action, negligent failure to act or willful misconduct, any property at any time held for the account of the applicable Fund shall be security therefor and should the Fund fail to repay the Custodian promptly, the Custodian shall be entitled to utilize available cash and to dispose of such Fund’s assets to the extent necessary to obtain reimbursement. In no event shall either party be liable to the other for indirect, special or consequential damages.

  • Responsibility of Parties 51.3.1 The Parties agree to abide by the following if a forecast cannot be agreed to: Local Interconnection Trunk Groups will be provisioned to the higher forecast. A blocking standard of one percent (1%) during the average busy hour shall be maintained. Should the Parties not agree upon the forecast, and the Parties engineer facilities at the higher forecast, the Parties agree to abide by the following:

  • Responsibility of the Custodian In performing its duties and obligations hereunder, the Custodian shall use reasonable care under the facts and circumstances prevailing in the market where performance is effected. Subject to the specific provisions of this Section, the Custodian shall be liable for any direct damage incurred by the Fund in consequence of the Custodian's negligence, bad faith or willful misconduct. In no event shall the Custodian be liable hereunder for any special, indirect, punitive or consequential damages arising out of, pursuant to or in connection with this Agreement even if the Custodian has been advised of the possibility of such damages. It is agreed that the Custodian shall have no duty to assess the risks inherent in the Fund's Investments or to provide investment advice with respect to such Investments and that the Fund as principal shall bear any risks attendant to particular Investments such as failure of counterparty or issuer.

  • Responsibility of parents to ensure your child attends school on every school day for the educational program in which they are enrolled • attend open meetings for parents • let the school know if there are any problems that may affect your child’s ability to learn • ensure your child completes homework regularly in keeping with the school’s homework policy • inform school of student absences and reasons for absences in a timely manner • treat school staff with respect • support the authority of school staff thereby supporting their efforts to educate your child and assist your child to achieve maturity, self discipline and self control • not allow your child to bring dangerous or inappropriate items to school • abide by school’s instructions regarding access to school grounds before, during and after school hours • advise Principal if your student is in the care of the State • keep school informed of any changes to student’s details, such as student’s home address and phone number.

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