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An example composition factors of L4(a, 1, 0, 0)⊗ V2 V4∗ We now apply the main result from the previous section to deduce a result about the existence of composition factors of tensor products. Before we do that let us recall some results from the literature. We wish to understand the weights of an irreducible F GLn(F)-module Ln(λ) and to do so we will need the following result from [62].
An example. Contract We are now in a position to fully understand the example contract shown in Figure 2. Assume that we as a part of a Web service want to produce an HTML page with an inventory of products and a form where a product and a quantity can be selected. Our example contract describes such a page. The Wrapper template is intended as the outermost template, Main corresponds to the body of the page, Inventory represents the product inventory, Product represents a single product, and Selection is the form. The contract declarations for this page are placed in a directory shop/inventory below the contract root directory. Note that the items loop in Product permits an inventory to contain any number of products, similarly to the use of the list construction idiom explained in Section 3. Also, we want to be able to reuse the Wrapper template for many different pages to obtain a coherent style, although we only consider one single page in this example. The MainPage page declaration combines the templates using Wrapper as entry point and adding an edge from its body gap to the Main template. Other pages using the Wrapper template would simply add different edges to this gap in their page declarations. The HTML designer can now create the XML template constants. The fol- lowing templates illustrate one possible design: shop/inventory/Wrapper.xml: <html> <head><title><[title]></title></head> <body><[body]></body> </html> shop/inventory/Main.xml: <h1>Inventory</h1> <[inventory]> <p/> <[buyform]> shop/inventory/Inventory.xml: <table border="1"> <tr> <th>Name</th> <th>Price</th> </tr> <[items]> </table> shop/inventory/Product.xml: <tr> <td><[productname]></td> <td align="right">$<[price]></td> </tr> <[items]> shop/inventory/Select.xml: <form> Product: <input name="product"/> <br/> Quantity: <input name="quantity"/> <br/> <input type="submit" value="Buy!"/> </form> These files are placed in the directory shop/inventory below the template root directory. In this design, the inventory is shown as a table with a header and one row for each product. The JWIG system will fill in the action attribute for the form element. The result is shown in the first image in Figure 4. Figure 4: Three designs for the InventoryPage example. The designer can change the design by modifying the template constants. For example, the inventory can be shown as an itemized list instead, simply by replacing the Inventory and Product templates, without involving the pro- grammer at all: shop/inventor...
An example. In Figure 3.2, we illustrate how including known genotypes improves the read map- ping quality and SNP calling accuracy in a specific case using the xxxxxxxx xxxx from the 1000 Genomes Project. At the locus chr1:154568665, the reference allele is
An example. We show how the structure above may be used in the context of a specific model investigated by Xxxxxx et al. (1992), in which the traits undergoing evolution are interpreted as body sizes of the prey and predator. The per capita rates of increase of phenotypes s at densities are given by prey: predator:
An example. Title your file ‘Current Will’ and upload a copy of your current Will (e.g. made in 2009). You can replace it later when you make a new Will (e.g. in 2016) for no extra fee.
An example. Tilting Xxxxxxxxxx series‌ As an example, we shall now discuss an interesting explicit example of the convergent tilting isomorphism Theorem 5.3.3, namely the p-adic Xxxxxxxxxx family. p p K Let K be a perfectoid field extension of Qcyc. Let n : Z× → &× be a weight with n(µp−1(Zp)) = 1. Recall from [18], §2.1 that the (p-depleted) p-adic Xxxxxxxxxx series of weight n is defined as follows: Denote by ζ∗ the p-adic zeta-function of [19] B.1, this is a pseudo-measure on Zp× with a pole at n = 1. More precisely, under the usual identification of the Iwasawa algebra of 1 + qZp with Zp[[T ]], we may regard ζ∗ as an element of the fraction field of Zp[[T ]]. By a Theorem of Xxxxxxx, [54], Th´eor`eme 16, ζ∗ is then of the form T p
An example. C. Space for sustainability messages Each Licensee will have to decide the actual “Sustainability Message” it wants to use. Here below are examples of the message that can be used:
An example. As an example, consider the declaration of method sendAndWait() of class PipedChannel in Figure 7. It shows examples of some of the new clauses in lines 8-10. The requires_thread_safe clause specifies that object r must be thread-safe in the method pre-state. Similarly, ensures_thread_safe specifies that the object returned by the method must be thread-safe on the method’s post- state. (See below for additional comments on this example.)
An example. 73 3.4 Evolutionary Dynamics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Stochastic Trait-Substitution Model Quantitative Genetics Model
An example. A parent contacts school because their child has sent a text or called during school hours explaining that they have been placed in detention. It is totally