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An Example. Assessor’s Property Valuation (including personal property) = $10,000,000. • Tax Liability = $187,000. • TIF Valuation reduction = 60%. • Revised Property Valuation = 4,000,000. • Revised Tax Liability = $75,000.
An Example. An example of 3-dimension ID space is given in Fig. 2. Suppose node (u1, u2, u3) needs to establish a shared key with node (v1, v2, v3), where all 3 indices in their IDs are mismatching. They can determine 6 agent nodes. All these 8 nodes form a cube in the 3-dimension ID space. There are 6 paths from node u to node v, in which 3 are disjoint. For example, 3 disjoint paths arenodes to find all nodes in one subspace, which can require more efforts.SS− −Suppose there are Ni nodes in the subspace i, in which all nodes have same ID indices in other subspaces, for i = 1, 2,... , k. Any pair of nodes in i can achieve key agreement with a t-degree bivariate polynomial fi(xi, xk+1), which is the marginal of the global t-degree (k + 1)-variate polynomial f (x1,... , xi,..., xk, xk+1) (refer to Section II). It has been shown in [3] that a t-degree bivariate polynomial is t-secure in that the coalition between less than (t + 1) nodes holding shares of the t-degree bivariate polynomial cannot reconstruct it. To guarantee any pair of nodes in Si have a direct key that is unsolvable by the other Ni 2 nodes, an (Ni 2)- secure bivariate polynomial should be used. Hence, the degree of polynomial should satisfy 0 ≤ Ni − 2 ≤ t , i = 1, 2,...,k . (14)2) Node Compromise in all Subspaces: Even when all nodes in one subspace are corrupted, they cannot expose the global t-degree (k + 1)-variate polynomial because they only know a marginal of the global polynomial. In order to expose the direct key belonging to any pair of non-compromised nodes, adversaries must compromise enough nodes in all subspaces to expose the global polynomial.2Suppose all Ni nodes in subspace Si are compromised, they can be used to construct Ni(Ni+1) equations, i.e.,(u1, u2, u3) → (v1, u2, u3) → (v1, v2, u3) → (v1, v2, v3) ,

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EXAMPLE Walmart is a reseller of Samsung Electronics. If Samsung were a TIPS awarded vendor, then Samsung would list Walmart as a reseller. (If applicable, vendor should download the Reseller/Dealers spreadsheet from the Attachments section, fill out the form and submit the document in the ”Response Attachments” RESELLERS section.
Synchronous Optical Network (“SONET”) is an optical interface standard that allows interworking of transmission products from multiple vendors (i.e., mid-span meets). The base rate is 51.84 MHps (OC-1/STS-1 and higher rates are direct multiples of the base rate up to 1.22 GHps).
Shift Rotation When employees are being worked on two (2) or more shift schedules and where a majority of the employees request it, they shall rotate shifts.
Level One A teacher believing him/herself wronged by an alleged violation of the expressed provisions of this Agreement shall within (10) days of its alleged occurrence orally discuss the grievance with the building principal in an attempt to resolve same. If no resolution is obtained within three (3) days of the discussion, the teacher shall reduce the grievance to writing and proceed within five (5) days of said discussion to Level Two. Level Two.A copy of the written grievance shall be filed with the Superintendent or his designated agent as specified in Level One with the endorsement thereon of the approval or disapproval of the Association. Within five (5) days of receipt of the grievance, the Superintendent or his designated agent shall arrange a meeting with the grievant and/or the designated Association representative at the option of the grievant to discuss the grievance. Within five (5) days of the discussion the Superintendent or his designated agent shall render his decision in writing, transmitting a copy of the same to the grievant, and shall place a copy of same in a permanent file in his office.If, at this time, the grievance has been resolved, all records pertaining to the grievance shall be removed from any employee's permanent files in the school's office. If no decision is rendered within five (5) days of the discussion, or the decision is unsatisfactory to the grievant and the Association, the grievant may appeal same to the Board by filing a written grievance along with the decision of the Superintendent with the Board President not less than five(5) days prior to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. If it is not possible to meet this time limit due to the date of the Superintendent's decision, this time limit may be waived by mutual agreement of the Association and the administration. If no agreement is reached to waive the time limit, the grievance will not be heard at that Board meeting, but will definitely be heard by the Board no later than its next regularly scheduled meeting. No grievance shall be allowed beyond Level Two unless processed by the Association. Level Three.Upon proper application as specified in Level Two, the Board shall allow the teacher and/or Association representative an opportunity to be heard at the meeting for which the grievance was scheduled. Within ten (10) days from the hearing of the grievance, the Board shall render its decision in writing. The Board may hold future hearings thereon, may designate one (1) or more of its members to hold future hearings thereon, or otherwise investigate the grievance, provided however, that in no event except with the express written consent of the Association shall final determination of the grievance be made by the Board more than ten (10) days after the initial hearing. A copy of the written decision of the Board shall be forwarded to the Superintendent for permanent filing, the building principal for the building in which the grievance arose, the grievant and the Secretary of the Association. Level Four.
Network Management 33.1 Cooperation. The Parties will work cooperatively in a commercially reasonable manner to install and maintain a reliable network. QuantumShift and CenturyLink will exchange appropriate information (e.g., network information, maintenance contact numbers, escalation procedures, and information required to comply with requirements of law enforcement and national security agencies) to achieve this desired reliability. In addition, the Parties will work cooperatively in a commercially reasonable manner to apply sound network management principles to alleviate or to prevent traffic congestion and to minimize fraud associated with third number billed calls, calling card calls, and other services related to this Agreement. 31.2 Responsibility for Following Standards. QuantumShift recognizes its responsibility to follow the standards that may be agreed to between the Parties and to employ characteristics and methods of operation that will not interfere with or impair the service, network or facilities of CenturyLink or any third parties connected with or involved directly in the network or facilities of CenturyLink. 31.3 Interference or Impairment. The characteristics and methods of operation of any circuits, facilities or equipment of QuantumShift connected to CenturyLink’s network shall not interfere with or impair service over any circuits, facilities or equipment of CenturyLink, its affiliated companies, or its connecting and concurring carriers involved in its services, cause damage to its plant, violate any applicable law or regulation regarding the invasion of privacy of any communications carried over CenturyLink’s facilities or create hazards to the employees of CenturyLink or to the public (with the foregoing hereinafter being collectively referred to as an “Impairment of Service”). If QuantumShift causes an Impairment in Service, CenturyLink shall promptly notify QuantumShift of the nature and location of the problem and that, unless promptly rectified, a temporary discontinuance of the use of any circuit, facility or equipment may be required. The Parties agree to work together to attempt to promptly resolve the Impairment of Service. If QuantumShift is unable to promptly remedy the Impairment of Service, then CenturyLink may, at its option, temporarily discontinue the use of the affected circuit, facility or equipment until the Impairment of Service is remedied. 31.4 Outage Repair Standard. In the event of an outage or trouble in any service being provided by CenturyLink hereunder, QuantumShift will follow CenturyLink’s standard procedures for isolating and clearing the outage or trouble.
Level 2 will require that once subsidiaries commence opening locations, (opening locations is defined as the closing on buying a piece of land by the respective Reg A Plus subsidiary) it will become the “location-count” that determines the sharing of overhead expense reimbursements. As an example, if there are six subsidiaries active, and one of those subsidiaries has two opened locations, then the overhead expense reimbursement will be shared 1/7th, with the subsidiary having two locations reimbursing Manager 2/7th’s and the other five reimbursing 1/7th each. In this manner, overhead expense reimbursement will be shared equally by the number of open locations.
Long-Term Incentives The Executive shall be eligible to participate in the Company’s long-term incentive plan, as such shall be amended or superseded from time to time provided, however, that nothing in this Section 5.4 shall be construed as obligating the Company or the Board to refrain from changing, and/or amending the long-term incentive plan, so long as such changes are equally applicable to all executive employees in the Company.
Level 1 will require expenses to be reimbursed pro-rata by the number of subsidiaries that are formed and actively procuring funds in their Reg A Plus offerings. While ERCHB is the sole subsidiary formed and procuring funds in its Reg A Plus offering (if and when SEC Qualified), it will be the sole entity reimbursing Manager. As future subsidiaries are formed and commence procuring funds under SEC Qualified Reg A Plus offerings, they will contribute to the reimbursement on an equal basis. As an example and further clarification, when there are two that are active and funding, they will share half each, and if or when there are three active and funding subsidiaries, they will share 1/3 each, and so on.
Long-Term Incentive The Company shall provide Employee an opportunity to participate in the Company’s applicable long term incentive plan as it may or may not exist from time to time.
Program Management The Parties shall create a coordination team (“Coordination Team”) to oversee the implementation of this SOW and to constitute the primary vehicle for communication, decision-making and executive management of the Statement of Work. The Coordination Team shall comprise of the Project Managers of the Parties, and any other representatives as agreed between the Parties, and shall be led by the Marvell Project Manager. Each Party shall appoint: a Project Manager. The Project Managers shall conduct status meetings regularly (at least on a weekly basis) either by teleconferences or face-to-face meetings. Such status meetings shall include, among others, the exchange of technical Information, the activity under, and the performance of, this SOW, and the progress of the Services. The Coordination Team shall keep formal minutes of its meetings.* This portion of the Exhibit has been omitted pursuant to a Request for Confidential Treatment under Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The complete Exhibit, including the portions for which confidential treatment has been requested, has been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission.MARVELL CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION