By Employees Sample Clauses

By Employees. Each expatriate employee of Company and its subcontractors shall be permitted to import and shall be exempt from all customs duties with respect to the importation of household goods and other personal items, including one automobile every three (3) years; provided, however, that such items are imported for the sole use of the employee and the employee’s family; and provided, further, that no such item imported by the employee shall be resold by such employee in a member country of the Southern Africa Customs Union except in accordance with any applicable laws.
By Employees. A regular employee who is required to train a substitute or an employee, and is required to do so before or after his/her regular work schedule, will receive time-and-one-half (1½) for all hours worked in addition to the regular workday. Anytime an employee is directed to train an employee during his/her workday, the employee shall be entitled to work an additional one (1) hour at the employee’s overtime rate to enable the trainer to complete his/her work duties.
By Employees. Step 1: The employee or group of employees, in the event of a group grievance, is required to first seek to settle the difference by discussing it with his or her immediate supervisor no later than seven
By Employees. (i) Employees' employment may be terminated by employees by the giving of four (4) weeks’ written notice, or without notice by abandonment.
By Employees. It is understood that there is an expectation that employees must aspire to maintain a professional and respectful work environment. The Company and the Union agree to work together to address discrimination, harassment and bullying within the workplace. The parties agree that incidences will be investigated and attended to as quickly as possible. Harassment and discrimination of a person or group for reasons of sex, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, family or marital status, social or economic class, political or religious affiliation, activism and participation in the Union or language is unwelcomed, unwanted and uninvited. Bullying and personal harassment are defined as deliberate actions, offensive, malicious and or cruel behaviour with aim to humiliate, intimidate, undermine, or destroy the character or confidence of an individual or group of individuals. The process of investigation, informal resolution, formal resolution, mediation and decision making will be followed in order to bring closure to every complaint forwarded.
By Employees. Any Component employee who conceives, creates, discovers, invents, or develops an invention or discovery shall not serve as a member of the board of directors or other governing board, or as an officer or an employee (other than as a consultant in accordance with Component and Regent policies and regulations) of a business entity that has an agreement with the Component relating to the research, development, licensing, or exploitation of that invention or discovery without prior review and approval by the President of the Component.

Related to By Employees

  • Former Employees All Employees terminating service with the Employer during the Plan Year and who have satisfied the eligibility requirements based on the terms of the Employer's accumulated benefits plans checked below (select all that apply; leave blank if no exclusions):

  • TIME EMPLOYEES Part-time employees shall receive holiday pay for the total amount of regular wages earned and vacation pay payable to the employee in the four (4) weeks before the work week in which the holiday occurred divided by twenty (20). Time off taken due to vacation or other "paid" leave shall not be excluded from the calculation and the holiday pay shall be calculated as if the employee were at work.

  • Probationary Employees Employees with permanent status will not be separated from state service through a layoff action without first being offered positions they have the skills and abilities to perform within their current job classification within the layoff unit currently held by probationary employees. Probationary employees will be separated from employment before permanent employees.

  • Company Employees Hire any member of senior management or other key employee, elect to any office any person who is not a member of the Company's management team as of the date of this Agreement or elect to the Company Board any person who is not a member of the Company Board as of the date of this Agreement, except for the hiring of at-will employees at an annual rate of salary not to exceed $100,000 in the ordinary course of business.

  • Transportation for Employees Transportation will be provided to employees who are required to work other than their normal working hours, and who must travel to or from their home during the hours between 11:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. and when convenient public transportation or other transportation facilities are not available. An employee shall be reimbursed for the cost of commercial transportation within their headquarters area, upon presentation of receipts.

  • Newly Hired Employees All employees hired to an insurance eligible position must make their benefit elections by their initial effective date of coverage as defined in this Article, Section 5C. Insurance eligible employees will automatically be enrolled in basic life coverage. If employees eligible for a full Employer Contribution do not choose a health plan administrator and a primary care clinic by their initial effective date, they will be enrolled in a Benefit Level Two clinic (or Level One, if available) that meets established access standards in the health plan with the largest number of Benefit Level One and Two clinics in the county of the employee’s residence at the beginning of the insurance year.

  • Active Employees Active Employees who have not terminated service during the Plan Year and who meet the following requirements (select all that apply; leave blank if no exclusions):

  • Other Employees Except as may be required in the performance of Employee’s duties hereunder, Employee shall not cause or induce, or attempt to cause or induce, any person now or hereafter employed by the Company or any of its affiliates to terminate such employment. This obligation shall remain in effect while Employee is employed by the Company and for a period of one (1) year thereafter.

  • Seller's Employees Buyer shall have the right, but not the obligation, to offer employment to any of the employees of Seller or its Affiliates who are employed at the Cinema. At or prior to the Closing, Seller shall fully compensate all employees of Seller at the Cinema for all work performed prior to the Closing Date. Seller does not guaranty that any of the employees to which Buyer will offer employment will accept any such offer of employment.

  • Shift Employees Employees who work rotating shift patterns or those who work qualifying shifts shall be entitled, on completion of 12 months employment on shift work, to up to an additional 5 days annual leave, based on the number of qualifying shifts worked. The entitlement will be calculated on the annual leave anniversary date. Qualifying shifts are defined as a shift which involves at least 2 hours work performed outside the hours of 8.00am to 5.00pm, excluding overtime. Number of qualifying shifts per annum Number of days additional leave per annum 121 or more 5 days 96 – 120 4 days 71 – 95 3 days 46 – 70 2 days 21 – 45 1 day