Competent Court definition

Competent Court means the Supreme Court of India or any High Court, or any tribunal or any similar judicial or quasi-judicial body that has jurisdiction in relation to issues relating to the Project.
Competent Court means a court in a Contracting State that, according to the rules on the internal allocation of jurisdiction among the courts of that State, may exercise jurisdiction over the dispute.
Competent Court means the Royal Court, Petty Debts Court, or Magistrate’s Court;

Examples of Competent Court in a sentence

  • This Letter of Intent shall be read with the terms of the E – Auction Process Information Document and is subject to the terms and condition set out therein and such orders of the Hon’ble NCLT/NCLAT, any other Competent Court including the order dated 04.04.2022 passed by the Hon’ble NCLT, Allahabad Bench in I.A No. 89 of 2022 and I.A No. 98 of 2022 in C.P.(IB) No. 223/ALD/2018 (Standard Chartered Bank vs M/s JVL Agro Industries Limited).

  • The Director/President/Chairman/Trustee of our Company / Society/Trust.........have/has neither been convicted of any offence nor any criminal case(s) is/are pending before any Competent Court.

More Definitions of Competent Court

Competent Court means the court in Bangkok with jurisdiction over commercial disputes similar to the one described in the assumptions of the standardized case. If more than one court is competent, competent court means the court that is most likely to determine the outcome of the standardized case.
Competent Court means the court of a Member State which has been designated by the Member State concerned;
Competent Court means the court, tribunal or other body of a Member State which has been designated as such by the Member State concerned;
Competent Court means any court in the Islands acting within its lawful jurisdiction;
Competent Court means the Labour Court or any magistrates’ court established in terms of the Magistrates’ Courts Act, 1944, (Act No. 32 of 1944);
Competent Court means the court of the Russian Federation determined in