Your Customers Sample Clauses

Your Customers. Customers who acquire our Software though a reseller or through an Atalasoft OEM Partner must go to the entity that they acquired the Software from for their technical support services. Customers who contact our support directly will be directed back to their supplier for support and we will provide support to or through that entity partner unless (solely at our discretion) our personnel determine that it is necessary or desirable to provide support directly to the end-user customer.
Your Customers. If prohibited by law, you will not impose any fee or surcharge on a customer that seeks to use an eligible Card. You will provide an informational slip or receipt to your customer at the conclusion of the Transaction that includes all information required under Payment Network Rules and applicable law.
Your Customers. Answer the following questions for each customer segment: Who is buying (or will buy) your products and services and why? Who are your customers? What is their age range, average income, marital status, average family size, average expenditure, leisure activities, education, etc. What do they want? How many customers are there in your target market? Why do they buy your type of product - what needs does it fulfill? How do they shop for your product or service? How do they perceive your business and its products and services? How do they perceive your key competitors, and their products and services? How sensitive are they to pricing differences? The better you can describe your customers, the better you will be able to plan how you are going to sell, produce, and advertise your product or service. Target Customer #1 – _______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Target Customer #2 - _______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Target Customer #3 - _______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________...
Your Customers. You have the contractual relationship with your customers not us. You are responsible for your customers actions not us. You will ensure that your customers comply with any applicable obligation under this Agreement and that any agreements you have with your customers are not inconsistent with this Agreement. We do not provide customer support to your customers. You are responsible for providing customer support (if any) to your customers.
Your Customers. Where You are a Reseller and We form the reasonable opinion that; You are about to become Insolvent; You will for whatever reason no longer pay Us for the Service; or You have become a customer that We consider unsuitable to do further business with; then You: must do all that We reasonably require You to do to ensure that Your Customers enter into an arrangement with Us directly to receive and pay Us for the Services; must execute any document We reasonably require to give effect for Your Customers to assign agreements to Us or Our nominee.; authorise Us to approach Your Customers directly for any purpose related to Our rights under this clause 19; and must notify Your Customers of either the termination of Your Customers’ agreement with You or the transfer of Your Customers' agreements to Us or both. We may at any time during the term of this Contract require You to obtain an authorisation or other permission or agreement from Your Customers to give effect to Our rights under this clause 19.1. Your obligations in clause 19.1c) are a Material Term of this Contract and Your failure to comply gives Us the right to terminate this Contract.
Your Customers. 10.1 If our Agreement provides that the Services will be provided to a third party:

Related to Your Customers

  • Customers The names of your customers will remain your sole property and will not be used by us except for servicing or informational mailings and other correspondence in the normal course of business.

  • Customer The agency or eligible user that purchases commodities or contractual services pursuant to the Contract.

  • Clients in this context, clients are people who are dependent upon the caring skills and services of the local authority, for example, the elderly, mentally infirm, those with mental or physical impairments. Clients in this context also include those whose needs are identified and catered for in settings such as schools and nurseries, that is, young children and school pupils dependent on the organisation for their educational and developmental welfare. Clients exclude internal authority customers (as in client departments) or external customers (for example, members of the public with planning applications), because neither are dependent on the local authority for their care and welfare. The exceptional needs of clients refer to those which are exceptionally demanding, not to those which are out of the ordinary.

  • Using Your Card You understand that the use of your credit card or credit card account will constitute acknowledgement of receipt and agreement to the terms of the Credit Card Agreement and Credit Card Account Opening Disclosure (Disclosure). You may use your card to make purchases from merchants and others who accept your card. The credit union is not responsible for the refusal of any merchant or financial institution to honor your card. If you wish to pay for goods or services over the Internet, you may be required to provide card number security information before you will be permitted to complete the transaction. In addition, you may obtain cash advances from the Credit Union, from other financial institutions that accept your card, and from some automated teller machines (ATMs). (Not all ATMs accept your card.) If the credit union authorizes ATM transactions with your card, it will issue you a personal identification number (PIN). To obtain cash advances from an ATM, you must use the PIN issued to you for use with your card. You agree that you will not use your card for any transaction that is illegal under applicable federal, state, or local law. Even if you use your card for an illegal transaction, you will be responsible for all amounts and charges incurred in connection with the transaction. If you are permitted to obtain cash advances on your account, you may also use your card to purchase instruments and engage in transactions that we consider the equivalent of cash. Such transactions will be posted to your account as cash advances and include, but are not limited to, wire transfers, money orders, bets, lottery tickets, and casino gaming chips, as applicable. This paragraph shall not be interpreted as permitting or authorizing any transaction that is illegal.