Code Section definition

Code Section refers to a section of the Code.
Code Section means a section of the United States Bankruptcy Code, 11 U.S.C. '101 et seq., as in effect with respect to the Reorganization Case.
Code Section means a specified section of the Code and the applicable Treasury Regulations promulgated thereunder.

Examples of Code Section in a sentence

  • Additionally, all or a portion of the capital expenditures related to installing air pollution control equipment under this permit may be eligible for financing and State tax exemptions through the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) under Ohio Revised Code Section 3706.

  • Under Municipal Code Section 2-154-015, the Disclosing Party must disclose whether such Disclosing Party or any "Applicable Party" or any Spouse or Domestic Partner thereof currently has a "familial relationship" with any elected city official or department head.

  • The City may use a number of criteria for determining award, including evaluation factors set forth in Municipal Code Section 1.06.262.

  • COURT-ORDERED CHILD SUPPORT COMPLIANCEUnder Municipal Code Section 2-92-415, substantial owners of business entities that contract with the City must remain in compliance with their child support obligations throughout the contract's term.

  • In accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 6111.03(J)(3), the Director establishes WQBELs after considering, to the extent consistent with the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, evidence relating to the technical feasibility and economic reasonableness of removing the polluting properties from those wastes and to evidence relating to conditions calculated to result from that action and their relation to benefits to the people of the state and to accomplishment of the purposes of this chapter.

More Definitions of Code Section

Code Section means a section of the Code and the regulations and guidance issued thereunder.
Code Section means the referenced provision of the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration.
Code Section means a section of the Code and any similar successor section.
Code Section means a section of the Code.
Code Section means the relevant and appropriate Section of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.
Code Section or “Code Sections” means a section or sections of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and shall include corresponding provisions of future federal tax laws, all as from time to time in effect.
Code Section is a reference to a particular section of the Code, and includes any successor provision or the same or a successor provision as renumbered at any time.