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Payment Provisions means the document named Payment Provisions incorporated into this Agreement.
Payment Provisions means the document named Payment Provisions incorporated into this Agreement. “Project Staff” means the personnel of Contractor and Subcontractors who provide the Work.
Payment Provisions as follows: Subject to the limitations set forth herein, Agency shall pay CONTRACTOR in accordance with the Direct Labor Rate Schedule set forth in Exhibit G.

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  • Any conflict among or between the documents making up this Agreement will be resolved in accordance with the following order of precedence (in descending order of precedence): (a) General Terms and Conditions/Defined Terms; (b) Cover sheet; (c) Statement of Work; (d) Payment Provisions; and (e) any exhibits to this Agreement.

  • Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Contractor shall invoice the Court, and the Court shall compensate Contractor, as set forth in Payment Provisions.

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Payment Provisions means the financial contributions set out in Schedule 9, or in default of express agreement being payable quarterly in arrears.
Payment Provisions. All sums payable hereunder shall be payable in lawful money of the United States of America and in immediately available funds at the Bank's Address or at such other place or places as the Bank, its successors and/or assigns (collectively the "Holder") may designate in writing. If this Note or any payment hereunder becomes due on a Saturday, Sunday or other holiday on which the Bank is authorized to close, the due date of this Note or payment shall be extended to the next succeeding business day, but any interest or fees shall be calculated based upon the actual time of payment. Each Note payment (other than final payment in full of the Note) made by check drawn on a bank other than the Bank shall be credited to the Note on the business day that funds are deemed to be available under applicable federal law.
Payment Provisions. Payments shall be due on the first day of each month except that if the loan is closed on any day after the first day of the month, BORROWER will pay at loan closing the interest for the balance of the month. Interest shall be computed on the basis of a 360-day year composed of twelve 30-day months. Loan Fee: 0% of the Loan Amount to be paid at loan closing. Recourse: GE CAPITAL shall have full recourse against BORROWER and its general partners, if any, for any failure to make payments as and when due on the promissory note and for the breach of any of the representations, warranties, indemnities and covenants contained in the loan documents.
Payment Provisions means any of the following provisions: (i) Section 3 of the Ninth Amendment, (ii) Section 4.4(c), Section 4.6(b) and Article 7 of the Program Agreement, and (iii) Section 3 of the Merchant Agreement, or any other provisions of the JPMC Agreements under which a payment has been made by JPMC to Sears prior to the date of this Amending Agreement (other than, for clarity, Article XI of the Program Agreement).

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