Definition of Technology business

Technology business means a trade or business that derives the majority of its gross income from the sale or license of products or services resulting from its software development or information technology development, or both. A "technology business" excludes any trade or business that is considered by standard practice as part of the broadcast industry or any telecommunications carrier, as defined in section 269-1, that holds a franchise or charter enacted or granted by the legislative or executive authority of the State or its predecessor governments
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Examples of Technology business in a sentence

Zi Corporation develops software designed to enhance the usability of mobile and consumer electronic devices through its Zi Technology business segment.
The operating results of Decuma, which specializes in developing and marketing handwriting recognition software, are included in the Zi Technology business segment and included as part of the other geographic reportable segment.
As a result of the disposition of our Visualization Technology business, we are now a pure play company in the bariatric market.
Starting in early 2003, our Visualization Technology business, located in Westborough, Massachusetts, and our Obesity Surgery Management Services business unit (VOW Solutions, Inc.), located in San Diego, California, functioned as individual business units.
Zi Corporation develops software designed to provide discovery and usability solutions for mobile search, input and advertising through its Zi Technology business segment.