Definition of Technology Business

Technology Business means the customer relationship management ("CRM") and sales force automation ("SFA") technology sales and support business, as currently conducted by the Company and its Subsidiaries, consisting of (i) sales of proprietary and third party CRM and SFA software and technology and (ii) CRM and SFA support services, including implementation and hardware services, help desk services, managed hosting, professional and educational services to support customer end users, technical solutions group custom services, CRM implementation toolkit and sales force effectiveness modules.

Examples of Technology Business in a sentence

Sections 1(d) and 1(e), under the heading Technology Business Information, set forth in the letter to the Obligors from counsel to the holders of the Notes, dated August 9, 2017, shall not apply during the Covenant Relief Period, subject to the Waiver Proviso.
As security for the due performance and payment of the Borrower's obligations under this Note, the Borrower, to the extent permitted under applicable law, hereby grants to the Holder a security interest in any and all amounts received by the Borrower as part of the State of New Jersey's Technology Business Tax Certificate Transfer Program for the year ended December 31, 2008 (the "Tax Credit").
It is the intent of the parties that all amounts due and payable on this Loan be paid from the sale of the Maker's 2014 NJ Technology Business Certificate and will be the principal source of repayment of the Note.
In addition to Global Employment Solutions, Inc., Employer has conducted business and trades under the name Friendly Advanced Software Technology (Business of Employer).
The terms "Collateral" refers to the proceeds from the sale of the Maker's 2014 NJ Technology Business Tax Certificate.