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A separate. Capital Account" shall be maintained for each Member. Each Member's Capital Account shall be credited with the amount of each Member's capital contributions made in cash and fair market value (net of liabilities assumed or taken subject to) of all property contributed by such Member and such Member's allocated share of Net Profit, income and gain of the Company. Each Member's Capital Account shall be debited with the amount of any cash distributions to such Member and the fair market value (net of liabilities assumed or taken subject to) of all property distributed in kind to such Member and such Member's allocated share of Net Loss of the Company.
A separate creditor" holding a separate "claim" within the meaning of Section 101(5) of the Bankruptcy Code or any other insolvency statute.
A separate. Partnership Account" shall be maintained for each Partner in this Agreement.

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A separate Disclosure Form A must be submitted with the bid for each individual meeting the above requirements.

A separate fitness-for-duty exam may also be required (see the Fitness for Duty Policy).

A separate Form shall be prepared for each item of equipment listed, or for alternative equipment proposed by the Bidder.

A separate contract goal has not been established for this procurement.

A separate sheet shall include a list of individuals and contacts for this Proposal and how to communicate with them.

A separate certification shall be required in respect of each such payment of interest.

A separate procurement procedure is normally carried out by the Procuring Entity to select such specialized contractors.

A separate Intimation shall also be sent to the Successful Bidder.

A separate Ownership Disclosure Form, Disclosure of Investigations and Actions Involving Bidder, Affirmative Action Employee Information Report, MacBride Principles Certification, and Business Registration or Interim Registration must be supplied for each party to a joint venture.

A separate, complete and valid ‘Third Party Payment Declaration Form’, inter alia, containing the details of the bank account from which the payment is made and the relationship with the investor(s).

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A separate. Bank Advance with respect to which the original Consumer Paper and copy of original Mortgage required to be delivered by Borrower pursuant to Sections 3.02.02 and 3.02.03 hereof shall instead be delivered pursuant to Section 3.03 hereof. From and after the date on which the Consumer Paper and copy of Mortgage with respect to any such Wet Advance are received by Lender, such Separate Bank Advance shall cease to be a Wet Advance for all purposes hereof.
A separate. Capital Account" shall be maintained for each Member, and such Capital Account, as of any particular date, shall be the sum of the following amounts:

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Source Separated means materials, including commingled recyclable materials, that have been separated or kept separate from the Solid Waste stream, at the point of generation, for the purpose of additional sorting or processing those materials for recycling or reuse in order to return them to the economic mainstream in the form of raw material for new, reused, or reconstituted products, which meet the quality standards necessary to be used in the marketplace, or as otherwise defined in 14 CCR Section 17402.5(b)(4). For the purposes of this Ordinance,
Air gap separation means the unobstructed vertical distance through the free atmosphere between the lowest opening from any pipe or faucet supplying pure water to a tank, plumbing fixture, or other device and the rim of the receptacle.
Master Separation Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals.
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Management Program or "MS4 Program" means a management program covering the duration of a state permit for a municipal separate storm sewer system that includes a comprehensive planning process that involves public participation and intergovernmental coordination, to reduce the discharge of pollutants to the maximum extent practicable, to protect water quality, and to satisfy the appropriate water quality requirements of the CWA and regulations and the Act and attendant regulations, using management practices, control techniques, and system, design and engineering methods, and such other provisions that are appropriate.
Source separation means separation of recyclable materials by the waste generator of materials that are collected for use, reuse, reclamation, or recycling.
Forest management plan means a plan establishing conservation and management practices for a landowner after assessment of the resource values of forested properties. This plan is approved by the MD Department of Natural Resources forester assigned to the county after coordination with the county, and by the Planning Director if located within a conservation easement.
Asset Management Plan means a strategic document that states how a group of assets are to be managed over a period of time. The plan describes the characteristics and condition of infrastructure assets, the levels of service expected from them, planned actions to ensure the assets are providing the expected level of service, and financing strategies to implement the planned actions. The plan may use any appropriate format, as long as it includes the information and analysis required to be in a plan as described in Ontario’s Building Together: Guide for Asset Management Plans.
COVID-19 means SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19, and any evolutions or mutations thereof or related or associated epidemics, pandemic or disease outbreaks.
Virginia Stormwater Management Program or "VSMP" means a program approved by the board after September 13, 2011, that has been established by a VSMP authority to manage the quality and quantity of runoff resulting from land-disturbing activities and shall include such items as local ordinances, rules, permit requirements, annual standards and specifications, policies and guidelines, technical materials, and requirements for plan review, inspection, enforcement, where authorized in the Act and associated regulations, and evaluation consistent with the requirements of the SWM Act and associated regulations.
MSP means Managed Services Provider. OGS reserves the right to use a different name to describe the unit that fulfills the Contractual duties without undertaking a formal contract amendment. It will do so through the issuance of a purchasing memorandum. Such duties include, but are not limited to, making Contractors aware of Candidate placement opportunities, preliminary review of certain Candidate Response Forms, management of the centralized billing and payment function for Executive Agencies, monitoring M/WBE goal performance and conducting the annual evaluation of the Contractors.
New entrant means:
Municipal separate storm sewer means a conveyance or system of conveyances otherwise known as a municipal separate storm sewer system, including roads with drainage systems, municipal streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ditches, manmade channels, or storm drains:
Municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4 means a conveyance or system of conveyances (including roads with drainage systems, municipal streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ditches, man-made channels, or storm drains):
Medium municipal separate storm sewer system means all municipal separate storm sewers that are either:
Small municipal separate storm sewer system or "small MS4" means all separate storm sewers that are (i) owned or operated by the United States, a state, city, town, borough, county, parish, district, association, or other public body (created by or pursuant to state law) having jurisdiction over disposal of sewage, industrial wastes, stormwater, or other wastes, including special districts under state law such as a sewer district, flood control district or drainage district, or similar entity, or an Indian tribe or an authorized Indian tribal organization, or a designated and approved management agency under § 208 of the CWA that discharges to surface waters and (ii) not defined as "large" or "medium" municipal separate storm sewer systems or designated under 4VAC50-60-380 A 1. This term includes systems similar to separate storm sewer systems in municipalities, such as systems at military bases, large hospital or prison complexes, and highway and other thoroughfares. The term does not include separate storm sewers in very discrete areas, such as individual buildings.
Plan Support Agreement means that certain Plan Support Agreement, dated as of August 9, 2015 (as amended on September 11, 2015, October 27, 2015, and November 12, 2015, and as may be amended, supplemented, or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance therewith), by and among the Debtors, the Original Plan Sponsors, the TCEH Supporting First Lien Creditors, the TCEH First Lien Agent, the TCEH Supporting Second Lien Creditors, the TCEH Committee, and certain other Entities, including all exhibits and schedules attached thereto.
Automatic Investment Plan means a program in which regular periodic purchases (or withdrawals) are made automatically in (or from) investment accounts in accordance with a predetermined schedule and allocation. An Automatic Investment Plan includes a dividend reinvestment plan.
Large municipal separate storm sewer system means all municipal separate storm sewers that are either:
Rollover Notification Date shall be defined as set forth in the Prospectus under "Summary of Essential Information."
Switched Exchange Access Service means the offering of transmission or switching cervices to Telecommunications Carriers for the purpose of the origination or termination of telephone toll service. Switched Exchange Access Services include: Feature Group A, Feature Group B, Feature Group D, 800/888 access, and 900 access and their successors or similar Switched Exchange Access Services.
Integrated pest management means a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, cultural, physical, and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health, and environmental risks.
Payment Plan means the schedule of payment prescribed in Schedule C;
Provident Fund means a fund in which subscriptions or deposits of any class or classes of employees are received and held on their individual accounts, and includes any contributions and any interest or increment accruing on such subscriptions, deposits or contributions under the rules of the Fund;
Investment Plan means the QEP Resources, Inc. Employee Investment Plan, as amended from time to time, or any successor plan.
e-tuğra “ESHS” kök sertifikalarının imza oluşturma ve doğrulama verilerini, “ESHS”ye ait olan güvenli elektronik imza oluşturma aracı içerisinde (kriptografik modül) oluşturur. “ESHS” imza oluşturma verisi yedekleme amacı dışında kesinlikle “ESHS” güvenli elektronik imza oluşturma aracından çıkarılamaz. Yedekleme amacıyla imza oluşturma verisinin başka bir kriptografik modüle transferi gerekli teknik ve fiziksel güvenlik önlemleri altında sadece birden çok yetkili “güvenli personel” tarafından gerçekleştirilebilir.
Municipal separate storm sewer system or "MS4" means a conveyance or system of conveyances, including roads with drainage systems, municipal streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ditches, manmade channels, or storm drains, that is: