One Year Sample Clauses

One Year. All full-time employees who have been continuously employed by the Employer for one (1) year shall receive one (1) week’s vacation with full pay.
One Year. Also insert the following language if applicable: The City may extend this Contract for up to [insert #] additional one-year terms, for a maximum five-year term. Contractor shall provide the Services in accordance with any schedule in Attachment 1 to this Exhibit A. Contractor shall immediately notify the City if Contractor is unable to perform Services in compliance with this Contract. EXHIBIT B PAYMENT
One Year. All full-time employees who have been continuously employed by the Employer for one
One Year. The Applicant must have completed the home study and be ready for a referral within one year of signing the Adoption Agreement. If not, a new agreement, with payment, may be required to ensure the Applicant intends to proceed with the adoption. After your home study is completed, if the process is on hold, or there is no meaningful client activity for over a year, New Beginnings (NB) can request a new agreement, with payment, to ensure the Applicant intends to proceed with the adoption.
One Year. Commencing one year after the Option Date, the Option may be exercised to the extent of an additional 33% of the Option Stock, plus the Option Stock as to which the right to exercise had previously accrued but had not been exercised.
One Year. If the Letter of Credit has a one year term, Sysco Corporation shall notify EESI of the issuer’s intent not to renew the term of the Letter of Credit within sixty days prior to its expiration, and Sysco Corporation shall have thirty days from the date of such notice to EESI to provide a substitute letter of credit issued by a Qualifying Issuer. If Sysco Corporation does not provide such substitute letter of credit within thirty days after the notice, an Event of Default shall be deemed to have occurred and EESI shall have the right to draw on the Letter of Credit for all amounts due and owing by Sysco Corporation to EESI as of the Early Termination Date and the applicable Early Termination Payment. Notwithstanding the foregoing, EESI may draw on the Letter of Credit in whole or in part in the event Sysco Corporation is unable to pay the Early Termination Payment, any EESI Invoice Amount, or any additional amounts due EESI upon termination of this Agreement, within the time prescribed by this Agreement.
One Year. If the Company terminates Employee's employment hereunder for "cause" as set forth in Section 9(a) hereof, Employee shall not be entitled to receive any further compensation hereunder which has not already been earned pursuant to the terms hereof. Employee shall have no duty to mitigate the Company's damages hereunder; provided, that there shall be deducted from the amounts payable by the Company hereunder an amount equal to any compensation earned by Employee from other employment subsequent to such termination of his employment hereunder. Employee and the Company acknowledge that the foregoing provisions of this paragraph 9(b) are reasonable and are based upon the facts and circumstances of the parties at the time of entering into this Agreement, and with due regard to future expectations.