Company A definition

Company A is an entity whose identity is known to the Department and to FMC and was created to conceal payments intended for Morocco State-Official 1. Conduct Relevant to Morocco 57. Between in or around October 2006 and in or around 2010, FMC and FMC Morocco paid bribes to Morocco State-Official 1 for the purpose of securing an improper advantage and assisting FMC with obtaining and retaining business in Morocco.
Company A means a new company registered in England whose company number is [4645054] and created to incorporate the Bio- Detection technologies for the purposes of this Agreement Company B means a new company registered in England whose company number is [4645054 ] and created to incorporate the Molecular- Detection technologies for the purposes of this Agreement Completion means the performance of both parties obligations under Clause 3.2; Encumbrance means any charge, lien, equity, third party right, option, right of pre- emption or any other encumbrance, priority or security interest of whatsoever nature other than any such arising under the Articles;

Examples of Company A in a sentence

  • If the Committee determines that the Restricted Stock shall be held by the Company or in escrow rather than delivered to the Participant pending the release of the applicable restrictions, the Committee may require the Participant to additionally execute and deliver to the Company (A) an escrow agreement satisfactory to the Committee, if applicable and (B) the appropriate blank stock power with respect to the Restricted Stock covered by such agreement.

  • Buy 1000 stocks of Company A at Rs 100 and sell the equivalent of stocks future of the Company A at Rs 101.

  • Execute and deliver to the Company (A) a Notice of Exercise, in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit I, that specifies the number of Option Shares for which the option is being exercised and (B) any additional documents which the Committee may, in its discretion, deem advisable.

  • The Company (A) has not engaged in any Testing-the-Waters Communication other than Testing-the-Waters Communications with the consent of the Representatives with entities that are qualified institutional buyers within the meaning of Rule 144A under the 1933 Act or institutions that are accredited investors within the meaning of Rule 501 under the 1933 Act and (B) has not authorized anyone other than the Representatives to engage in Testing-the-Waters Communications.

  • Misappropriation usually occurs when a person acquires inside information about Company A in violation of a duty owed to Company B.

More Definitions of Company A

Company A means a major shareholder in ConvaTec; “Company B” means a major shareholder in ConvaTec; “Company C” means a major shareholder in ConvaTec;
Company A has the meaning set forth in the recitals hereto.
Company A has the meaning specified in the Preamble hereto.
Company A s proportion” means the proportion of profits or assets to which company A would be beneficially entitled as mentioned in section 68(2) or 69(2) at the relevant time,
Company A means a company issuing debentures which customers of ADSL and/or their appointed representatives advised customers to invest in;
Company A means the third party service provider that performed the Outsourced Functions on behalf of HCA between January 2014 and May 2014
Company A means the company to be set up by the Fund in accordance with Greek law to which full ownership of the part of Property A whose land use by the ESCHADA will be “holidaytourist village” and “tourismleisure” (i.e. Allocation Zones Ib and Ia respectively of the ESCHADA which are developed within Property A), and to which the Surface Right of the part of Property A whose land use will be “Golf”, as well as of Zones III (Tourist Public Asset) (with the exception of the beach), IVa (Forest and forest area), IVb (Wetland protection zone) and V. In case the Fund, in accordance with paragraph 3.4, establishes more legal entities to which it will contribute the real rights to Property A provided for in the Tender Process, as “Company A” shall be meant the total of these legal entities.